CM-SS13 Rules


Rule 0: Admin Authority

Admins and Above retain the authority to ignore or alter the enforcement of specific rules at their discretion should they feel it is in the best interest of the current round, the server or the player base at large. In the absence of an Admin or higher ranking member of staff, Moderators may exercise this power following their own chain of authority. Any use of Rule 0 holds it’s user fully accountable for the actions taken due to their change of the rulings.

Rule 0.1 Intent

Rules are enforced as intended. Every example of a rule break cannot be defined as written, therefore, enforcement of the rules is subject to staff interpretation of the rule’s intention. Staff may choose to handle minor rule breaks by utilizing in-game tools to correct improper behavior. Staff retain discretion on when a minor rule break can be handled via “In-Character” consequences in place of warning notes and/or bans. Minor rule breaks such as OOC in IC/Netspeak cannot be handled “In-Character.” Staff members shall not use “In-Character” consequences for major rule breaks such as Mass Grief/ERP/Multikeying. If staff use “In-Character” behavior adjusment, no warning notes and/or bans shall be issued, unless further rule violations take place. Players shall not request a staff member to handle things “In-Character” and the final decision rests solely on the staff member conducting the investigation

Rule 0.2 Authority

If a staff member gives you an instruction or makes a ruling, do not argue with the staff member and follow the instruction/accept the ruling. You may file a staff report on the forums or take it up with their manager directly if you do not agree with the decision made after the round ends. Arguing with a staff member may lead to you being punished. Staff members are volunteers and will not tolerate toxicity or hostility during the course of their duties.

Rule 1: No Erotic Role Play (ERP), erotic content, or 18+ sexual content

Roleplay intended to elicit a sexual response from the receiver(s), including but not limited to writing stories (WGW) or posting links to adult content. Doing so will almost always result in an instant permaban from our server. However, these actions could still be susceptible to Marine Law. A good rule of thumb for whether an interaction crosses this line would be to consider if the action would be allowed in a PG-13 rated movie in the USA.

Staff reserve the right to make judgement calls on situations to determine if they constitute a breach of 18+ or erotic conduct. If something is overly disgusting or crosses a line in a way that becomes an 18+ situation, it may be punished for regardless of nature.

If you are not sure whether something you wish to say or do is okay, AHelp first. We would rather you ask and be told no, than have it happen and a ban become necessary.

The below are guidelines for reference, and it is highly recommended not to straddle the line along what is and is not allowed when dealing with erotic/18+ content.

Sexual Acts

  • No character should ever engage in any form of sexual intercourse in the game, whether alone or with another player.
  • No sexual act or genitalia should ever be given explicit description. If a sexual act must be referenced, there should never be a description of how particular body parts made contact or interacted in any way, nor should any particular act be named.
    • Distasteful but non-sexual bravado do not apply to this. A marine scratching their nuts, for example, is fine.


  • Euphemisms that also have a sexual meaning are allowed in non-sexual contexts. Common terms or phrases like “Suck my dick” are fine, as long as saying such is not a literal invitation or solicitation to do so.

Rule 2: Roleplay

CM-SS13 is intended to be a Medium Roleplay server. Play a reasonably realistic character. Treat your character as a separate entity from you, the player. Your character’s actions, feelings, and knowledge in-game should be based solely on the character’s experiences and not your own as the player. Low roleplay actions that have no regard for your character or the setting (Memes, silly copypaste spam IC) are not acceptable. Character development can occur over rounds but each round is a soft-reset, meaning you can have previous mission experience but your character will never have died or fled the ship in the past. Follow the Roleplay Standards.

Major shenanigans that may disrupt the normal flow of the round at roundstart, (This includes but is not limited to; big or lethal fights, briefing brawls, riots, jailbreaking, massive equipment restrictions and tackling players trying to reach their prep room.), are not tolerated.

