Military Police

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Military Police
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Command Officers, Chief MP, Warden and Marine Law
Rank: Sergeant
Duties: Enforce Marine Law. Detain Criminals. Keep Shipside Personnel Safe.
Guides: Marine Law, Server Rules, Rank
Unlock Requirements: Ten hours as Squad Roles.
Detailed Description:
You are held by a higher standard and are required to obey not only the server rules but the Marine Law.

Failure to do so may result in a job ban or server ban.
Your primary job is to maintain peace and stability aboard the ship. Marines can get rowdy after a few weeks of cryosleep!

In addition, you are tasked with the security of high-ranking personnel, including the command staff. Keep them safe!

"The difference between a normal policeman and a military policeman, is that a military policeman deals with trained killers" - Anonymous.


DISCLAIMER: Keep in Mind that both Marine Law, Server Rules, Rank occasionally change, meaning parts of this guide can then be out of date. If this guide ever contradicts what is being said in one of those three pages, notify the Wiki Maintainer and follow what is said in those pages.

As a Military Police Officer, your primary duty is to obey and enforce Marine Law.

MPs are held to a very high standard of conduct because you are the source of in-character discipline as well as the server's first line of defense against out-of-character infractions. You are bound to Marine Law as Server Rules meaning if you break any laws in Marine Law you risk being punished outside of "In Character", meaning you may be Job banned or even outright banned due to your actions.

Enforcing Marine Law may be a hard task due to Marines being up to no good and refusing to come quietly. But fear not, you are equipped with state of the art Non-Lethal Weaponry that can keep a marine down for the time you need to get them cuffed and transported to the brig.

When it comes to Marine Law matters, you are always to listen to the CMP above all else as long as it does not interfere with Marine Law or Server Rules. The only one higher than the CMP in marine law is the CO and High Command. If you are ever in doubt, Ahelp the Situation and Ask before proceeding. This can save a lot of hassle and is a good tip you should keep in mind. You should never act against the Commanding Officer or Chief MP without a very good IC reason. Your job is to keep the ship safe and enforce marine law.

Unless Authorized by the CMP or aCO you are NEVER to use lethal force against a Suspect. - See Marine Law for more information.

Patrolling & Investigations

When beginning your shift, your first task is generally to get geared up and report to the checkpoints, req or briefing as per your CMP's orders. The briefing can be a delicate time and can get out of hand very quickly, be diplomatic, and always remember you are outnumbered. Once the marines have gone down it's time to patrol the ship unless told otherwise, check all rooms of the ship you never know what you might find or who you might find.

Access Privileges

As MP you have access to most places onboard the ship, but there are certain places you do not have access to such as upper medbay. This is for various reasons such as gameplay, but if you have a proper RP reason you may request the aCO to give you access to the specific area that is needed from the ID Computer in CiC or Briefing if it is for an extended amount of time such as to be stationed as a guard by the Containment cells in upper medbay.

If it is just a search on a person or area, follow the procedure listed in Marine Law here: Search Procedure

Due to MP's having access to almost all places onboard the ship you will often be called to help out CT's, Doctors, or OT's even for various reasons, but make sure you always prioritize between requests. A doctor that needs access to a prep room since a marine has died there comes before an OT needing access to fix a light another place.

List of Areas MP's can't access:

  • Any specialized prep room (Spec, engineer, medic, smartgunner and squad leader.)
  • Upper research
  • Morgue
  • Research containment
  • Chemistry Laboratory LVL1
  • Medical lockers

Application of the law


Detainment and Brig Procedures should always be followed meaning you do every step as stated in no particular order. If a prisoner harms himself or tries to break the window, you can temporarily cuff him to the bed, run to Perma and grab a Straightjacket. The Straightjacket will remain on for the duration of the timer until the prisoner is released.

As a Military Policeman, you are assigned to the protection of USCM prisoners as well as POW (Prisoners of War) held in the Brig. Remember, you're not a 'no-mercy' type of officer from the early wars and should treat Prisoners by Marine Law.

Once a prisoner is appropriately sentenced you are to make sure they are provided their basic rights which CANNOT be denied, such as Medical treatment, food, etc ... except for in extreme situations with approval from the Chief Military Police Officer or the Commanding Officer.


