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Thread: Jamesthebond - Commanding Officer Application

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    Jamesthebond - Commanding Officer Application

    Commanding Officer Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    Player Name You Use Most?
    Jonathon "Ghost "Granger

    Make a list of links to all of your ban appeals as well as whitelist and staff applications (both accepted and denied) submitted within the past year. For appeals, provide an additional ban reason and the appeal’s verdict next to the link.
    Have you received any bans in the last month?

    What is your timezone in UTC?

    What is your discord username and handle?

    Basic Questions & Story

    What do you think is the job of a Commander?
    The Captain is a role with ultimate authority that settles disputes and organizes the ship's personal for a singular objective and lets the staff below him in the command chain thrive on that objective and micromanage the smaller aspects of the ship's personal below them and allows the base of which roleplay is founded on.

    Why do you want to be a Commanding Officer?
    As a position as a Senior moderator and a Previous CO whitelist obtainer. I Would like to have the ability to take command as a CO in low pop rounds not as a Pvt ++ CO. From my experience Captains are more listened to then a SEA with no people on with the rank LT and above.

    Provide a short story of your Commanding Officer.
    FULL NAME: Jonathon A. Granger
    Birthday: April 18th - 2170
    Age: 27 years
    Sex: Male
    Rank: Captain
    Assignment: USS Almayer
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Family: James Granger ( Younger brother deceased), Liz Granger (older sister 35), Ben Granger ( Father Deceased), Steph granger (Mother Deceased)

    Biography /Short story

    Born in 2170 in Georgia, Raised by his parents Ben and Steph Grangers. Lived in a moderate middle-Class American Military family until Jonathon turned age 17 and under supervision from his father WO4 Ben Granger and mother he attended west point and attended an advance course of leadership and tactics. After the death of his younger brother, he dropped from classes temporarily for 3 months. After the graduation in 2191, Jonathon Was deployed to alpha Centauri in which he fought in land operations first hand until his promotion to an XO after the events that take place during the civil war *Listed below* in 2194. in 2197 Jonathon Received the rank of acting Captain after a freak accident with his leading officer falling off the chair and breaking his back in 9 places. Jonathon then leads his first major operation under no supervision against a rebel military base embedded into the high rise mountains in the area in which the hostile troops hid underground and did ambush tactics but his superior planing and superior Air power with ground coordination Jonathon manage to draw out the traitors and devastate their forces, then he proceeded to take out their leader after coordinating a heavy counter-attack.

    Events on File

    Jonathon Graduated From Academy Top of his Class and achieved:
    "Honorary Award of Best Student in the platoon: Self Explanatory" - 2191
    "Marksmen Medal: Best shot in his class" - 2191
    Jonathon was thereby Stationed on Alpha Centauri -2192 at age 22 then in which Deployed against Alpha Centauri insurgents - 2192.
    Received Temporary Command Of Bravo 6-6 after the Squad leader was KIA and Completed a Raid on an insurgent Stronghold - 2193
    Jonathon was then promoted to an executive officer - 2194.
    The squad went MIA after a Civilian escort mission on Alpha Centauri - 2195.
    XO Jonathon Granger Escaped a pow camp rest are presumed Dead - 2196.
    Attends Operation Tall Trees -2192


    Gained a Purple Heart for his wounds from capture - 2196
    Gained Distinguished Medal of Honor and Purple Heart For Holding Lazeris Bridge while the city was evacuating Soul Survivor - 2193
    Ghost was established as an Official combat sign based on Soul Survivor Experiences - 2194
    Jonathon gained Distinguished Medal of honor: Gained After demonstrating Courage and dedication after Charging into the fray to sacrifice himself for his men to Evac and routing a platoon of enemy soldiers after his squad was Found KIA After their drop ship was intercepted and destroyed - 2197.


    How familiar are you with command positions?
    Very familiar and experienced

    Approximately how many hours do you have as Executive Officer (XO) at the time of writing this application?
    A year worth on and off so about 105 hours at the least

    How familiar are you with Department Head positions?
    I have played every Role besides queen since my time starting here in 2015 and am capable of playing them.

    How familiar are you with Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedure?
    I am very Experienced and familiar with ML and SOP


    When do you believe a Battlefield Execution should be used?
    I view Battlefield Execution as a way to remove someone who has no regard for orders to the extent that they are either slowing progress on the operation or putting the whole operation at risk of immanent Failure The difference between both the execution mechanic and regular is the Battle execution is non-formal and used if only if there is a threat to the operation or other lives and is extra-jurisdictional and fast, skipping all the administrative actions, while the other is formal for people who are not at risk of ending lives are the operation.

    Under what circumstances do you believe it is legal to pardon a prisoner?
    It is legal to pardon major and minor crimes but I would refrain on doing them to often without perfect valid reason.


    Have you read the Code of Conduct?

    Have you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

    Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?

    Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

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    game does need more lowpop CO's, what are some plans you've ran while XOing on common maps like big red and LV,
    Spoiler Spoiler:

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    When I still was in my Prime as CO I used to use Advance Flanks on LV Depending on the situation especially doing Faint Retreats and sending half the marines to Engineering and squeeze the Xenos and trap them in nexus. Now for Big red, I used to deploy in LZ2 and do a sweep to Filtration and do a tactical push with Cas and OB's.
    Retired CSM Jonathon 'Ghost' Granger

    Discord Jonathongun#0219

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    I'm a fan of people doing dossiers for their characters, though yours doesn't fully display a complete understanding of military rank to me. You essentially go West Point Academy -> Uuuh he is an XO now -> Captain literally falls off his chair and dies, he is now a Captain. Not to mention that a Captain at 27 years is not feasible. I do like dossiers but yours has noticeable, obvious shortcomings in this regard.

    That aside, you didn't really answer the Pardon question at all? You're asked in what circumstances you would find a pardon suitable. You say you can't pardon for capital crimes which... yes, correct, but please give us actual, concrete examples of what sort of things you would pardon for and also NOT pardon for.
    Synthetic Unit 'Amber'.

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    Brigadier General Misti Rockwell, Deputy Marshall - Office for Discipline and Subordination

    Trial Moderator: 7th November 2021 - 21st November 2021
    Moderator: 21st November 2021 - x x x

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    A very reputable player who will not abuse or violate their WL guidelines or rules, I can easily vouch that I have never seen anything malicious from this player. They stay in character and take things seriously, I think it'd be a good (re)addition to lowpop CO pool.

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    I'm sorry, but despite you being a returning person from CO, the Council has seen next to no XO/command playtime from you recently. As a result we can't verify whether or not you're actually up to par in the current climate of things.

    I understand you're busy nowadays, but the application requirements still apply to returning COs. This is so we can determine if you are still capable of commanding in the current day.

    You can reapply, but bear in mind the next time to do so you should play XO often both before and during your application being up.

    But with a -3/5 majority vote from the council, I'm afraid this app is denied. You can reapply in 30 days.
    Major General Samantha 'Sammy' Maverick
    & Synthetic Tara.

    CO Senator (as of 3-19-21)
    Developer (as of of 3-23-21)

    I'm just someone trying her hardest to not get everyone horribly killed.

    im an artist too! see my works at my art dump below

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