Commanding Officer CoC

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Commanding Officer CoC

Post by Emeraldblood » 25 Nov 2018, 19:14

🚧 Note, this page is currently under construction. A more detailed page referring to the wiki pages and such will be released in the upcoming week. 🚧 Important + Useful CO Wiki Pages:
Standard Operating Procedures
Marine Law
USCM Ranks

General Rules of CO:
  • You are a senior officer of the USCM, act like it.
  • You would not tolerate express insubordination on behalf of your crew.
  • You would not willingly put the marines under your command at a needless disadvantage.
  • You would not work against the United Americas or assist her enemies in any way.
  • You should not be neglecting your duty, such as hunting a rogue marine down to Battlefield Execute him instead of doing your job as Commander.
  • Use of Common sense and use of all resources is key. You shouldn't be making things harder for the ship to operate without good reason.
  • If someone is present to do the job, delegate to them instead of doing it yourself unless they are incapable of doing it themselves.
  • You have immunity to marine law, however abusing this power will result in you losing your CO whitelist.
    • Hitting an Insubordinate marine to get him to fall in line is fine, however shooting someone’s kneecaps out for “being annoying” is abuse.
  • You must hold a briefing for each squad in an appropriate location.
    • No Commander would send marines down without telling them their mission first.
  • You can pardon prisoners as outlined in Marine Law. Use this wisely and do not abuse it. Constantly pardoning the troublesome specialist simply to have him go kill aliens is not the best pardon. Pardoning the lone Doctor locked away for a drug charge while wounded pile up in medbay is more in line to how you should use this tool.
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