As per Marine Law for crimes with a sentence equal to or lower than 10 minutes, the arresting MP, Chief MP or the Commanding Officer may administer a Non-Judicial Punishment instead of a brig sentence. NJPs may only be issued to those they outrank. You must still update the records, and if they do not complete the NJP, you may add 10 minutes to the sentence. NJPs may only be as long as the punishment would be, and no longer.

Possible NJP suggestions:

  • Clean up briefing/req/lounge
  • Mopping floors
  • Push-ups or laps
  • Writing an apology letter


You may not always be informed when someone comes aboard, but when found or informed this can be a good outline of things you should do to cover your bases.
1. Secure any weapons. This is preferably done in the brig or another secure area. Ensure all bags, belts, boots and any other container on their persons is checked for items in contravention of current Marine Law
2. If done in the brig you can do a quick scan of them in the brig medbay if they weren't first checked out or treated when they arrived.
3. Update their ID to colonist or passenger at the ID computer in the CIC or the one near briefing. In addition to this, survivors can also be enlisted into the USCM as a private, with the permission of the Commanding Officer. Once completed you can print the access report for the CMP or use it for the next step.
4. Add the survivor to the ship security records and optionally remove their gloves and take prints from the survivor with a forensic scanner for future investigations. Take a photo of their front-facing and side facing sprite to also add to the records.
5. The CL, CO, CMP or researcher may want to RP with them. Contact them!
5. If the aCO allows them to assume a role in one of the departments, you can update the ID to reflect the change.

  • Armed survivors in the CIC is a big danger to the command staff and operations; they should be intercepted before they can gain access.
  • Colonial marshalls are not from the Marshal provost office and do not receive immunity. Ahelp when unsure!
  • Survivors cannot keep their weapons while on the ship if at a green alert level.
  • You cannot take fingerprints from someone wearing gloves.

Updating ID's or demotions

To demote or add someone to the crew. Try to use the ID they are wearing as opposed to creating a new ID from a blank card.
1. Take their ID and enter it into the Target Identity slot on the ID computer
2. Enter your ID into the Authorized Identify slot
3. Under the assignment section, you can set someone to a job, and it will automatically assign the appropriate privileges to the ID or remove them in a demotion.
4. Alternatively, you can manually change accesses by adding or subtracting areas of access.

  • If you do not change the assignment or use a custom assignment on a colonist ID they will continue to display a Unknown.png on the security HUD
  • ID cards without "USS Almayer Identification" checked will detonate claymores and be engaged by sentries. It must always be checked on friendlies!
  • Survivors cannot be given combat, police, command roles or assignments in departments they don't have skills in.
  • Custom roles can be assigned such as Janitor, Pastor, Chef, Receptionist, etc..
  • At this time REQ or Command positions are not assignable by MP's.

Your Workspace

The Brig is located West (fore) of Briefing and can be accessed through the numerous doors on each side.

Brig map.png

The Brig is likely where you will spend a lot of time as MP. The Chief MP's office is in the north checkpoint and contains a fax machine, records console, and a camera console plus the CMP's bunks.

To the south (or port) of the office is the brig itself. It contains the brig cells with timers, you can also find the general work area there, which includes some vendors, the Evidence room, some general gear, and the forensic computer. The infirmary where prisoners can be treated is located next to the general work area. The holding cells, the execution room, and the isolation cells or as its also known; perma. It is located in the main part of the brig.

The Execution room is where the executions usually should happen. It contains a single chair for the unlucky person that will have his/her life ended and in the corner of the room: a blindfold, pack of cigarettes and a lighter. In the bottom right corner, there is a locker. The locker itself can only be opened by the CMO/CO. Inside the locker lies the lethal injection in both syringe and autoinjector forms. The lethal injection procedure is made up of a cocktail of dangerous drugs. For the procedure of Execution, please see Marine Law - Executions.

The Perma section has two lockers for the prisoner's gear and is equipped with the standard radio headset, prisoner orange jumpsuit, and orange boots. The perma cells vary a bit between each other but have a few things in common like flash's Mounted in the cells and blast shield doors that can be brought down. Next to the Isolation cells in perma is where you find some straightjackets and muzzles for bad-tempered prisoners.

Armory and Security Lockers

The Armory and Security lockers, located in the south checkpoint contains six lockers in the armory and the security lockers outside. The lockers in the armory are bulletproof and only open on Red Alert, but can be opened manually by the CMP or the XO/CO.

