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Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Depends
Rank: Depends on role
Duties: Answer the distress call and help the marines or work against them.
Guides: This one
Unlock Requirements: Ship distress signal; ghosts only.
Detailed Description:

This is USS Almayer, calling anyone... Mayday, Mayday...We are under attack... They are everywhere, we are losing our crew fast! Mayday...Please help...This is USS Almayer...

USS Almayer? Come in, USS Almayer! Can you hear me? Come in, USS Almayer! ... Hang in there, Almayer! Help is on the way!

The frontiers of space can be a dangerous place: pirates, raiders and rebels frequently attack colonies and lone ships wandering in space. The military sometimes can't reach those places (or sometimes, those people want to be VERY far away from the military), for solving those problems, many mercenary groups have formed to defend those people... or at least fight for the ones that need a gun for hire.


If the marines are outgunned by the aliens or any other potential threat, the Commanding Officer can send a distress call to anybody in the nearby space vicinity, if heard by a nearby ship a Response Team (Or either a Pod full of Aliens or an empty shuttle with limited supplies) will be signaled as hearing the signal for help, from this a Response Team will dock with the Almayer. The game randomly dictates which of the Response Teams will be chosen for deployment, however these Response Teams can also be chosen by an admin to either help get the round moving or to deal with an in game event (Such as the Corporate Liaison requesting help).

To join a Response Team you need to set your "Toggle Special Role Candidacy" for Response Team to enabled and then when a Response Team message pops up go to the Ghost tab and click on "Join Response Team".

Friendly/Neutral Space Factions

Mercenary group Description
Merc Leader.png
Freelancer Mercenaries
They're a collection of ex-Colonists in the Nyroid Rift sector, who have banded together to form a mercenary group, and as such have been the lawmen-for-hire in the sector from 2181 to 2189. The Freelancer Mercenaries are mostly good willed, but they are almost entirely motivated by money rather than ethics. The least hated faction in the sector, though ironically they can be either hostile or friendly towards everyone.

The Mercenaries will assist on the defence of the USS Almayer, for as long as their conditions or promises are met upon taking up the contract.

Warning: There is a chance for the Freelancers to be HOSTILE when they are spawned.

Weyland Yutani's PMCs
The largest PMC force in the sector, the Weyland-Yutani's military consultants is a subsidiary of the Weyland Yutani. They were originally an independent PMC on Earth, but they were bought out by Weyland Yutani and started to provide security to the outer rims of space, which became a rapidly growing sector at the time. Now, the PMC provides services of all kinds to governments and companies, they also provide security to corporate facilities, space stations and colonies. PMCs are the most similar to the USCM in playstyle, but they wield weapons far more powerful than the USCM on average.

The PMC teams will report directly to the Corporate Liaison. If they are killed, they will report to whoever is in command. Their primary mission is the survival of the Corporate Liaison, and once that is ensured, to take suggestions from the commanding officer on how best to help.

Contract leader.png
Military Contractors
One of the largest Private Military Companies operating out of the UA, Vanguard's Arrow Incorporated is an independent company, furfilling high-profile contracts for the highest bidder, which is often the USCM, other armed forces of UA member states, or companies that cannot afford their own PMC force. They are at odds with Weyland-Yutani and their PMC teams, being actively payed to engage in hostile actions against them. Contractors are, like their WY counterparts, also most similar to the USCM in playstyle, but they use standard USCM weapons and ballistic vests instead of the advanced weapons and armor that WY PMCs are equipped with.

Military Contractor teams report to their team leader first and foremost, but in absence of orders from VAI Command, they are to report directly to USCM Command. If the team is unable to find a ranking officer, they are to operate autonomously in tandem with any USCM forces found. Their primary mission is the assistance of the USCM force, and to steal any and all WY research, technology, or secrets found on-site without arising any suspicions from USCM forces.

Pizza Delivery Company
To boldly deliver pizza where no deliveryman has gone before.

One highly trained deliveryman will be deployed with an assortment of refreshing beverages and a choice of pizza to restore the morale of the Marines on the Almayer.

Very rare spawn.

