Predator Honor Code

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Predator Honor Code

Post by Emeraldblood » 08 Dec 2018, 19:38

The Predator Honor Code is a set of rules all Predator players are required to follow. Failure to uphold these rules may result in suspension or removal of your Predator Whitelist. For clarification on some rules or more specifc cases, whitelisted players can check the Predator Rule Clarification topic. (Players without any whitelist will be unable to view that post)

Disclaimer: Predators are considered Antagonists, they may and will kill you and are to be treated much like any Alien-like hostile Marines would encounter.

Honor Code applies to all Predators actively hunting and on the hunting grounds. The Honor Code applies to prey designated to be hunted by a Predator and clarifies what intents and weapons the Predator may use upon its target. The hunting rules of Predator are the backbone of the role and should never be broken. Please note, classification applies to both individuals and groups.
  • Hunting Worthy Prey - No cloak-killing, No ranged weapons (Thrown Weapons permitted)
  • Innocent/Dishonorable Prey - No lethals, disables only, may cloak to disable/avoid
  • Unworthy Prey - No restrictions, cloak-killing and ranged weapons permitted

Hunting Worthy Prey - Predators specifically hunting prey must ensure that their target meets the following requirements:
Prey has lethal weapons/lethal abilities or has shown lethal intent through actions. (Lethal intent: Has killed previously or given others orders to kill/harm, ie; Commanders/XO/SOs)

Examples of Worthy prey:
  • A human is wielding a rifle or has said rifle stored on his back/belt (throwing said weapons away upon Predator contact will not prevent you from being hunted)
  • A scientist is issuing orders to others to kill Xenos/humans/Predators
  • A Xeno is actively moving around the map and not engaged in a current fight
  • Prey insulting a Predator or initiating a challenge to them (ie; a doctor/survivor/marines insulting the Predator)

Dishonorable & Innocent Prey - Predators MAY NOT hunt the following targets:
Any prey who are unable to fight to their full potential due to disabilities, injuries or pre-occupations. Although initially unable to be hunted, certain actions may change these select players from being innocent/dishonorable to worthy/unworthy.

Examples of Dishonorable/Innocent Prey:
  • A human/xeno who is wounded, missing their limbs or ill from disease (Injuries caused from Predators make them viable to be hunted later if they escape)
  • Any prey xenos/humans who are assisting wounded, dragging others to safety or performing critical actions to assist others (ie. an MT setting up a FOB despite having a sidearm equipped or a Runner dragging a critted Xeno to safety)
  • Innocent and non-combat roles. A Doctor, Researcher, MT, Drone, Hivelord, Burrower, Carrier, Boiler, Any and all the crew onboard the Almayer, Cargo, Synthetic, etc
  • Any prey who has a hunting trap currently attached to them unless the prey was unworthy prior (Trapped prey may be hunted later if the trap is removed)

Unworthy Prey: Predators may dispatch/kill/disable the following targets by any means available.
Unworthy Prey is defined as any prey who is unworthy of the honor code and intentionally or unintentionally disrupted the Predators hunt. These individuals (or groups) may be engaged by the Predators using their full force (cloaking, Plasma Caster) and abilities to kill or disable them.

Examples of Unworthy Prey:
  • Any prey who flees from an honor duel, heals mid-duel, or intentionally receives assistance from others during said duel. This also includes other individuals who interfere with a duel, drag away, or protect the body of the Predator's victim.
  • Any prey or group who actively pursues/engage the Predator themselves, who the Predator is not hunting/disrupting. This does not apply to groups pursuing the Predator after they have engaged targets in front of offending parties (Groups defending a FOB/Hive or defending others are not considered unworthy)
  • Any prey or group who steal, loot or capture a Predator. This will result in all Predators engaging any target interrupting or interfering with the retrieval of items/predator
  • Any LOW RP actions, such as hugging the Predator while they’re RPing, force-feeding Predators, ninja-looting Predators while RPing and IC metagaming (Saying ICly the Predator won’t harm us because you metagamed the rules)
Note: Killing/Murdering a fellow Yautja outside an honorable duel is considered the worst possible crime.