Ss13 MP armory.png

Sidearm Lockers:

  • M4A3 Service Pistol's
  • M4A3 Magazines.

Riot Control Lockers:

  • Box of Flashbangs
  • Box of M66 Tear Gas Grenades
  • M81 Riot Grenade Launchers
  • Gas Masks
  • M37A2 Shotguns
  • Shotgun Bean Bag Shells
  • M5 Riot Armor and Helmet
  • Riot Shield

Shotgun Lockers:

  • Mk221 Tactical Shotguns
  • Box of Shotgun Slug Shells
  • Box of Shotgun Buckshot Shells

MP Lockers

  • A spare uniform set with a headset and armor
  • Flashlight
  • SecHud
  • Pepper Spray
  • Taser
  • Stun Baton
  • Flash
  • Handcuffs
  • Medium General Pouch
  • Security Backpack

Your Tools

Being an MP is not an easy job. You are responsible for the security and law of the ship. Luckily, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to help you fulfill your duties.

  • The Fax Machine: This is used for contacting High Command. Primarily used to ask permission to remove the acting Commanding Officer from their position, it may also be used to inform High Command of unusual circumstances and receive instructions on how to proceed and when in doubt of the CMP's action you can report it through the fax machine. Make sure you send a properly formatted Fax. It makes it both easier to read and looks more quite a lot more professional. You can find the proper format to use and a lot of other goodies in our Paperwork Guide.
  • The Records Console: You can find this console in the general brig area, at security checkpoints, and the CMP's office. It is used to review and update records and as such is one of your most essential tools. Use it to make sure people have their status (arrest, released, incarcerated, or none) as well as any crimes they may have committed up to date. Status and comments may also be edited by examining someone if you have a secHUD on. To identify fingerprints found on your forensic scanner, click the console with your scanner in hand to place it in, and then print out the results. Note: Removing your ID does not log you out. It is imperative you don't leave a computer logged in especially in high traffic areas such as the CIC Entrance. The logs will show as if you made the changes.
  • The Camera Console: There's one of these in the brig and a few more scattered around the ship in checkpoints and other workstations. The Console allows you to see through any camera in the USS Almayer, and it's useful to find or follow fleeing suspects as well as to keep an eye on shipside operations.
  • Recharger: There is one in the brig and a few in Medbay. They can charge up stuff that runs on electricity. Some of the Equipment it can charge is: Stun baton, Flash.
  • Pepper spray refiller: Located in the brig armory and locker room, can be used to refill pepper spray.
  • HUDGlasses: Wearing these glasses will show jobs onboard the Almayer, someone not on the crew-list or not wearing ID.
    Unknown.png Unknown
    Wanted.png Arrest - Examine them to find out why they are wanted.
    Incarcerated.png Incarcerated - This can be an indication of a prisoner that has broken out, call this in and check it out!
    Released.png Released - Keep an eye on these in case they continue their mischief.
  • MP tools: You have access to a variety of items such as flashes, handcuffs, and tasers to help you control and subdue hostiles.


Equipment: Description:
MP Beret.png

MP Beret

A hat typically worn by the field-officers of the USCM. Only available to MP's. This one has a unique red color to designate MP personnel.
MP Cap.png

Military Police Cap

A ball-cap worn by the more casual of the USCM's Military Police.
M10 Helmet MP.png

Military Police Cap

A special variant of the M10 Pattern Helmet worn by the Military Police of the USCM. Whether you're facing a crime syndicate or a mutiny, this bucket will keep your brains intact.
MP Peaked Cap.png

Military Police Cap

A peaked cap worn by the USCM's Military Police. Something about it reminds you of an event you once read about in a history book.
Generic Headset.png

USCM MP Headset

This headset is used by marine military police members, it has a secured channel for military law enforcement that cannot be access to anyone else. Channels are as follows: ";"- Ship general comms ":p" - Military Police and ":v" Command Radio.

