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Riot Military Police
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Command Officers, Riot Chief MP, and Marine Law
Rank: Not defined
Duties: Enforce Marine Law. Detain Criminals. Keep Shipside Personnel Safe. Complete any additional duties from HC
Guides: Marine Law, Server Rules, Rank
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
You are held by a higher standard and are required to obey not only the server rules but the Marine Law.

Failure to do so may result in a job ban or server ban.

The marines have gotten overly rowdy on the ship and you have been brought in to restore order.

Follow orders from your Riot CMP and any orders given by HC.

The USS Almayer has fallen into disarray and marines are rioting, preventing completion of their current operation. For this reason High Command has sent you in to restore order to the ship, ensure lawbreakers are brought to justice and high ranking personnel are safe.


Standing Orders

Riot Military Police Roles

Role Description

Riot Military Police Officer
A Military Police Officer in full riot gear. Sent in to restore order to the ship and deal with any law breakers. They come with a riot shield and a tactical shotgun (loaded with beanbags) alongside their riot armor. In terms of rank they fall in between Military Police and Tank Crewman.

Chief of Riot Military Police
A High Military Police Officer in full riot gear. They are the leader of the Riot Military Police, and they over succeed the current CMP if they are around. They come with a riot shield and a M81 Riot Grenade Launcher alongside their riot armor. They also get a box of teargas grenades.