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  |'''[[Marine_Equipment#Muzzle_Attachments | Muzzle Attachments]]'''
  |'''[[Marine_Equipment#Muzzle_Attachments | Muzzle Attachments]]'''
  |[[File:Barrel_charger.png|64px]][[Marine_Equipment#Barrel Charger|Barrel Charger]]
  |[[File:Barrel_charger.png|64px]][[Marine_Equipment#Barrel Charger|Barrel Charger]]
|'''[[Marine_Equipment#Rail_Attachments | Rail Attachments]]'''
|[[File:Magnetic harness.png]][[#Magnetic Harness|Magnetic Harness]] (Default - Built into gun. Cannot be removed)
[[File:mountedflash.png]][[#Rail Flashlight|Rail Flashlight]]
[[File:mountedflash.png]][[#Rail Flashlight|Rail Flashlight]]

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Smartgunner Smartgunner icon.png
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Squad Leader
Rank: Not defined
Duties: Stay behind marines, fire past friendlies and into the enemy.
Guides: Bullet Paths and Friendly Fire
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
Your job is to provide heavy weapons support.

"LET'S ROCK!" ―Pvt. Vasquez, Aliens

While most of the Marines can put their Pulse Rifles on burst and keep shooting, that may not be enough. You are the Squad Smartgunner, filling the futuristic role of the automatic rifleman, using your heavy machinegun to provide suppression, overwatch, fire support and turn your enemies into swiss cheese.

Squad Smartgunner

Like the Squad Specialist, you'll have access to a heavy weapon -- in your case, it's the M56 Smart Gun. Squad Smartgunners are expected to not only employ their special gear but also their greater understanding of tactics. Squad Smartgunners hold the rank of Corporal, putting them a cut above the typical Squad Marine and other of his support members. Like all marines, the Smartgunner's weapon is treated as an extension of themselves, and as such, Smartgunners know their firearm, inside and out.

Surplus Vendor.png Automated Closet Surplus Vendor.png

Equipment: Description:
USCM Marine Uniform
A standard-issue Marine uniform, only worn by USCM combat personnel. There are also variants of this uniform issued to other Marine personnel.
USCM Combat Boots
Standard issue combat boots used by the USCM for combat situations.
M10 pattern marine helmet.png
M10 Pattern Marine Helmet
Standard Issue Helmet used by USCM. Provides modest protection from bullet and melee attacks at the head. The M10 Helmet has also two internal slots for storing pocket-sized items. It also has an inbuilt camera allowing for command staff to observe the squad's actions from aboard the Almayer.

Addendum: "Donator" Helmets, while looking unique are essentially a custom M10 Helmet.

Squad Gloves.gif
USCM Combat Gloves
Standard issue marine tactical gloves.
USCM Headset
Standard issue USCM headset which has an inbuilt HUD for the user that displays marine roles.
Standard issue USCM brand Meal Ready-to-Eat, property of the US Colonial Marines. Meant to be consumed in the field, and has an expiration that is at least two decades past your combat life expectancy.
Belt: Description:
M802 Pattern Smartgunner rig.png
M802 Pattern Smartgunner Rig
The M802 is the standard load-bearing equipment of the USCM. It consists of a modular belt with various clips. This version is designed to carry smartgun ammunition, as well as a sidearm.

Contains 2 smartgun drums, 1 M4A3 Pistol and 1 M4A3 Hollow Point magazine.

Pouch: Description:
Magazine Pouch
Uncommon issue pouch that can hold two magazines and/or handfuls of shotgun shells. Contains 2 slots.
Medium General Pouch
A general purpose pouch used to carry more small items and also magazines. Contains 2 slots.
Flare Pouch
Can hold 8 flares (including activated flare). Refillable with a M94 Flare Pack.
First-Aid Pouch
Standard issue field aid for all soldiers. Comes pre-loaded with basic medical supplies. Expended autoinjectors can be restocked at a NanoMed NanoMed.png on the Almayer and Dropships.



Tramadol Injector.png

Pain-stop autoinjector


First-aid autoinjector



Large Pistol Magazine Pouch
Holds 6 pistol magazines.
Sidearm Pouch
A holster to carry pistols, typically a standard issue M4A3 handgun, or 88M4 Pistol.
Accessories: Description:
Shoulder Holster.png

Shoulder Holster

A traditional shoulder holster that can be attached to all uniforms. Can holster any handgun and completes the look of any hard-boiled detective.
Sturdy mess of synthcotton belts and buckles, ready to share your burden. Holds 3 small sized items or magazines.
Brown webbing vest.png
Brown Webbing Vest
Worn brownish synthcotton vest with lots of small pockets to unburden your hands. Holds 5 small sized items.
Black webbing vest.png
Black Webbing Vest
Robust black synthcotton vest with lots of pockets to hold whatever you need, but cannot hold in hands. Holds 5 small sized items.
Mask: Description:
Gas mask.png
Gas Mask
A face-covering mask that can be connected to an air supply. It is currently purely cosmetic.

SmartGun.png Automated Equipment RackUSCM SG.png

Each Equipment Rack starts with 45 points for you to spend on additional items for your deployment. These are all listed below.
Equipment: Description:
M56 Smartgun
The most complicated weapon available to a marine. It has an impressive 500 round ammo pool to draw from the 500 round drum magazine. It also has an optical infrared sensor allowing great visibility in low-light conditions, deals a good amount of damage per bullet with an extremely high rate of fire with burst fire capabilities. The coup de grace being that due to the gun's toggle-able complex targeting algorithms each bullet will not hit any fellow marine due to the enabled IFF tracking. This allows a Smartgun operator to fire freely through a group of marines without fear of hitting them. The Smartgun requires a special harness to lift.