Human Roleplay Standards

Dropship Arrests & Riots

  • Causing riots on the dropship over an arrest before first drop will be considered round start shenanigans and staff members will intervene with OOC punishments. You shouldn’t lynch a MP and risk your career because they are arresting a marine who has entered the dropship. If you are wanted and enter the dropship to try and avoid arrest you will be held accountable if issues arise with MPs.


  • All personnel employed by the USCM are mentally stable and physically fit for duty. They would not desert their post or go against the USCM without a good reason.
    • For example, the Mess Technician would not start dicing up bodies in the gibber.
  • Marriages are forbidden, no two people employed by the USCM on the same ship may be married.
  • The USCM has knowledge of most threats, including all human forces (UPP, CLF, PMC, etc) and general knowledge of the Xenomorph hive structure.
  • The USCM does not know there is a Xenomorph threat on the planet of operation unless that information is given in a custom event.


  • All personnel deployed should be following their role requirements. A Medic would not only be healing themselves, a Specialist is expected to take and use their equipment and a Squad Leader would not ignore the orders of command just to do their own thing.
  • Higher ranking squad marines (such as the squad-leader, specialist, smart-gunner and FTL) should be following the orders assigned to them by the commander instead of running off to go fight alone. Special circumstances exclude this requirement, but players should be prepared to justify their actions if contacted by staff.
  • Certain Heads of Departments (RO, CMP and CMO) should not be leaving the ship barring exceptional circumstances.
  • All marines should be deploying where possible, refusing to deploy because someone got arrested is not allowed.
  • Shipside Crew, where authorised to deploy, must remain in secure areas, and must fulfil their role: -Maintenance Technicians should be aiding in FOB construction, or securing areas close to the FOB. -Doctors are not to be combat medics running into danger to pull wounded or dead marines out of combat. -The Combat Correspondent should be documenting the fighting, and should disengage if attacked by hostiles.

Ship Modifications

  • Deconstruction of the ship should not be occuring before first drop & confirmed contact. The marines would not immediately resort to taking their warship to pieces for a random unconfirmed distress call.
  • This includes deconstruction of things like chairs in briefing, however does not include the barrels and crates scattered around maintenance.
  • Modifications to the ship should not be made with meta-purposes, no building a maze or bunker on the ship intended to help secure the ship for hijack before you even know hijack is a thing.


  • Synthetics are cold and do not feel emotions as strongly as humans, though they may fake them. They serve the USCM and may not turn against them. Synthetics must adhere to the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines.
  • Synthetic Survivors have altered Programming which can also be found there.
  • Synthetic Guideline breaches are dealt with by the Synthetic Whitelist Council, who can be contacted on discord or through Player Reports.


  • Survivors have more leeway than marines with their mental stability due to the trauma they may have experienced during the xenomorph attack. They may be suffering PTSD, paranoia or similar conditions for roleplaying purposes.
  • Survivors may NOT be hostile unless they have been spawned as hostile survivors (CLF) - see Hostile Factions.
    • Hostile survivors cannot attempt to harm other survivors.
  • Survivors should not be rushing to attack the hive before the roundstart xenos have had a chance to evolve.


  • COs, XOs or aCOs are OOCly bound to follow Non-Modifiable Standard Operating Procedure.
    • For example you MUST conduct a briefing before the start of the operation and HAVE TO make an attempt to build defences around your primary LZ.
  • Both the Marine CIC and the Queen - can send images of the map, from the wiki, webmap or tactical map, with annotations drawn on them, as announcements, if uploaded to a trusted hosting service.

ID Cards

  • These should only be taken for a roleplay reason, such as from a dead XO to call for help on a computer in the ship’s bridge. If you take an ID or find one from a living player (or a dead player that has since been revived), you should make every attempt to return it unless your character has a good reason not to. - You should not grant yourself or others increased access to areas of the ship unless there is a personnel shortage or exceptional reason to do so.
  • Death or absence of any senior officers is suitable reason to grant yourself needed access to run the operation.
  • Requisitions missing personnel is a valid reason to give other people or yourself access to Requisitions etc.


