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Thread: Staff Report - Shad0vvs

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    Staff Report - Shad0vvs

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    December 20, 2021
    Your Character Name?
    Molly Williams
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    01:30 GMT
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the Server
    Description of the incident
    After running out of meat as Mess Sergeant, as there are only 4 slabs of meat per fridge in the kitchen, I requested to Research that I get monkey cubes so I can kill monkeys using the gibber to get more meat. The CMP, who was sat in the lounge at the time watching me wordlessly, after watching me gib a monkey, ran in and declared I was under arrest for Animal Cruelty.

    CMP's name was Khalif 'Mike' Jordan.

    I ahelped this immedietly. Farming animals to restock meat is not mindlessly hurting or killing them for no reason. The monkeys came from monkey cubes, they are nobody's pet and Research granted them to me.

    The moderator in question, ruled this as a fair and legitimate arrest, resulting in a 30 minute brig sentence. Which my appeal was denied due to the 'letter of the law'.

    I ghosted at that point. I had no intention to remain in a round where the CMP is allowed to give people 30 minute brig sentences for doing their job.

    I cannot wrap my head around why this is fair in any respect. I play Mess Sergeant to have a chilled out time cooking food for Marines, but apparently I have to be punished for using NPC monkeys that come from cubes as a source of meat. Even though the use of Human Meat is not outlawed by Marine Law or SOP. I requested he consult other staff, who apparently agree with him.

    I was told that I would be trying to contest a 'policy' but it's pretty clear that this is a case of 'No Fun Allowed'.

    I can't believe it's come to a point where Moderators are agreeing people should sit out rounds for 30 mins because of playing their role.
    Evidence - The ruling. Feel free to pull logs.
    What resolution are you seeking?
    Whatever disciplinary (if any) action is deemed necessary. As much as I'd like to see the mod in question warned about this, I have a feeling he's just doing what he's told.

    Marine Law to be reviewed/changed to stop MPs abusing it against people just trying to play their role/play the round.

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    You're bang on in saying that Shad0vvs was doing what he was trained to do.
    There's no fault on his behalf here.

    While he followed ML from a letter and handled it OOC perfectly, he could have made a decision to commute the sentence (best outcome IMO) or provide another IC resolution through fax, but to my knowledge, there was no appeal fax sent to HC. I've spoken to Shad0vvs about how they can do this from an IC perspective.

    A 30-minute charge for killing a monkey is dumb, but it's also valid under the current Marine Law.
    That's pretty excessive and we'll take a close look at this clause and if it needs to be changed.
    The timer's as a whole need to be looked at.

    I'm not going to bring any action against Shad0vvs. As far as I'm concerned they were incredibly patient with you explaining your POV.
    I can understand how a 30-minute brig timer is round-ruining and rage-inducing, but the moderator responding is just trying to do their best with the rules and tools they're given.

    I'm sorry you had such a negative experience here, but don't take it out on the Moderator.

    Decker, we don't want you shoved in a box and your mouth taped.
    You're passionate about CM and that's great,
    but it's not great when you're not respectful in your interactions with players/staff.

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