HUD Sunglasses

Displays criminal status and protects from blinding flashes.
  • Shift+Click to examine someone and update their criminal status, view records or enter comments about the person.
MP Uniform.png

USCM MP Uniform

A standard-issue MP uniform, only worn by USCM MP personnel.
MP backpack.png

Security Backpack

A standard-issue of a Security Backpack, only worn by USCM MP personnel.
  • Holds 9 slots but cannot be accessed from your back, must be in your hand.
MP Satchel.png

Security Satchel

A standard-issue of a Security Satchel, only worn by USCM MP personnel.
  • Holds 7 slots but can be accessed from your back.
Shoulder Holster.png

Shoulder holster

Can hold ether a sidearm or a disabler.
M2 Pattern Personal Armour.png

M2 Pattern MP Armor

Older generation of the M3 Pattern Armor. M2 Armor offers higher protection against melee attacks but less protection against projectile attacks. Contains two slots for cigarettes, lighters, pens, magazines or shells!
Black Gloves.png

Black gloves

A pair of black gloves. Helps with not leaving fingerprints and are limited to MP Personnel.
MP Belt.png

M276 pattern military police rig

The M276 is the standard load-bearing equipment of the USCM. It consists of a modular belt with various clips. This version is filled with an array of small pouches, meant to carry non-lethal equipment, ammo and restraints.

USCM Combat Boots

Standard issue combat boots used by the USCM for combat situations. Comes pre-loaded with a combat knife inside.
Equipment: Description:


An updated version of a 100 year old design, this is an advanced stun device capable of firing bolts of ionized electricity. Used for nonlethal takedowns.
  • The Disabler can shoot through glass windows and glass panes. This is a feature not a bug. Use it to catch henchmen unaware.


A replacement of the old police baton for the 22nd century. It is a stun baton for incapacitating people with.
  • To activate and deactivate the stunbaton press Z or Click on it.
  • Use Harm Intent to do lethal Damage. Disarm and Help Intent for Non-Lethal Prodding.
  • Non-MP's that pick up your stun baton cannot activate it.
  • Stun batons can be recharged in a Recharger.


Can be used to flash people, stunning them with a bright light.
  • Press Z to flash all around you in a 3x3 radius. Very good for when you are Surrounded
  • HUDSunglasses and certain things that cover your eyes protect from the Flash.
  • Can be Charged in a Recharger.
  • Bulb can break

Pepper Spray

Manufactured by UhangInc, used to blind and down an opponent quickly.
  • Comes with the safety activated
  • Can be refilled at any pepper spray refiller.
Box of flashbangs.pngFlashbang.png


Flashbangs work wonders to take down groups of people.
  • Flashbangs work throught both Sound and the Flash itself.
  • Flashbangs got a Fixed timer on roughly 4 seconds.
  • Standing to close to a Flashbang going off will stun you even with Eye protection.
Equipment: Description:
M4A3 Variants.gif

M4A3 Service Pistol

The M4A3 Service Pistol is a reliable fallback weapon that uses 9mm handgun ammunition in a 9 round magazine.

Can be found in the Sidearm storage locker, along with spare magazines.


Mk221 Tactical Shotgun

A unique company made semi-automatic shotgun with a rapid fire rate and an attached Underslung Grenade Launcher. Holds 8 shotgun shells in the chamber.

Can be found in the Shotgun storage locker, comes pre-loaded with shotgun slugs.

Equipment: Description:
MP Helmet.png

Riot Helmet

It's a helmet specifically designed to protect against close range attacks. It covers your ears.

Gas Mask

Gas masks are available in ColMarTech Automated Closets for all marines. Does not protect the head in anyway.
Riot Armour.png

M5 Riot Control Armor

A heavily modified suit of M2 MP Armor used to suppress riots from buckethead marines. Slows you down a lot but can tank a lot of hits.
  • Does not have a shoulder light.
Riot shield.png

Riot Shield

A shield adept at blocking blunt objects from connecting with the torso of the shield wielder. Can block bullets as well and has a chance to block pounces.
M81 Riot GL.png

M81 Riot Grenade Launcher

A grenade launcher that can only fire Tear Gas grenades. Work wonders to block off entrances and work as pepperspray.
M66 Tear Gas Grenade box.png

Tear gas grenades

Filled with M66 Tear Gas grenades. They are filled with pepperspray and cover roughly a 5x5 area in a star shape almost like boiler gas does. They can be thrown by hand or launched from the M81 Riot GL. When used with the latter, they activate faster.
M37 Variants.gif

M37A2 Pump-Shotgun (For bean bags)

An Armat Battlefield Systems Shotgun utilized by USCM Marines. This weapon is powerful in close quarters combat and is capable of killing even the strongest of hostile targets. Users should still keep in mind that the M37A2 must be pumped after every shot.