Hostile Space Factions

Mercenary group Description
UPP Leader.png
The Union of Progressive Peoples
The Union of Progressive Peoples (U.P.P) is a powerful socialist block that rivals the United Americas in many respects. Being highly territorial and relatively secretive, the UPP maintains very little communication with those outside their borders. Their inner workings are largely a mystery.

Since their territorial area is highly strict, their goal is to assault the recent USCM force (The Falling Falcons) and eliminate anyone onboard the USS Almayer, to preserve Tychons Rift's fragile UPP presence.

CLF Leader.png
The Colonial Liberation Front
The Colonial Liberation Front are an organized group of colonists who believe the Neroid sector is not part of the United Americas. They have grown used to their independence which they have "achieved" over the years; subsequently, they consider the withdrawal of the Dust Raiders, and the diminished presence of the Colonial Marshals, to be proof of their independence.

The CLF's goal is to repel the USCM Falling Falcons Company and the USS Almayer from Neroid Sector at all costs using lethal force.


The Deathsquad, also know as the Commando's, is a special event, they are not available through regular gameplay and can only be only activated by admins. When active, they will all spawn from ghosts and will have one mission: kill everybody aboard the Almayer, Alien or Marine. For this, they will have a special equipment to kill and protect from damage more efficiently.

Deathsquad Description
Corporate Commandos
A top-secret, black-ops group formed by Weyland Yutani's High Command to deal with any kind of business with the Aliens, such as capturing or containing infections. Weyland Yutani Commandos are reprogrammed and reengineered generation 1 synthetics made solely for combat. They are utterly loyal to the corporation. They are not affiliated with the PMC's. Their job is to clean up situations that are out of hand by killing everything they see (this MAY include the Liaison depending on his actions). Usually, when sent, they'll be informed that there is a Liaison onboard and he is not to be harmed if he has been loyal to Weyland Yutani.

They possess the most deadly equipment available, using the prototype X-13 "Ape suit", a special armour tailored to stop the effects from the alien's acid blood, and a thick Kevlar cover to protect from bullets, as well as being issued with a more powerful M41A/2 Battle Rifle and the Mateba Autorevolver. They are a force not to be messed with.

UPP Commando Leader.png
Union of Progressive Peoples Commandos
Little is known of the UPP, even less about the UPP Commando forces. It is a highly organized and covert ops army division issued by UPP High Command. Not much known about them, they're highly trained and well equipped to the best equipment they can take. This group has their own special missions issued by UPP High Command, as well as killing everyone who are not soldiers, glorified to the UPP.

Like the Corporate Commandos, these commandos are armed and are a force to be reckoned with. They're armed with the heaviest armor available to their hands as well as their specially modified Type 71 carbines to eliminate any witnesses easily and silently. Take caution when fighting them head-first, it's a suicide mission.


Part of the special operations arm of the USCM and UAAC. Comprised of the best of the best the USCM and UA can offer. With highly engineered equipment that even rivals and potentially outmatches the fearsome UPP and Corporate Commandos.


These ERTs may be used as staff as a reaction to player activity, particularly on board the main ship itself. Each may be used to address specific, IC issues on the ship. All of these ERTs are held to the highest standard when interacting with other players and are expected not to be a direct, hostile threat - which does not mean that they are always guaranteed not to be antagonistic in nature.

Inspection ERT Description
USCM High Command Inspector A Staff Officer and a Squad Engineer to act a consultant and help as needed, this ERT is part of a planned or unplanned general inspection sent by the USCM itself.

This Inspection most likely to be sympathetic towards the crew of the USS Almayer and also probably the least severe of the group - as long as the ship is in proper working order and everyone on board knows what they're doing, a passing grade is near guaranteed! It is always a good idea to try and impress a USCM inspector - who knows who may be watching, listening or both and what rewards or punishments may be dolled out based on what the Inspector finds.

Provost Inspector An Inspector of the USCM Provost's Office along with a Provost Enforcer, sent directly to the Brig to investigate the MP department, their sentencing and any other ML Enforcement issues that may have arisen during the round.

The Inspector has final say over any ML issues that may arise and as such is held to the highest standard per their own knowledge of Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedure. While the USCM Provost's Office is formally part of the Marines and is compelled to act in their best interest, immidiate justice may not always seem like it serves the needs of the Operation at hand - something worth remembering while dealing with officials of the Provost.