  • Spamming chat (Local or Radio) with non-english characters, symbols or other gibberish is considered LRP, and a violation of Rule 2.

Aliens & Predators

  • Marines know what Xenos are and have encountered them before. They have a basic knowledge of how the hive works.
    • They do not know there are Xenos on the colony.
    • They do not know any individual Xeno’s prefix or postfix - they can, at most, identify the caste.
  • Marines have not encountered Predators before. Any encounters are to be considered the first of their kind. Marines are permitted to roleplay “I’ve heard stories and/or legends” in regards to Predators, but metagaming knowing everything about them is a violation. Nicknames that are realistic such as “Jamaicans” “Dreadlock Lizards” “Spooks” “Phantoms or Ghosts” are acceptable. Avoid meme/gaming terminology such as “maicers”

Xeno Roleplay Standards


  • Aliens have no free will. They are a hivemind, and their purpose is to enforce the will of the Queen and expand the Hive.
  • They are not friendly, and will not negotiate.
    • They are not obligated to destroy synthetic lifeforms, and can ignore them at the wishes of the Queen.


  • Xeno hivemind is an English translation of their thoughts, so words such as “hydro” or “shuttle” are acceptable. Referring to in-character mechanics such as “Evolution” and “Plasma” for example, is okay. Gameplay mechanics such as “New Xeno update.” should be used in LOOC chat.
  • Spamming “Reeeee” and similar such behaviour in Hivemind or Local Chat is not allowed.


  • Due to the Hivemind, xenos know everything every xeno learns and know the basics of human equipment.
  • At the start of the round, the Xenos can sense the human’s ship looming above their hive and are aware that human forces will be visiting the colony shortly.
  • They do not know any individual human’s name, but they may know the role they fulfil.


  • Larva should typically remain within the Hive, this is especially the case for roundstart larva, and avoid the frontlines.
  • Larva should not be sneaking onto the dropship to head up to the Almayer.
  • Larva are not recon castes, and should not be seeking out survivors.


  • The Queen can banish Xenos who fail to uphold these standards and expectations - banish cannot be used as a joke.
  • The Queen cannot use banish for clear mechanical advantage - such as banishing xenos that are in containment, in order to reclaim larva.
  • The Queen can de-evolve someone if they want to add a certain caste, however, it must make sense in character - only having one type of T3 would not fulfil this criteria.

Shipside Xenomorphs

  • While shipside xenomorphs can do almost everything they like once they get shipside they aren’t allowed to attack people who just got out of cryo and are getting their gear.
    • This restriction doesnt apply post-hijack.
  • Xenomorphs should not be rushing to get onto the dropship before second drop.

Predator Roleplay Standards

  • Predators are honorable hunters. They must follow the Honor Code and act like a serious predator, not a prankster.
  • The USCM does not hold any information about these beings, meaning each contact is unknown regarding them.
  • Predator Honor Code breaches are handled by the Predator Whitelist Council, who can be contacted on Discord or through Player Reports.

Rule 3: Community Expectations

The general behavioural expectations for members of the community. Unless explicitly stated these rules apply to all areas of the community.

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • This is not a complete list and only includes the most important elements.

English Only

  • All communications within the server (IC and OOC) should be done in English only using ASCII characters. (So no Cyrilic, Arabic or any other non latin characters)
    • Phrases from other languages are fine but should not make up the majority of your conversations.
  • This extends to the use of Netspeak in-character. You should not be using LOL, WTF, or other similar abbreviations.

Profane RP

  • Roleplaying hostile actions, beliefs or emotions through the use of profanity is permitted. However staff reserve the right to make calls on situations if a player has crossed the line. If a staff member tells you to stop, you stop.

