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Thread: taterthetank - Commanding Officer Application

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    taterthetank - Commanding Officer Application

    Commanding Officer Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    Player Name You Use Most?
    James “Tater” Pacheco, and Norman the synthetic. Pre-Acceptance to CO it was Tater Potatio (lol)

    Make a list of links to all of your ban appeals as well as whitelist and staff applications (both accepted and denied) submitted within the past year. For appeals, provide an additional ban reason and the appeal’s verdict next to the link.
    Accepted Synth Application -
    Accepted Commanding Officer Application -
    Accepted Mentor Application -

    Two ban appeals too, but they are ANCIENT.

    Have you received any bans in the last month?

    What is your timezone in UTC?
    Central Standard Time UTC-6, previously PST (moved)

    What is your discord username and handle?

    Basic Questions & Story

    What do you think is the job of a Commander?
    What do you think is the job of the commanding officer?
    The job of the commanding officer is ultimately to use their field experience, knowledge of the ship and her operations/resources, and tactical ability to ensure that the crew, furtherly themselves, are working to the best of their ability to work towards the completion of an operation. No matter the outcome of events, they are duties with making sure everyone did their part and at least TRIED.

    Additionally, and from my personal experience as a commanding officer. I personally believe the duty of the CO is also to usher in the next generation of COs, as in. Mentor the XOs, often times when I'm in CIC with someone who is working towards becoming a CO. The CIC becomes crowded with dominance, your duty is often resigned to being an XO for that CO if you see fit. Preparing them for the responsibility of the big chair, and giving them the support they need to feel comfortable. Observation is also ideal in this setting, and provides the ability to provide accurate feedback from firsthand.

    In another additional note, you are the head of the ship. You are duties not only with what was mentioned above, but in a lesser setting your word is what matters. You have final say on nearly everything, and can use that ability to procure the best outcome of events based on your judgement and ability to overrule. It is not to be abused, but is instead used to prevent those who would compromise such things.

    Why do you want to be a Commanding Officer?
    Due to a series of unfortunate events that frankly, forced my hand in leaving CM for a while, and with it leaving behind the CO whitelist. I have since rekindled my passion to join it once again, unfortunately I missed the opportunity to keep my WL as I returned a day before the recent CO purge occurred. But nonetheless, I am intent on re-entering the whitelist!

    I take great joy in CO, not the fancy clothing or whatnot but the role itself. I thoroughly enjoy working with everyone to ensure, if not unavoidable, that everyone has a decent time playing through a round and having a competent command to lead them through their trials and tribulations. Despite a good lot of people proclaiming “command doesn't matter” it does matter, and it's evident in the absence of command. I'm too lazy to list specifics.

    In Addition to that, although my words can still be put out there through an unwhitelisted view, I took great joy in having a place to speak from when it comes to whitelist applications. Although votes barely matter, a speaking place to provide an calculated overview of someone's application is something that holds a well garnished place in my respect. Even if it can get a bit lengthy.

    Provide a short story of your Commanding Officer.
    This is a repost of my CO story from my first accepted application, with like zero touch ups. It ain't nothing special but it's a story!

    Additionally, since this time around ship details are no longer a section to fill out on the application I will post my previous specifications here, just for a background!

    The USS Endora, a light frigate equipped with state of the art medical and search and rescue equipment. The Endora is also equipped with maintenance demanding engines capable of precise maneuvers. Although not the fastest thing.
    The ship's primary purpose is to assist in the evacuation and or rescue of crew from the navy(is that what it's called in space? Who knows) combat incidents, and other emergency events.

    The standing crew is made up of a complement of 10 EVA specialists who are also trained in Emergency medical treatment, a medical complement of 4 doctors with accompanying nurses, one chief medical officer, a security detail of 10 armed USCM marines, a chief engineer along with 2 USCM senior engineers (it's a demanding ship). and a bridge crew consisting of the captain himself, and 2 bridge officers. The crew is mainly a skeleton crew, to make room for quarters and cryo chambers belonging to rescued personnel.


    How familiar are you with command positions?
    VERY familiar, and while I said a lot more on my “why do you want to be a CO?” and the like questions. I'm not afraid to elaborate here as well, Command is something I personally think keeps me grounded to CM, or at least one of the three reasons.

    I am familiar with SL, it's something I most often only frequent when I'm not feeling in the mood for the big chair or support. I love leading in the field, even though I don't like doing so often when as CO. A combat leader without the responsibility of the entire operation on his/her shoulders is something valued, someone who can lead a charge that can turn the tables of balance, or provide valuable information and fire support to also produce the same table turning advantage. People need someone to follow in the field, without such a thing cohesion falters. Cohesion doesn't always just apply to in the “field” work, but also to victory through attrition. Sure people hate it but they're gonna heckin like it a lot better if their leaders are doing the same thing, instead of a distant voice of command in the sky.

