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Thread: Current Staff

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    Assistant Manager & Whitelist Overseer
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    March 2022

    March 1st:
    Lunarflu has been moved to Asst. Management.

    March 4th:
    Shadovvs moved from Senior Mod to Coder.

    March 15th:
    Vagabondzero79 has passed their moderator trial.
    Trustscience44 has been promoted to senior moderator.

    March 19th:
    MauroVega and Backsea have joined the team as Trial mods

    March 26th:
    Dorkkeli has returned to staff as a Senior Moderator.
    Tezrat and Moonshanks have been promoted to Senior Moderator.

    March 27th:
    Novacti has returned to staff as an Admin.

    April 28th:
    Mercadier has stepped down from staff. Thank you for your time and effort put into the server!
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    April 2nd:
    Backsea and MauroVega both passed their trials and became full Moderators.

    April 12th:
    Schalkguy has retired from staff in good standing. Thank you for your time and effort put into making the server a better place.

    Administrator Manager

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    May 4th, 2022
    Time_URSS has joined the team as a Trial Moderator.

    May 18th, 2022
    Time_URSS has passed their trial and training, and has been promoted to Moderator!
    Welcome to the team!!

    May 20th, 2022
    MrDadMan has joined the team as a Trial Moderator.
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