Racism and Bigotry

  • Usage of slurs IC/OOC on the server will result in a 7 day ban, automatically.
  • Racism, the use of slurs and other targeting terms or phrases is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.
  • Being Homophobic, Sexist or a general bigot is not ok, and action will be taken to rectify such behaviour.
  • BYOND ckey/usernames that are deemed racist, homophobic, sexist, etc… by staff are not permitted. You will be given a chance to create a new CKEY and you must request our staff to transfer any notes.


  • Playing a character that is based upon a specific stereotype is permitted however playing to a racial, religious or cultural caricature is not.
  • Management staff, or the highest ranking alternative available, reserve the right to make calls on specific stereotypes being racially, religiously or culturally offensive.

No Advertising

  • Don’t post byond://, Discord, Twitch, etc, links to other servers purely for the sake of advertising. If you wish to share links to these kinds of places, either ahelp for permission or do so off the server (IE: over Byond messages or Discord).

Media Spoilers

  • Giving out plot spoilers to any media with malicious intent is not allowed, but the general discussion of plot that contains spoilers about media released 1 year ago or longer is fine.


  • Spamming chat ICly or OOCly including LOOC and Deadchat is not allowed. This includes copypastes, macro spam or anything else intentionally producing large amounts of message content or duplicate inputs/logs.

Rule 4: No griefing

Griefing is the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason. If Staff believes that the player’s intent is to grief, then action will be taken whether or not it was the player’s intent. Any damage to the station or players caused by griefing can be repaired at an Admin’s discretion. If you are being griefed, don’t retaliate - Adminhelp it and you’ll get healed. Shooting a griefer can cause you to get in trouble as well, and the combat logs you’re generating make it harder for Staff to prove who the real griefer is.

Typical Griefing

  • Shooting up medbay at round start.
  • Deliberately OBing the marine frontline.
  • Shooting a marine without their consent, ICly or OOCly, when a xeno attempts to capture them.

End of Round Grief (EORG)

  • End of Round Grief (EORG) is fighting and generating any combat logs with friendly players after the round ends and is an immediate 3-hour ban without warning. Exceptions are between normal enemies, such as Marines and Aliens, Marines and UPP, etc.
    • This includes suicide at the end of the round without a valid RP reason.

Rule 5: Mechanical Exploits

Do not abuse bugs or unintended features to gain an unfair advantage for yourself or your team.

General Exploits

Not Exploits:

  • Setting up Keybinds or Macros using either the in game Keybind Preferences, or the BYOND Macros menu.
  • Using external software to make a mouse button - like M4 - register as a keyboard key entry, allowing it to be bound in game using the keybind menu.

Examples of Exploits:

  • Using autoclickers, rebinding M1 to the scroll wheel, or other macros outside of BYOND.
  • Using scripts to automatically target other players.

Marine Exploits

Not Exploits:

  • A standard marine deconstructing a wall.

Examples of Exploits:

  • A standard marine creating Ordnance Tech Grenades or Explosives.
  • An Ordnance Tech stacking multiple C4 on one entity or object.
  • A Specialist not selecting a kit, allowing them to use multiple existing kits.
  • Stacking mini turrets and M56Ds.

Alien Exploits

Not Exploits:

  • Using fuel tanks as explosive traps by acid spitting.

Examples of Exploits:

  • Banishing xenos on the Almayer so they can be killed for free larva.
  • Banishing AFK xenos to reclaim larva.
  • Placing Acid traps so they can be triggered from behind walls.

Rule 6: No Metagaming or Metacommunication

Acting upon knowledge your character would not have or providing unknowable information to another player. Should you be in a voice call with other players, you are still expected to relay information through IC channels (talking, radio, etc) to preserve in-game roleplay. IC information should not be posted to any public location where other parties can be given an advantage. Any form of cheating via metacomms will result in a permaban. All public chat on the CM Discord should refrain from talking about any ongoing round information until the round ends.


Not Metagaming:

  • Xenos destroying colony assets prior to Marine landing, such as APCs, lights, vendors, etc.
  • Xenos & Marines building traps to catch and kill the other side.
  • Shipside xenos attacking critical equipment like the tcomms or OB APCs.
  • Marines killing themselves after becoming infected or captured by the Xenos.