    It goes without saying that I also have experience in the big chair in CIC, or the slightly smaller less comfortable ones to the west of it. (they are pretty much the same in essence). Be it SO, CO, or XO, I've put in my time in the heart of the op.

    That being said, I know how to delegate, I know how to problem solve with all the abilities and responsibilities that come with the higher functions of an operation, and I know how to keep a chain of information flowing to the highest efficiency it can.

    Approximately how many hours do you have as Executive Officer (XO) at the time of writing this application?

    Over 103 hours in Commanding Officer and around 43 in Executive Officer (Lol), the time I had in XO when I was accepted for CO was around 27ish hours, since then I have logged a few (around 16 more) refresher hours for post TW (after my break ended).

    How familiar are you with Department Head positions?
    Hey ya already know what's coming, a giga long updated list of my experience in debt heads, just like on my last one, but way shorter of course.

    CMP: USED to be my most played role back in the days before I had SEA (stopped at around 100 hours), it's lost its luster recently although I still frequent it when there is none on (increase in MP/CMPs lately is wacky). I'm fluent in the special privileges and requirements of CMP, as well as the micromanage command aspects of the role, even in its limited state.

    CMO: While the command limitations of the CMO are quite down low in terms of management and the likes. It is still a department head, even if a civilian one you're the leader of medical. You're trusted to know (almost) everything that medsci can offer, additionally being required to offer advice, train newbies (if the SEA decides to go off somewhere), manage your limited authority and personnel. I've practiced all of the special SOP and ML abilities of the CMO, as well as all skill sets and management related to it.

    RO: I still don't know how anyone can have fun playing more than a few rounds of RO (looking at you Rowan and Brad), i've had my fair share of experience in req itself and in the position of RO and aRO. Additionally filling in as CO/XO/Synth when the occasion arises. As for specifics to RO, I know how to manage req personal, supply and demand, and a lackluster sense of point management. As for the other department heads, authority is limited but in req you can sure make use of it for material demands. I still hate the role and nobody can stop me from hating it

    CE: CE used to be another popular favorite of mine, although the lack of stuff to do with it nowadays has often turned me away from it in recent times. While arguably the CE is most useful on the ground with their heightened skill set, the CE shipside/over comms is still in a management position. Often I delegate stuff such as OB loading to MTs/OTs, RARELY help the POs with anything since it's often more meddlesome than good. Additionally engineering is a useful asset for APC repair, due to faster repair speeds (barely), although a synth is still a better option if available. I'm confident to say that I am a good CE, to the very best of the limited ability a CE can strive for, which is most CEs!.

    How familiar are you with Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedure?
    Super familiar, something I know by heart at this rate. As I am both bound by marine law as a synth, as well as SEA. In addition as a SEA example I teach it regularly and generally have to deal with marine law disputes. SOP is niche and people often don't know some of the more nitpicky details of it, so I have to regularly reinforce peoples belief of it as well.

    I am an MP player (don't beat me), and it's something that I HAVE to know by heart to make everything smooth for the department, even if that is often contested.

    I'm not going to elaborate too much on this, I am very familiar with the concepts of marine law and SOP and regularly reinforce my knowledge of it.


    When do you believe a Battlefield Execution should be used?
    I'm going to start this one off with a broad statement, a BE is acceptable in any situation in which a member of the crew, the operational functions of the Almayer and its facilities, or an immediate or eventual threat to the USCM as a whole is present. Specific rules include the lack of ability to BE by proxy (OBs, other personnel), the lack of ability to BE a person of validity that is in custody(unless delta and required). In addition to that an announcement must be made stating the valid facts (time and name and misc), reason for execution, and so on.

    Now for something less generic. This is my favorite example of a Battlefield execution performed by yours truly. Strangely enough one operation I became aware of a certain sect of the crew that was… performing suspiciously. As expected it was a group of MTs that had barricaded themselves into an operating room (of all places) Crewman and MPs were surrounding the place, so I came down to investigate. The Mts had a captive, some random person I totally forgot. I began the process of negotiations, called off the MPs and forced them to surround the OR and prevent disorder. I went in alone, unarmored and only armed with my mateba. The entire negotiation took around 30 minutes, I was able to release the captive and it was just me and their leader in the OR. people were getting suspicious and wanted to barge in and rescue/capture the MT, I of course calmed them down. While evidently, I could have simply BEed the MT in question for being an active hostile threat onboard the ship through his actions. I wanted to handle it peacefully and judicially. After a while of talking, I gave him two options. I either BE him on the spot if he completely refuses to comply, or he is taken in peacefully by the officers waiting outside. Talking went on for another 3 minutes when he decided to refuse to comply. Instead of me finalizing his decision, he pulled out a HEFA grenade and ignited it. I quickly drew my mateba, stunned the MT forcing him to drop the lit HEFA grenade, rested myself to avoid the shrapnel. And it was over, he was killed by the HEFA and I finalized the BE. Of course a lynch mob rushed in shooting through the walls after the commotion.

