Current Whitelist Council Members

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Current Whitelist Council Members

Post by Emeraldblood » 30 Oct 2018, 20:52

Whitelist & Council Leader:
Emerald Blood - PM

Yautja Council:
Imperator_Titan - PM
SpartanBobby - PM
Symbiosis - PM
Sailor Dave - PM
Ghostdex - PM

Synthetic Council:
Jakkkk - PM
MattAtlas - PM
ThesoldierLLJK - PM
Vacant - PM
Vacant - PM

Commander Council:
Bancrose - PM
Taketheshot56 - PM
Lumdor - PM
Dr. Lance - PM
Frans_Feiffer - PM

This is a public list of all current council members for anyone to contact regarding whitelist questions. Detailed explanations are located in the Whitelisted subforum for all whitelisted players to read.
Ban Appeal Users: If I've lifted your perma ban and you're still unable to log onto the server, send me a forum PM regarding it and I'll work to get it fixed in ~24 hours.

Emerald Blood: CM's mommy and the only head staff who does anything. Even though I hate you all sometimes, I still love you.