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Marine Ranks

Ranks and Command

While rank is to be respected at all times, during normal operations, command is determined by position. If someone is given conflicting orders, they must give priority to those of their department’s superiors. The Commanding Officer’s authority is absolute and all personnel aboard must defer to his authority with the exception of specially dispatched officials from High Command or other Diplomatically Immune officials. The following section determines whose orders crew members are bound to follow.

  • Enlisted: Enlisted personnel must obey any lawful order given to them by commissioned officers, with priority given to the CO, XO and those of their department. Additionally, enlisted combat marines must obey the orders of enlisted personnel with higher rank than theirs.
  • Officers: Officers have authority over their own department but must obey the orders of the CO and XO or the person in command of the operation.
  • Civilians: While in the AO(Area of Operation), all civilians must comply with orders given by military personnel. On ship, Civilians are under the direct authority of the Command and Security departments. They must obey their orders, but are not required to obey the orders of any other military personnel unless they are placed in a department, in which case they are also under the authority of all crewmembers of that department.

Succession/Chain of Command

Should the Commanding Officer become unfit to command, be it due to absence, SSD, Death, imprisonment or other circumstances, the next person on this list assumes command. The person in command of the operation does not assume their superior’s rank, title or powers such as access changes or ship modification, but other personnel must follow their orders that pertain to directing the operation such as construction or requisitions orders.

  1. Commanding Officer
  2. Executive Officer
  3. Auxiliary Support Officer
  4. Chief MP
  5. Chief Medical Officer
  6. Staff Officer
  7. Chief Engineer
  8. Pilot Officer
  9. Intelligence Officer
  10. Quartermaster
  11. Senior Enlisted Advisor
  12. Warden
  13. Military Police
  14. Squad Leader (Starts at Alpha and goes through the squads)
  15. Ranking military personnel

Departments and Ranks

These are the departments which make up the USCM.


Job Rank Rating
Commanding Officer Major/Lt. Colonel/Colonel (O4/O5/O6) Officer
Executive Officer Captain (O3) Officer
Staff Officer Second Lieutenant (O1) Officer

Auxiliary Support

Job Rank Rating
Auxiliary Support Officer First Lieutenant (O2) Officer
Intelligence Officer Second Lieutenant (O1) Officer
Pilot Officer Second Lieutenant (O1) Officer
Dropship Crew Chief Sergeant (E5) Enlisted
Vehicle Crewman Corporal (E4) Enlisted

Squad Marines

Job Rank Rating
Squad Leader Sergeant (E5) Enlisted
Fireteam Leader Corporal (E4) Enlisted
Weapons Specialist Lance Corporal (E3) Enlisted
Smartgunner Lance Corporal (E3) Enlisted
Combat Technician Lance Corporal (E3) Enlisted
Hospital Corpsman Lance Corporal (E3) Enlisted
Rifleman Private/Private First Class (E1/E2) Enlisted

Military Police

Job Rank Rating
Chief MP First Lieutenant (O2) Officer
Warden Staff Sergeant (E6) Enlisted
Military Police Lance Corporal/Sergeant (E3/E5) Enlisted


Job Rank Rating
Chief Engineer Second Lieutenant (O1) Officer
Ordnance Technician Private First class (E2) Enlisted
Maintenance Technician Private/Private First Class (E1/E2) Enlisted


Job Rank Rating
Quartermaster Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) Enlisted
Cargo Technician Private/Private First Class (E1/E2) Enlisted


Job Rank Rating
Chief Medical Officer First Lieutenant (O2) Officer
Doctor Second Lieutenant (O1) Officer
Researcher Second Lieutenant (O1) Officer
Nurse Lance Corporal/Sergeant (E3/E5) Enlisted


Job Rank Rating
Senior Enlisted Advisor Gunnery Sergeant-Sergeant Major (E7/E8(E)/E9(E)) Enlisted
Mess Technician Private/Private First Class (E1/E2) Enlisted
Corporate Liaison N/A Civilian
Synthetic N/A N/A

USCM Ranks

Rank Terminology

Paygrade: Description:
Enlisted. E.g. a person who is enlisted into the USCM.
Officer. E.g. a person who is commissioned into the USCM.
Member of the Provost Office. E.g. A Provost Inspector.
Classifications: Description:
Non-commissioned officer (any enlisted above Grade 2).
Senior non-commissioned officer (any enlisted above Grade 5).
Senior Officer
Any officer of Grade 4 or higher.
Flag Officer
Any officer above Grade 6


*Note: Members and former members of the CO Council get the honorary title of Lt. Colonel, with the CO Senator getting the honorary title of Colonel. This is only a fluff title in most rounds barring events.

Paygrade: Rank Name: Abbreviation: Jobs:
O10S Commandant of the Marine Corps CMC N/A
O10C Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps ACMC N/A
O10 General Gen. N/A
O9 Lieutenant General LtGen. N/A
O8 Major General MajGen N/A
O7 Brigadier General BGen N/A
O6 Colonel Col CO Senator
O5 Lieutenant Colonel Lt.Col CO Council
O4 Major Maj CO
O3 Captain CPT XO
O2 First Lieutenant 1stLT CMP, CMO
O1 Second Lieutenant 2ndLT PO, SO, IO, Warden, Doctor, Researcher , Chief Engineer


Paygrade: Rank Name: Abbreviation: Jobs:
E9C Sergeant Major of the Colonial Marine Corps (SNCO) SMCMC N/A
E9E Sergeant Major (SNCO) SGM SEA
E9 Master Gunnery Sergeant (SNCO) MGySGT SEA
E8E First Sergeant (SNCO) 1stSGT SEA
E8 Master Sergeant (SNCO) MSGT SEA
E7 Gunnery Sergeant, (SNCO) GySGT SEA, Quartermaster
E6 Staff Sergeant (SNCO) SSGT N/A
E5 Sergeant (NCO) SGT SL, Nurse, MP
E4 Corporal (NCO) CPL FL, VC, OT
E3 Lance Corporal LCPL Hospital Corpsman, Combat Technician, Smartgunner, Specialist, Nurse
E2 Private First Class PFC Standard, MT, CT, Mess Technician
E1 Private PVT Standard, MT, CT, Mess Technician

Provost Office

Paygrade: Rank Name: Abbreviation: Jobs:
PvCM (O10C) Provost Chief Marshal PCM Provost Chief Marshal
PvSM (O7) Brigadier General BGen Provost Sector Marshal, Provost Chief Inspector
PvM (O6) Colonel Col Provost Marshal
PvI Inspector Insp Provost Inspector
PvTML, PvA (E6) Staff Sergeant SSgt Provost Team Leader, Provost Advisor
PvE (E5) Sergeant Sgt Provost Enforcer