What is CM-SS13?

CM-SS13 is a game based on Space Station 13, made in BYOND. Check out our Quickstart Guide if you're new to CM.

CM-SS13 has wildly adapted the SS13 model into a strategic roleplay-based team deathmatch game.


CM-SS13 is a very complex game, with a depth of features and complexity of interwoven systems that can take a long time to get your head around. Our wiki contains guides, stats and all information you need to get to grips with CM.


Our forums are where we get most of our feedback, suggestions and wherever a longer-form conversation needs to take place. It's also where we handle appeals, whitelists and reports.


Our Discord is a more informal space, for discussion of the previous round, contributing to the game, or just general chitchat.


CM, as an extension of SS13, is an open source game, so anyone is able to contribute directly to our game. Managed by our volunteer Maintainers, we accept Pull Requests of new content on our GitHub.

If you're interested in getting started with contributing, check out our Guide to Contributing.