Very few marines have training in the M56 Smartgun system. Among them are You, the Squad Specialists, the Commanding Officer, and the Corporate Smartgunners.

M56 Power Pack
Contains ten thousand (10000) units of power. It's required for the use of the smartgun's abilities as well as firing the smartgun itself.
Smartgun Drum.png

Smartgun Drum

Carries five hundred (500) Smartgun rounds that passes through friendlies by an IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) system.This one is a drum magazine that can be reloaded similar to standard issue firearms. Click on the smartgun with the Drum magazine. Once loaded in you'll be able to fire five hundred rounds (500) without stopping.
Muzzle Attachments Barrel charger.pngBarrel Charger
Rail Attachments Magnetic harness.pngMagnetic Harness (Default - Built into gun. Cannot be removed)

Mountedflash.pngRail Flashlight

Underbarrel Attachments Burstfire.pngBurst Fire Adapter
Stock Attachments None
M56 Head Mounted Sight
A headset and goggles system for the M56 Smartgun. Has a low-res short range imager, allowing for view of terrain. Note that you have to wear the powerpack first then you can equip the head mounted sight in your eye slot.
M56 Combat Harness.png
M56 Combat Harness
A M56 Combat Harness is especially made for Smartgunners, and is required for use of the M56 Smartgun system.

This armor is worn by Squad Smartgunners.

M56 Power Pack
Contains ten thousand (10000) units of power. It's required for the use of the smartgun's abilities as well as firing the smartgun itself.
Magazine: Description:
Smartgun Drum.png
Smartgun drum
Costs:15 points
Carries five hundred (500) Smartgun rounds that passes through friendlies by an IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) system.This one is a drum magazine that can be reloaded similar to standard issue firearms. First you must toggle the reload mode in the Smartgun tab and click on the smartgun with the Drum magazine. You must have an empty belt slot in order to use the drum magazine. Once done, you'll be able to fire five hundred rounds (500) without stopping.
Attachment: Benefits: Drawbacks:
Barrel charger.png
Barrel Charger
Costs: 45 Points
  • Greatly increases damage
  • Greatly decreases accuracy
One Handed:
  • Majorly decreases accuracy
  • Greatly decreases firing speed
Burst Fire Adapter
Costs: 15 Points
  • Enables burst-fire on a weapon or enhances burst-fire capability
  • Increases burst-fire shots by 2 (from 3 or 4)

  • Slightly decreases accuracy
One Handed:
  • Moderately decreases accuracy
Attachment: Benefits: Drawbacks:
Reflex Sight
  • Slightly increases accuracy
  • Moderately decreases bullet spread
One Handed:
  • Slightly increases accuracy
  • Moderately increases the accuracy penalty when moving
Red Dot Sight
  • Greatly increases accuracy
One Handed:
  • Slightly increases accuracy
One Handed:
  • Slight decrease in accuracy for moving.
Quickfire Adapater
  • Moderately increases firing speed
  • Moderately decreases accuracy
  • Decreases burst-fire shots by 1 (from 3 or 4)
  • Moderately increases spread
Equipment: Description:
High Cap Power Cell
Used for powering various devices that require power. 10,000W. Can be used to refill power to the power pack by holding the power cell in one hand and pressing on the power pack.

Using your Smartgun

To be able to use your smartgun, you must equip all the necessary components in the kit.

  • Your armor allows you to equip your smartgun.
  • The powerpack contains all of your power, wear it on the backpack slot.
  • The M56 eye piece allows for low level night vision, allowing you to see into the dark.
  • Your smartgun requires Smartgun Drums in order to fire.

The powerpack contains the power for the smartgun. The gun needs power in order to function and for you to be able to fire it. The smartgun has in-built abilities that enhance the smartgun's overall performance. Each ability listed below shows exactly what they do, but each one requires power to be able to function properly. Each ability that is toggled on, stacks in power consumption. The powerpack only uses power when the smartgun has fired. In the case of the motion tracker and auto fire ability, power is used when it is activated. Your ammunition comes from your Smartgun Drums.

Smartgun Modes: Description:
Accuracy Improvement Modifies the smartgun to fire more accurately at targets.

Power usage: Low

Ammo Type Swaps the ammunition type the gun will be firing. It swaps from standard high precision munitions to armor shredding munitions.

Power usage: Low

Auto Fire Enables the ability to occasionally fire at hostile targets automatically without you directly clicking on them. You must be facing the enemy to be able for it to work.

Power usage: High

Lethal Mode Toggles the ability for the smartgun's bullets to hit friendlies or not.

Power usage: None

Motion Detector Toggles the inbuilt motion detector that scans the area for hostiles.

Power usage: Low

Recoil Compensation Modifies the smartgun to adjust for recoil, allowing it to nullify the screen shake when firing.

Power usage: Low


As a verified badass in the USCM, you'll want to employ tactics in combat which may end up saving your life, or the life of others. The tactics you use as a smartgunner boil down to use the Smartgun's IFF tracking to your advantage. What is meant by this is that you shouldn't enter any room as the point man, You should always be behind the point man, and potentially riflemen as you can fire past them and into the enemy if they try and attack. Your rank as the Smartgunner is Corporal [Cpl] this means that you can order the standards and lance corporals around and pull rank in certain situations, keep in mind that your orders can be overturned by the Specialist/Squad Leader.

Being a Smartgunner is a crucial support role due to how you fundamentally can't friendly fire meaning that if your squadmate gets pounced or tackled two marines in front of you, you can still fire directly at the aliens attacking. This is mostly how smartgunner should be played, and you're a support role, not a point man. Your sole purpose is to fire past friendlies and into the enemy.

Your Skillset

Smartgunner skill set.png

To find out about how the skill system works head over to the skills system page.