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= The Tank Operators =
= The Tank Operators =
There can only be two Tank Crewmen on the Almayer. This is useful, because the tank requires a driver, and a gunner; one person cannot operate both at the same time. Each Tank Crewmember is able to fulfill either role, and switch out at either time with their fellow tanker.
There can only be two Tank Crewmen on the Almayer. This is useful, because the tank requires a driver, and a gunner; one person cannot operate both at the same time. Each Tank Crewmember is able to fulfill either role, and switch out at either time with their fellow tanker. If a tank crew is SSD inside the tank, you can use <span style="background-color: Tomato;">'''Harm'''</span> intent and click the tank entrance to pull them out.
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Tank Crewman
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Command staff
Rank: Not defined
Duties: Operate the M34A2 Longstreet Light Tank and provide the deployed troops with armor support during the operation.
Guides: No external guides
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
Not defined

"The Ridge' is a scary tank. Its got stealth, mobility, firepower and point defenses better'n anything we had on the M22. What's so neat is the way the automatics handle the workload - you'd think you need at least three crew to run all this crap, but in fact you can do it with the same two girls you had in the Jackson. The only problem we had in our battalion was running the panzers in after they were delivered, factory fresh - you need to fire the guns a lot and run all the equipment a number of times before the sensors and weapons settle down and fully integrate." - Capt. Andrea Mae Samona, 2nd Colonial Marine Tank Battalion, Colonial Marines Tech Manual


After you somehow passed the tank operator test you're now finally going to get to use the tank during a military operation, though you'll have to wait first as the tank has been left unmaintained in the vehicle bay throughout the Almayers voyage. Make sure to radio in to the resident grease monkeys over in engineering and tell them that you need the tank repaired and retrofitted.

Note: You the tanker, Maintenance Technicians, the Chief Engineer, and the synthetic are the only personnel currently capable of performing repairs and replacing parts of the tank.

Problem: Repairing and Replacing:
Broken M34A2 Longstreet light tank
Broken M34A2 Longstreet light tank
The broken tank. It's useless without any proper armament, although it can just barely move with broken or no treads. It'll take a lot of work just to fix it, and you'll need spare parts and properly trained people to do so. The replacement parts are costly, you better make sure they don't go to waste!
Primary Armament Slot Use a Crowbar to uninstall it and a Welder to fix the slot.
Secondary Armanet Slot Use a Crowbar to uninstall it and a Wrench to fix the slot.
Support Slot Use a Crowbar to uninstall it and a Wrench to fix the slot.
Treads Use a Crowbar to uninstall it and install new treads to replace the old ones. Repair the treads slot with a Welder after the removal of the broken treads.
Armor Use a Crowbar to uninstall the armor if damaged beyond repair or if you want to install a different type. Use a welder to repair.

Ask the personnel who are repairing your tank to also attach the starting modules unless you are doing it yourself.

The Tank

Tank: Description:
M34A2 Longstreet light tank
M34A2 Longstreet light tank
A light but very modular tank, which may house an array of attachments, allowing it to be an effective, well-rounded armored vehicle. Only Tank Crewmen can operate the tank.
  • Once the tank has been fully repaired and retrofitted head to the highlighted green square at the back of the tank (as seen below) and click on the tank. Upon clicking the tank from that position a pop-up will appear in which you get to choose whether you want to enter into the drivers seat or the gunners seat. Make sure to discuss with your tanker companion which seat to take.

Tank GetIn.png

Repairing Modules

Due to your crafty ingenuity and taking a course at your engineering college where you've somehow learned to drive tanks, you're now able to repair your own modules on the go! Assuming it's not Fucked Up Beyond All Repair, you'll be able to repair all modules back to pristine condition! Simply take any damaged modules off of the tank, weld it and you've repaired the module by a certain percentage. Continue doing so until you've fixed it all.

Get your welding helmet at tanker's quarter (in hanger, south of dropship 2), remember to flip them down before you start to avoid eye damage when welding. Remember to turn off your welder before refilling or the fuel tank will blow up.

The Tank Operators

There can only be two Tank Crewmen on the Almayer. This is useful, because the tank requires a driver, and a gunner; one person cannot operate both at the same time. Each Tank Crewmember is able to fulfill either role, and switch out at either time with their fellow tanker. If a tank crew is SSD inside the tank, you can use Harm intent and click the tank entrance to pull them out.

Role: Description:
The Driver Drives the tank. You are only able to move the tank backwards or forwards of where you are facing. You must rotate the tank clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to turn.
The Gunner Utilises the support, secondary and main armaments of the tank. Be wise though, the tank only fires in a 45 degree angle, which means the tank must always be turning.


Driving the Tank: Description:
Tank Movement.png The Green highlighted areas are places you can turn the tank to. You are able to do so by using either WASD or the arrow keys.
  • Rotate-Vehicle-Clockwise
  • Rotate-Vehicle-Counterclockwise
Forwards and Backwards.png The arrows show that the tank can only move forward/backwards when facing that direction.
Obstructed movement Areas highlighted in orange means that the tank is not able to move. The object must either be removed or destroyed in order for the tank to rotate. The Tank can destroy walls/resin structures (up to heavily reinforced walls) by continuously driving into them. Doing this damages the tanks modules so be careful not to over do it. The Minigun is also good for destroying walls/resin structures.
Obstructed movement The area highlighted in red means that the tank will not be able to pass and they will ram it, damaging all modules. They either need to destroy it or find a different path.