Additional Predator Rules/Explanations:
This list goes more in-depth about the specifics of certain Predator systems and behaviors. It's important to remember that Predators are tasked with using their abilities to enhance the round rather than just benefit themselves. The Additional Predator Rules should be followed as closely as possible to avoid trouble but slight deviations from these rules that enhance the round may not be punished. (This doesn't mean these rules don't apply and saying you broke a rule to enhance the round will result in your whitelist being removed. It will be down to Head Staff, usually the Head Manager, to decide if the actions in question benefited the round or not.)

Predator Honor Duels:
Predators may challenge other predators or prey (mostly humans) they deem worthy to "honor duels". The challenger must provide the challenged with an appropriate hand-to-hand weapon. Ranged weapons are forbidden against each other. The duel must be fought as honorable as possible and is to the death, however, it's recommended that if you knock down or disarm your rival, you let them recover if they can before a final blow. Observers who interfere with the duel will be considered unworthy and be can be chased out or disabled with ranged weapons. Humans and Xenos can't challenge a Predator, constantly pursuing a Predator with melee weapons demanding to fight a duel will label you as Unworthy Prey.

Note: A Predator fighting someone 1 vs 1 with melee does not necessarily mean its a duel or even an honor duel, the prey could be Unworthy and is still able to be attacked with ranged weapons in their fight.

Those who defeat a Predator in a fair Hunt (or honorable duel) and show Predators mercy are to be considered our equals. You must bestow them with a reward or gift and alert fellow Predators of their victory. Predators may also show mercy to an honorable prey who fought well or outsmarted the Predator, the Predator may take an item or limb from said Prey as a trophy and allow them to live.

Claiming the kill of another Predator:
To take the trophy of another Yautja, living or dead, is considered to be a great insult. If a Yautja is engaged with prey in combat you should not interfere unless directly given permission, no matter how powerful the prey might be. You may assist a fellow Predator from Unworthy Prey interrupting their hunt. (ie; A marine trying to disrupt an honor duel).

It is considered greatly dishonorable for your body to be captured and your gear/technology looted. The most honorable death is bracer self-destruct and must only be done whenever death or capture is near. The loss of life, even if many innocent are surrounding you, is not your concern. However, please use your judgment upon self-destruct as it generally adds more RP to die on the Almayer or Dropship instead of blowing up and potentially killing a large portion of the player base; predators will also never be punished OOCly for failing to activate their self-destruct bracer before death. Canceling the self-destruct sequence after initiating it in order to ward off attackers is an extremely dishonorable action, at that.

Abominations are considered unworthy of life and should be hunted down and eliminated with your full force at all costs.

Predators should only be ascending to the Almayer for gear-related missions. Heading up to use it as an additional hunting ground is strictly forbidden. Predators should not be heading up to the Almayer for a ‘conference with command’. Exception: Heading up to the Almayer as per an administrator-run event.

Elders (A very rare predator role that is granted by Head staff to exceptional Yautja Players) may make exceptions to this code for role-playing or game progression reasons with Admin direction similar to how Corporate Liaisons can sometimes get exceptions to the standard rules. This means an Admin will tell you which parts you can ignore so don't ahelp asking for exceptions to be made. These will be reserved primarily for role play situations. This means if you see a predator breaking the honor code, there is a chance it may be legal. Your best bet is to wait till the end of the round (or the predator’s death) to see what the staff say about it. Normally, if they were given special exceptions, they'll be set as a traitor and have specific goals which will appear at the end of the round.

Leaders (A Predator role given to all Yautja Council members) are given some leverage with things such as Additional Rules and may alter how the Honor Code is dealt with ICly for that round. Leaders are unable to change what prey is and isn't honorable, unworthy, and so on. ICly, what a Leader says is to be respected and followed as superior to the Youngbloods. Players under direct orders from a Leader will not be held OOCly for the specific IC actions given to them, however, Leaders will be if their orders cause problems with the round overall. This means that while a Youngblood may be told to kill a specific target, what they do to get to the target is still their own actions unless addressed overwise by a Leader. Leaders are also able to handle certain Honor Code breaks ICly though OOC punishments for the player breaking the rules can still occure.

Code Violations:
Those who break the code are renegades, and no longer considered to be a Yautja. This also means your Predator whitelist may be removed/suspended. Exception: For RP events, Admins (not mods) may authorize a single predator to function as a "bad-blood" and be hunted by the other predators.