Can be found in Riot Control storage, comes pre-loaded with bean bag shells.

Beanbag box.png

Beanbag Slugs

Single Slug Projectile. Will cause pain to any human targets it hits, used for non-lethal takedowns. Only found in a Riot Control storage. Holds 25 shells.
  • On unarmored marines and if fired Point Blank Bean bags can do Lethal Damage.
  • Marines might mistake you for firing Slugs when using Bean bags. Keep this in mind as you can be shot due to that.
Equipment: Description:
Straight jacket.png

Straight Jacket

A suit that completely restrains the wearer, Can not be resisted out of.


Covers the eyes, preventing sight.


Muffles and Prevents any speech from the wearer.
Equipment: Description:
Marine law.png

Marine Law

A set of Strict laws and guidelines for keeping law and order on military vessels.
ZipTie Box.pngHandcuffs.png


These are used to secure people for their safety and yours. Reusable and stronger than zip ties but also larger to carry.
ZipTie Box.pngZipTies.png

Zip Cuffs

Zip Cuffs are half the size but have less strength and are one time use. Also cuffs your target faster than regular handcuffs.
Handheld radio.png

Station Bounced Radio

Good to carry in case of emergency loss of power or communications.


It's a flashlight, can be held, thrown or turned into a Rail Flashlight attachment with a screwdriver.
Evidence bag.png

Evidence bags

A specialized bag, meant for an evidence of a crime.
  • Click the bag and drag to the item you want to insert.
Universal recorder.png

Universal recorder

A device that can record up to an hour of dialogue and play it back. It automatically translates the content in playback. Good for appeals or witness statements.
Hand labeler.png

Hand Labeller

A device that can label evidence bags or any other item if you wish.
First-aid kit.png

First-aid kit

Basic first aid kit with basic medical supplies.
  • The scanner can be used to detect SSD, intoxication, burns, brute damage, etc...
  • Bandages for bleeding or brute damage and ointment for burns.
  • 2 easy to use Autoinjectors for first aid as well as one to stabilize. Can be refilled at NanoMeds if you don't want to find new ones.
  • A stack of splints to hold any broken bones in place.

Forensic scanner.png

Forensic Scanner

A device that can be used to identify the prints left behind at a crime scene, such as the breaking of a window. Can be plugged into the security records console to match those prints to a person.

Jurisdictional Automated System

Annotation 2020-07-08 232601.png

A new helpful tool has been installed in the brig, the ever fine Jurisdictional Management System. You may be asking yourself, how do I use this machine? It is all quite simple, and by following this easy guide you will master it.

Firstly, open the machine by clicking on it.

Secondly, you will then be prompted with TWO options: Import Report; where you can Insert an existing Security Incident Report Paper, and then New Report; where you can create a new report. Select New Report for now.

Thirdly, you will be brought to a page with various options. You can select the Criminal, Incident Summary, Charges, Witnesses, and Evidence.

Annotation 2020-07-08 230053 (2).png

Fourthly, input your info:

  • Take the prisoners ID and click on the criminal option, this will set them as the perpetrator.
  • Next write out the incident under incident summary, just describe what happened. This is basically the event that justified an arrest.
  • Then select the crimes option to apply charges. Once selected you can choose from Minor, Major, Capital, and Additional Crimes.
  • Same as selecting the criminal you can additionally add a witness to the report by taking their ID and clicking on the witness option; also you can add notes about the witness afterwards.
  • Finally import evidence, take any item involved and click on the evidence option. This will enter it in your report; you can also add notes on the evidence if desired.

Lastly, hit Export Incident and a piece of paper will pop out. Grab the paper and bring it over to any of the Brig Cell Displays on the wall adjacent to the sliding glass doors south of you. Insert the paper into the display, select the report, and then start the timer.

CONGRATULATIONS, now you know how to use the Jurisdictional Automated System.

Your Skillset

Specially Trained
CQC Endurance Fireman Carry
Specially Trained
Medical JTAC
Specially Trained
Construction Engineering Surgery Leadership Vehicles
Specially Trained
Firearms Police Powerloader Melee Piloting Domestic Intel
Smartgun M5-RPG M4RA Battle Rifle M42A Scoped Rifle M92 Grenade Launcher M240-T Incinerator

To find out about how the skill system works head over to the skills system page.