UAAC-TIS Intelligence Officer An Intelligence Officer (or in rarer cases a Secret Agent) of the UAAC-TIS - a Naval Intelligence agency working directly under United Americas Allied Command - sent on board the USS Almayer either to retrieve or deliver critical intelligence by orders of their Handler or to investigate cases of abuse of Marine Law, especially if the people involved are commissioned or otherwise high ranking officers of the USCM.

Unlike the USCM Provost's Office, UAAC-TIS Agents are not compelled to work in the USCM's best interest and care is required when dealing with them. In theory they have the right to temporarily request any United Americas assets to aid in their mission of recovering and distributing intelligence and have the right of making Law related calls like a Provost Inspector or Marshall does, but in practice they may have ulterior motives and pose an indirect threat to the Operation.

Corporate Inspector Comprised of a Investigator and Detainer. sent in from the USS Royce should Weyland-Yutani suspect that their on-board Liaison or other employees need a reminder on where their loyalties lie.

This ERT's primary objective is to make sure that everyone working for the Company remembers where their loyalties lie and should there be any issues with executing the will of their superiors make sure that those issues are resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Depending on what they find, extra help may be sent to the on-board Liaison... Or the Liaison may disappear form the ship, never to be heard from again.

Special Factions

These factions will only appear during pre-determined events or admin events only. For the case of the Iron Bears, they're removed.

Mercenary group Description
Riot Military Police ERT
A squadron of Military Police sent into quell marines that have gotten out of control, or to extract important prisoners of note. Packing full riot gear, with tactical shotguns and teargas grenades, they will restore order and bring lawbreakers to justice.
HEFA Knights.png
HEFA Knights ERT
The Holy Order of the HEFA Knights stand proudly as the true crusaders of shrapnel explosives. Armed with explosive resistant armour and M40 High Explosive Fragmentation grenades, these true heroes of the galaxy shall show the unbelievers the true power of HEFA.
Combatants armed with a shield and a sword as well as the skills to use it. They will fight to the death to entertain and achieve any task given to them with the utmost dedication and ferocity. Irrespective of their origin, gladiators offered spectators an example of Ancient Earth's Roman martial ethics and, in fighting or dying well, they could inspire admiration and popular acclaim.
Dutch's Mercenary Team
The Dutch's Mercenary Team are a small, yet powerful group of mercenaries specialized in jungle warfare, serving the US government. Its members are trained to fight with low tech weapons and equipment, learning special survival techniques and how to conduct guerrilla warfare. They employ very older or outdated weapons such as the M16A2 and the M60, however, they are extremely well trained to use these weapons, often better than any marine with a M41A.

The team became specialized in fighting a mysterious alien predator, expect them on the battlefield helping the Colonial Marines fight them.

Marine Reinforcements
As time passes by in Whiskey Outpost, Marine Reinforcements from the "Dust Raiders" battalion will arrive. They consist of a normal marine squad without any specialties from any of the different ERTs mentioned. Both the reinforcements and the Dust Raider garrison share the same objective, to hold out Whiskey Outpost so that the Dust Raider garrison will station at LV-624 and alien forces in LV-624 will be repelled.

Not available in normal rounds.

The Iron Bears
The Iron Bears are a special forces group from the USSR. While the USSR and the US/UA are at peace and officially co-operating, the USSR still wants USCM technology. On average Iron Bear weapons are typically slightly less effective than their USCM counterpart, but this is compensated by their weapons usually having a very large ammo supply.

The Iron Bears will defend themselves from Alien harm, but will attempt to seize the ship as soon as they can, with the focus (and their goal) of reaching the Combat Information Center to trigger the lockdown and contacting USSR for reinforcements.

Game Hunter.png
Professor Von Bandolier
Professor Von Bandolier is the most esteemed game hunter who has now ventured beyond the stars looking for the largest and or most lethal creatures to shoot, behead and put on the walls of his luxury cabin.

Unfortunately for the rest of the galaxy and whoever has the misfortune of encountering Professor Von Bandolier (sometimes nicknamed Vondolier), if he deems whoever worthy to be shot at by his terrifying two-bore rifle they're not gonna survive.