    This was an example of a valid situation in which I was forced to BE someone, although arguably i could have resolved the situation way earlier, but i intended to approach peacefully first. A BE can be anything from a simple threat of mutiny to an immediate threat or action that harms myself, the crew, or the operation.

    P.S. Deagle sucks, Mateba ftw.

    Under what circumstances do you believe it is legal to pardon a prisoner?
    Pardons, literally the worst thing I've ever done in my career as a CO. While useful on occasion the chance that they can backfire is PHENOMENAL, infact my first and only CO warning came from a failed pardon procedure, and I have been brigged many times before because the pardonee committed yet another crime.

    Nonetheless, as i said there still usefully in some occasions if you trust the pardoner not to SCREW UP AGAIN.

    In regards to legality, a pardon may be made for anything except capital crimes, must be announced with crimes pardoned, time of crime committed, and justification of pardon. IF the pardon commits another crime, the captain will serve the time for that crime. If the pardon is reversed, the criminal will serve the original time before pardon. Pretty much ripped straight from marine law.

    After a ton of disheartening pardons I have performed, I am super hesitant to make use of one. In an instance that I would use one, a few conditions would have to be met. I trust the person being pardoned WILL be a good person for the rest of the operation, their sentence is strangely stacked or long (something like animal cruelty). AND the crime cannot be appealed, appeals and pardons are completely different. You should NEVER pardon a crime that was punished falsely as it's an improper pardon, that punishment can be APPEALED away.

    So, example wise. Say an engineer or whomever decides to brutalize a research monkey for no reason, and we are low on engineers or whatever, and gets arrested for animal brutality. If the person is someone I can trust not to do something again, I would simply issue a pardon for the crime in question, the reason being that we really heckin need support for this op, and continue on with my day if everything goes to plan.

    P.S. Specs, yall dont get a special place in my heart for pardons. If anyone does the crime you do the time, unless there is a genuine reason you can't spend 10 minutes AFK in a cell.


    Have you read the Code of Conduct?

    Have you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

    Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?

    Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

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    barely skimmed it but i remember you when you were CO so

    +1 i'm completely biased and i don't care, not like im council (plus mateba user so)
    Captain Jacob 'Skinwalker' Kelar, of the USCM. Moth fanatic. Lover of bugs. Cults, too, though I'm not sure why.

    A few of the medals I've earned, since there's a four image limit.

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    he was a CO before. no reason to not accept him back.
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    I would truly love Tater playing as Captain. I've known him for months and he's been an outstanding community member, reliable synth, competent XO, enjoyable SEA, and fantastic moderator. I look forward to having you aboard! Good luck for the rest of the application! +2
    Major Amber Walsh, Exceptional Leader

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    played lots of lowpop with tater as my XO/CO and fellow mentor. Teaching new baldies stuff like cas or how to reload m41 and doing command stuff when i was SL. Bit too MP brained but thats ok. 1+ from me

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    I mean come on, this is fucking Tater we're talking about.

    - Mateba user
    - Literally 700 fucking SEA hours, he knows how the game works, my guys
    - Used to be a CO anyway and only lost it cause of having to dip for a few months
    - One of the most upright and morally innocent and correct persons I know in the entire CM community
    - It is Tater.

    This is beyond a no-brainer. Speed-Approve this. +5
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    I believe you mostly lost the WL because you were taking a CM break while the purge went on. As far as I've seen you haven't lost touch with the game itself.

    Just play Command why this is up and you should not have any issues I think.
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    Easy +1 for me.

    James “Tater” Pacheco deserves it for the following reasons:

    1) Has the synth WL. The hardest to achieve
    2) Extensive Mentor hours
    3) Former CO. Only removed due to taking time off. Everyone needs a break
    4) Nickname is Tater. I like the cut of his jib

    Good luck
    Archibald V. Cartwright

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    Most of the other people have detailed most of the reasons to have Tater back on the whitelist but I want to just give my own little testimony.

    I started playing CM right around when Tater was actively getting his original CO WL and he made alot of my first rounds memorable for me because of the care he was taking in his role as XO and CO. Further, he was often the CO in charge when I first started to play SO and I can say my seventy plus hours of playing SO was influenced by command style. Finally, I still remember the first time I tried out XO mostly thanks to him - it was probably eight to ten months ago, a midpop LV-624 round. I joined up as the XO to try it out and give my orders, Tater late joined as the CO, came to CIC and proceeded to help me out and smooth out the running of my first XO round eventually leading to a marine victory while still leaving me as the one really running the op.

    So all in all, great guy, great player, great commander...and for me the person I first think of when I think of the position of CO. +1

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    This is clearly a formality... and this man doesnt use a fucking deagle. why is he not already back in?

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