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Thread: andrewjba - Ban Appeal (Permanent Ban)

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    andrewjba - Ban Appeal (Permanent Ban)

    Ban Appeal
    Byond ID?
    Do you confirm you have read the Appeal Rules and that this appeal conforms to them?
    Character Name?
    Andrew Pereira
    What is your discord tag? (If appealing a discord ban)
    Type of Ban?
    Permanent Ban
    If jobban, which job are you appealing?
    Admin who banned you (if known)
    Total Ban Duration
    Remaining Duration
    What other servers do you play on?
    Only on CMS-S13
    Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?
    Not that I know
    Do you play using a Virtual Machine?
    Is your copy of Windows legitimate?
    Do you connect using a VPN? If so, which provider?
    Reason for Ban
    Access Denied

    Banned By Host

    (there is no code)
    Link to previous appeals for the same ban (if applicable):
    Your appeal, including evidence (screenshots, etc)
    I went to my cousin's house and took my notebook to play Space Station 13 there, after a while at his house I went to turn on my notebook to play, when I tried to enter the server this message appeared ( I was confused and went to question my cousin, we had already played this game together for the first time, but I couldn't stay long, and I found out that his account had IP banned on this server because he accidentally shot an ally, it was the first time playing and he didn't know how to shoot and after a Long discussion was banned forever and I found out on 12/18 that it was by IP, I tried to help you right away, as soon as I joined the server with your wi-fi I was also banned, I thought if I went back home with the ban on internet would end, but i'm still banned and now i think my internet IP was also banned.

    (Not sure, but I think my cousin's nickname was Zombie188)

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    Assigned to an admin for investigation.
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    Lifted for andrewjba.
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