Using the armaments: Description:
Switching the tank's weapons In order to change the weapon you are currently using. You must click on the Object tab and click Change Active Weapon (you can bind a hotkey for it with Macros). A menu will open, allowing you to select from Primary, Secondary and Support if you have them installed on the tank.
Using the weapons To be able to fire any of the weapons, you simply click on a tile and the weapon will fire. IMPORTANT: Do note that some of the tank's armaments only has a 45 degrees firing arc, which means the tank must constantly rotate in order to fire elsewhere. Other types of armaments may have a greater firing arc.
Reloading In Vehicle tab, click Reload Tank Weapon (you can bind a hotkey for it with Macros).

Tank Modules Dropship part fabricator.png

The modules listed below are available for purchase from the Tank Equipment Fabricator or the Tank Equipment Vendor next to the Tank at round-start, note that the fabricator needs to be authorized points through the DEFCON system as it starts with none.

Main Armament Module: Description:
TankModule LTB-Cannon.png
LTB Cannon
The LTB Cannon is a formidable high explosive primary armament which can heavily damage a target upon direct hit. It has a medium-sized area of effect when fired, causing all within the explosion radius to take damage. The LTB Cannon can additionally have 3 magazines loaded for a total of 12 shots, reloading after every 4.



LTB Magazine.png

LTB Magazine

Contains 4 high explosive rounds.


TankModule Auto-Cannon.png
AC3-E Autocannon
The AC3-E Autocannon is a primary armament for the tank. It fires explosive flak rounds that decimate enemy combatants within a tight area, damaging anyone in range with its flak.


Autocannon Magazine.png

Autocannon Magazine

Contains 40 high explosive rounds.


TankModule Dragon Flamer.png
DRG-NF Flamethrower
The DRG-NF Flamethrower is a primary armament for the tank. It spews out extremely hot fire against opponents dumb enough to stand in front of it. Great for clearing out anything stuck inside a building or barbecuing your enemies! Can hold 1 additional fuel tank for the primary weapon.


Drg Magazine.png

Flamethrower Canister

Contains 100 fuel.


TankModule LTAA-AP-Minigun.png
LTAA AP Minigun
The LTAA AP Minigun fires armor piercing rounds at a high fire rate. Its ability to fire projectiles in rapid succession dominates against any infantry opponent, shredding them apart. Can hold 1 extra magazine.


RotatingAmmoDrum .png

LTAA AP Minigun Magazines

Contains 300 rounds.


Secondary Armament Module: Description:
TankModule Secondary-Flamer-Unit.png
Secondary Flamer Unit
Secondary Flamer Unit effect.png
A heavily modified incinerator unit made for tanks, uses standard incinerator fuel and sets the enemy and your surroundings on fire.



Tank Flamer Magazine

Contains 120 units of fuel.


TankModule Secondary-TOW-Launcher.png
TOW Launcher
Fires rockets at the enemy.



84mmThermobaric RocketArray.png

TOW Launcher Magazine

Contains 5 rockets.


TankModule Secondary-M56-Cupola.png
M56 Cupola
A heavily modified smartgun made for tanks that has IFF capabilities.


Big Ammo Box 10mm.png

M56 Cupola Magazine

Contains 500 rounds.


TankModule Secondary-Grenade-Launcher.png
Grenade Launcher
A heavily modified grenade launcher made for tanks. Fires grenades. Can hold 4 magazines including one into the chamber.


Tank GL Magazine.png

Tank Grenade Launcher Magazine

Contains 10 Grenades.


Support Module: Description:
TankModule Smoke-Launcher.png
Smoke Launcher
Launches smoke forward to obscure vision.


Smoke Launcher Magazine.png

Smoke Launcher Magazine

Contains 6 Grenades.


TankModule Integrated-Weapons-Sensor-Array.png
Integrated Weapons Sensor Array
Improves the accuracy and fire rate of all onboard weapons.


TankModule Overdrive-Enhancer.png
Overdrive Enhancer
Increases the movement speed of the vehicle it's attached to.


TankModule ArtilleryModule.png
Artillery Module
Enables the gunner to see further. Similar to binoculars in function.


Armor Module: Description:
TankModule Concussive-Armor.png
Concussive Armor
A jack of all trades against all sources of damage. Also protects against damage if you ram into a wall.


TankModule Caustic-Armor.png
Caustic Armor
Protects the tank from chemical weapons and acid attacks.


TankModule Ballistic-Armor.png
Ballistic Armor
Protects the tank from high penetration weapons and slashing attempts.


TankModule Paladin-Armor.png
Paladin Armor
Protects the tank from large explosive projectiles.


TankModule Snowplow-Armor.png
Snowplow Armor
Provides no armor but the ability to plow through snow tiles to forge supply lines out of the cold wasteland that is Shivas Snowball. Additionally targets ran over will take additional damage.


Treads: Description:
TankModule Tank-Treads.png
Tank Treads
Integral to the movement of the tank.


Your Skillset

Tank Crewman Skillset.png

To find out about how the skill system works head over to the skills system page.