Examples of Metagaming:

  • Wordlessly following a friend around without having any IC communications or interactions.
  • Xenos sitting next to the dropship landing pad to attack right as the Marines open the doors.
  • Xenos melting every colony wall in a specific location to remove a building/defensive point.
  • Xenos walling in marine or xeno bodies to prevent them from being recovered.
    • Where bodies fall within natural defense lines this is acceptable.
  • Killing small hosts as survivor before marines land.
    • This is explicitly a rulebreak exclusively due to the extensive impact this has on roundstart balance.
  • Surrounding a comms tower entirely with reinforced walls to prevent Xenos attacking it without T3s.
    • Walls can be used to cover most of the tower, however there must remain access for other xenos IE barricades.


Not Metacommunication:

  • Teaching someone how to play the game and various mechanics through Voicechat, LOOC or other external communication methods.
  • Streaming the game with no delay.

Examples of Metacommunication:

  • Telling someone where the enemy are, event details or other In-Character information, that would otherwise be inaccessible, through Voicechat, LOOC or other external communication methods.

Rule 7: No Ban Evading / Multi-Keying

Logging in with different accounts at different times, logging in with another account because you died (or were banned), or logging into two separate accounts at the same time. If you have multiple accounts tied to CM-SS13, please ahelp regarding them. Players caught breaking this rule may receive permabans from the server.

Can I use a VPN?

Yes, the use of VPNs is not forbidden, however you may become captured in other people’s bans.

Can other people play at my house?

Yes, but please ahelp beforehand so staff are aware and can make a note of it. Your account is held responsible if someone other than you physically plays on your account and violates any of our rules. “My little brother did it, or my friend did it.” are not valid excuses or justification.

Can I change my ckey?

You can create a new account at your discretion, but you will need to ahelp ingame with both accounts to transfer your notes and bans. Failure to do this you may result in a ban. Changing your ckey will mean you will not be allowed to use your previous account. Doing so may result in a ban.

Rule 8: Use your Slot

You are expected to use your slot, and act appropriately as your role. Every role has a function, and the player taking the role is expected to fulfill it. If you have work to do that your job is expected to do, ignoring it to engage in other tasks violates this rule. Furthermore, wasting your slot - such as by suicide or logging out inappropriately - is punishable as you are removing a slot another player could be playing as correctly.

Ghosting and Logging Out

If you are a marine and need to leave the game, go to Cryo on the ship and put yourself in a cryotube. This will release your job slot and allow another player to join with your job. If you are unable to get to cryo, send an Adminhelp to staff. If you are the Queen, Adminhelp to let staff know. If you leave without cryo-ing yourself or informing staff, you risk a job ban, especially if your job is an important one.

Some roles carry the risk of punishment for logging out or ghosting without notice. This is particularly strict at the start of the round (roughly the first 20 minutes)

High Risk Roles

These are some example roles that are likely to be punished for logging out/ghosting without notice.

  • Executive Officer
  • Squad Specialist
  • Queen

Medium Risk Roles

These are some example roles that might be punished for logging out/ghosting without notice.

  • Requisitions Officer
  • Cargo Technician
  • Doctor
  • Xeno

Low Risk Roles

These are some example roles that are unlikely to be punished for logging out/ghosting without notice.

  • Squad Marine
  • Maintenance Technician

Rule 9: Character names

Use a reasonable, unique, lore-friendly character name that has a first name and surname. Short reasonable nicknames are allowed inside the name (e.g. Derek ‘Double-D’ Donahue, Jane ‘Crusher’ Sanchez). Other character names should not be used, this includes ckeys. Nicknames should not be considered a meme. Nicknames should also not be slurs, 18+ content, etc… You may be a sibling or cousin of another player’s character, however you cannot play another player’s character unless it’s part of a staff event. References can be made to characters in the Official CM-SS13 lore. Xenomorph prefixs should not be 18+ or slurs as well. Staff retain rights to make the final judgement if a name or Xenomorph prefix is acceptable or unacceptable.

