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= HEFA Knights Roles=
= HEFA Knights Roles=
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HEFA Knights.png
Holy Order of the HEFA Knights
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: GrandMaster Of the HEFA Order
Rank: Not defined
Duties: Deliver explosive shrapnel justice to the infidels and unbelievers.
Guides: This one
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
Follow the decree of HEFA.
Create General mayhem with all of your HEFA tools at your disposal.

The Order of HEFA has tasked you with a mission to deliver the good word of HEFA nades and to spread shrapnel to those who do not believe in it. Whatever the order asks of you, as a HEFA Knight you will do so with as much shrapnel and friendly fire as possible.


Not much is truly known about the Order of HEFA aside from it's fanaticism to HEFA grenades, as it's sects are rare and well hidden. Some even say some of the marines may even be secret followers of this strange religion. Many of them are also clearly insane with delusions about how much Shrapnel can do, with those truly devoted calling themselves Shrapnelsworn. All of them armed with as many M40 HEFA Grenade as they can possibly carry (Including being able to use all pieces of their armor as a HEFA grenade), and unique swords that can be activated by pressing on them with a a free hand to cause a HEFA explosion when you hit something with it.

Their leader, the Grandmaster, comes with their own M92 Grenade Launcher, such that they made deliver the divine justice of HEFA shrapnel from a distance, such that none may believe they are truly spared from the rain of metal that HEFA graces all with.

Standing Orders

The Shrapnelsworn are generally given orders to which they must carry out. However in most cases it is to bring general mayhem and destruction through the HEFA that you use. Make sure you ask the Grandmaster Of the Order, what exactly it is you must accomplish. The "HEFA" order is feared throughout the galaxy due to their HEFA usage as a primary weapon. They are fearlesss are merciless when it comes to achieving an objective, even if it means giving their own lives for the HEFA cause.

HEFA Knights Roles

Role Description
HEFA Knight Melee.png
Brother's armed specially with the power of HEFA to which they will use to punish all heretics with. They carry as much HEFA as they can via their pockets, and bags. They also come armed with a HEFA sword that works like a Lunge mine, but with a HEFA explosion. To activate the sword, hold the sword in one hand and press on it with your empty hand. This will make it so your next hit with the sword will cause a HEFA explosion on contact with your next hit.
HEFA Knights.png
A Brother who has been Chosen by the Order for their devotion and skill with HEFA to use an M92 Grenade Launcher, and lead their fellow brethern into glorious combat with those who dare challenge HEFA's greatness in combat. Alongside the GL, they come armed with the same equipment that other HEFA knights Carry.