  • Ranked, titled, honorific, offensive, famous and pop-culture names are not allowed
  • Roman numerals may be used, but should not be excessive.
  • Nicknames should not be written in all Caps Lock
  • Nicknames should at the maximum contain two words.

Acceptable names

  • Arthur Walker
  • Jeremy Bennett
  • Becky Jones

Unacceptable names

  • Adolf Hitler
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Donald Trump
  • Johnny ‘Nazi’ Johnson
  • Mike Rotch
  • David Weyland
  • Ellen Ripley
  • DIK
  • XIG
  • Names that are sexual puns/references of banned words/topics.


A name comprised of extremely common names (I.E John Williams) can be excused for being shared with someone otherwise forbidden, provided the player is not attempting to play as the linked person.

Artificial Womb Soldiers

Some soldiers in the USCM have been born as part of the Artificial Womb Soldier Program. This means that they do not have any biological parents who have passed along their last name to them. Instead these soldiers have been assigned a regular first name, the A.W. initials as a middle name and a weapon as their surname.

From a rules perspective there is the following limitation: As an A.W. Soldier you MUST have a weapon as your last name, and this weapon needs to have been used/developed before or during the Vietnam war. (1975 or earlier)

Acceptable names:

  • Samuel A.W. Vulcan
  • James A.W. Sword

Unacceptable names:

  • Jimmy A.W. Smith
  • Bob A.W. Scar

Xeno names

Xeno names cannot be 18+ related, slurs, or abbreviations of other banned words.

Rule 10: Lethal Force

Do not attack another player without a legitimate, explainable roleplay reason that could be applied in a similar, real-life scenario. A fist fight does not suddenly escalate into a gun fight. Should one defend themselves from grief or improper escalation, the staff handling the matter decides if a punishment is given out and to who. Staff may also decide to leave things in character. Even if you are justified, you are still susceptible to Marine Law.


  • Fists/General melee
  • Knives/Dangerous melee
  • Lethal Weapons/Chemicals used as weapons
    • For example: Inaprovaline Overdoses, Chloral Hydrate, Tramadol/Oxycodone Overdoses
  • If at any point combat is disengaged and both parties leave the area, you cannot skip escalation and plunge back into a fight. What’s done is done.

Exceptional Circumstances

Some Exceptional Circumstances exist that give cause to bypass typical escalation. These include, but are not limited to the following situations:

  • There is one evac pod left and four people are trying to board it. The Hive is closing in on you, in desperation you kill the marine in front of you to take their place.
  • You are on the frontlines, another marine is enraged at you because you took one of his ammo magazines. You’re engaged in a furious battle with the approaching hive and the fellow marine is attempting to disarm and tackle you to the ground. With no barricades around you, and no safe area to take cover within, you shoot the marine.

Injury & Risk to Life

In cases where there is a serious threat to life, such as being punched to the borders of crit, escalation in the linear sense does not apply. The most important part of escalation is appropriate force, this means that you use an appropriate amount of force to the situation. For example:

  • Being punched twice on full health is not a serious threat to your life. It would not warrant you throwing hell to the wind and blasting away your comrades.
  • Being punched twice after already being critically injured can be seen as a risk to your life, and you can take appropriate action. This is subject to circumstances however and not a greenlight for any situation.


Escalation still applies when attempting to remove a marine from the brig after being imprisoned by the Military Police.

For example:

  • You cannot use C4 or lethal explosives in order to break into the brig and release a marine.
  • You can properly escalate fights with MP as outlined previously, however, this will still result in IC sanctions.
    • MP tools are not considered lethal weaponry. Unless an MP is shooting you, or using a baton on harm intent, you can’t respond lethally.

Battlefield Executions

  • Whitelisted Commanding Officers are allowed to instantly kill any player at any time if the player fulfills the conditions found in Marine Law. Excessive or poorly-reasoned battlefield executions (such as BEing MPs over a valid arrest) may end with the Commanding Officers being removed from the whitelist.

Hostile Factions

If you are a member of a faction that is hostile to the USMC, you are not held by Lethal Force rules.

This includes:

However, hostile factions are expected to be consistently hostile to USCM forces, if they are to be hostile at all. You cannot pretend to be friendly - either in behavior, or in dressing in their uniform - and then backstab.

Rule 11: Marine Law, Mutinies

Malicious Compliance

  • Malicious Compliance with IC Military Law to impose excessive punishments, make an arrest on a technicality of someone non-disruptive and acting in good faith, or causing intentional delays in processing, release or appeals will fall under rule 3, Community Expectations and are actionable.
  • Malicious Compliance does not apply in any case where IC or OOC provocation is present. (For example, following and taunting/threatening a player, engaging in mundane, but disruptive actions and continuing when asked or told to stop, etc)
  • Malicious Compliance is determined by Staff and reviewed by Management/Head Staff where necessary.

Mandatory Obedience

The following roles are required to follow Marine Law by the server rules. Breaking Marine Law may result in jobbans or further consequences.

  • All Military Police roles
  • Senior Enlisted Advisor
  • USCM Synthetics


  • Military Police may ignore Minor Crimes unless ordered to enforce them, but they may not ignore Major or Capital Crimes.
  • Survivor Synthetics are not forced to follow Marine Law, dependent on their chosen alignment (Colony/Survivors/USCM/WY etc.)
  • Marine Law can be broken when necessary to preserve the lives and safety of others.


Mutinies must be Adminhelped by a chosen leader stating the reasoning and the players directly involved. There must be at least 5 members. with MPs not eligible to mutiny.

  • If the mutiny does not have a valid reason, it can’t happen.
    • Staff reserve the right to grant or deny mutinies, and to decide if the reason given is sufficient.
  • Mutiny cannot occur during hijack, and any ongoing mutiny must be ended upon hijack.
  • Only the Acting Commander can be mutinied against for their decisions, actions, or inactions. They must be given a chance to stand down peacefully.
  • During the mutiny, attacking any uninvolved, medical, or surrendered personnel is strictly forbidden, as is perma-killing anyone involved. If you have surrendered during a mutiny, you must remain as such.
    • Once you have picked a side, it is permanent. No take-backs unless you surrender.
  • Once concluded, all sides must be given medical treatment. Only a Major or higher is able to deny treatment or battlefield execute specific mutineers.
  • Mutinies must have 5 members minimum.
    • Roles bound to follow Marine Law through Mandatory Obedience are unable to mutiny.
      • The USCM Synthetic is not required to aid Command in a Mutiny situation if this would put themselves at high risk, however their choice to help or not is binding, and they are unable to change their mind afterwards.

Valid Roleplay Reasons

  • Commander is thoroughly incompetent, an ineffective leader and the next person in line would be a better leader.
  • Commander is generally noncommunicative and make no effort to lead.
  • Commander is refusing evacuation, either of the AO or ship during hijack

Invalid Roleplay Reasons

  • Xenos achieved an early or relatively easy victory, outside the control of command.
  • MPs have arrested your specialist.

Evacuation Mutinies

  • This applies to both the field and the ship during hijack.
  • This is the only permitted mutiny during hijack.
  • AO evacuation refusal requires 5 people to mutiny as there may be reasons beyond the knowledge of one person.
  • Ship evacuation refusal may be mutinied by a single person.
    • MPs are not required to help the Commander in this mutiny, and may join/aide/start the mutiny themselves.
    • Ship evacuation mutinies do not REQUIRE ahelps, however it is recommended to ahelp before or after to make intentions known to staff.
  • Ship evacuation refusal mutinies must provide at least one chance for the Commander to authorise evacuation, and must use minimum force to succeed.
    • No terminating the entire CIC because the Commander doesn’t want to evacuate.