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"These Colonial Marines are some tough hombres, and they're packing state-of-the-art firepower. Nothing they can't handle... Right, Lieutenant?" - Burke to Lieutenant Gorman. Aliens

You awake from cryostasis in your Standard Military CS Uniform, yawning as you stretch out the rigidness that can come from staying in one position for so long. You look around, noticing you’re aboard the faithful vessel with its dreary grey walls, the USS Almayer. You shake your head briefly and look around, watching as the other marines follow the same routine and march outside the sleeping quarters. Following your fellow comrades to the preparation rooms to gear up and head to briefing, you ponder what kind of grunt work they’re shoving you into you to this time…

So you’ve signed up for the United States Colonial Marines, eh? Well, lucky for you, we’re able to give you just about every single smudge of information that you should’ve learned in your basic training courses! Don’t worry, we all (apparently) forget sometimes! Just use this handy-dandy guide below, and you’ll be able to know all the dumb sh*t you should’ve known already!

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The Command Department is the "Brains" of the USS Almayer, leading and coordinating the squads and the other support staff of the ship to fight and win against the Aliens.

Job Role Difficulty
Commanding Officer
The entire USS Almayer is under your control. Lead your small battalion and complete the mission in a victory for the USCM!
Note: Currently the job is whitelisted, click here to go to the application form.
Very Hard
Executive Officer
2nd in Command of the Almayer. Execute the orders the Commanding Officer gives you. Fill in for the CO if needed. Manage the Staff Officers at your disposal. Hard
Staff Officer
Execute the Executive Officer's orders. Manage the Overwatch consoles to keep the squads in functioning condition. Medium
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Advise and train inexperienced crew members and marines alike. Bark out orders to new privates to get geared.
Note: Uniquely for mentors & Staff

Auxiliary Support

The Auxiliary support personnel are tasked with supporting the marines either by providing support through firepower or other means.

Job Role Difficulty
Pilot Officer
3 Pilot Officers maximum
Transport troops via the dropship or provide close air support and medevac. Make sure no invaders get onto your assigned Dropship. Medium
Vehicle Crewman
2 Crewmen maximum
Operate the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier, and provide the deployed troops with vehicular support during the operation.

Military Police

The Military Police is one of the main supports of the command staff, they ensue that the Marine Law is followed on the ship, they do this by arresting and detaining rogue marines in the brig of the Almayer. The MPs also protect the command in the case of a mutiny.

Job Role Difficulty
Chief MP
Command the Military Police. Uphold and Enforce Marine Law. Very Hard
Guard the brig and assist in processing unruly marines. Uphold and Enforce Marine Law. Medium
Military Police
Uphold and Enforce Marine Law. Detain anyone not following Marine Law. Defend the ship from invaders. Keep the crew of the Almayer safe. Protect your doughnut stash. Medium


The Ground Troops of the Colonial Marines are enlisted or conscripted into service. They form the main fighting body of the Almayer and are sent planetside to fight all kinds of dangers throughout the Tychon's Rift Sector. They are divided between four squads Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, or Delta each squad has a Squad Leader, they also have five support roles to help during the fight planetside: A Specialist with special equipment, a Smartgunner with IFF tracking, a Medic with the equipment and know-how to help injured Marines, the Engineer to build or demolish constructions and lastly the standards, the main fighting body against the aliens, noted for having low intelligence.

Job Role Difficulty
Squad Leader Squad leader icon.png
1 per squad
Leader of one of the four marine squads. Give your squad objectives and follow orders from Command. Keep your squad in one piece. Hard
Squad Radio Telephone Operator RTO Icon.png
2 per squad
Has access to the radio backpack and the ability to call down drop pods to supply the marines with unlocked techs. Is the second in command of the squad if the SL is down. Medium
Gl spec.png
Squad Specialist Squad specialist icon.png
1 per squad
Has access to heavier more powerful weaponry and equipment to their disposal. Combat professional, lead the squad if needed. Medium
Squad Smartgunner Smartgunner icon.png
1 per squad
Has the M56 Smartgun at their disposal. Support your Squad with heavy weaponry and give the enemy suppressing fire. Medium
USCM Medic.png
Squad Medic Squad medic icon.png
2 minimum & 4 maximum per squad
Keep Marines in fighting condition, or as close as you can get them. Medevac those who need to be sent back to Medbay for treatment. Hard
USCM Squad Engie.png
Squad Engineer Squad engineer icon.png
2 minimum & 3 maximum per squad
Build or remove fortifications. Establish and maintain FOB and Power. Gain access to blocked off areas. Medium
USCM Standard Marine.png
Squad Marine
Follow orders from those above you. Do your job and shoot when you're needed to shoot. Don't die in the process. Easy


The Engineering Department is one of the most important roles to support the use of the Almayer, they are responsible for setting up the engine and repairing any damage on the Almayer.

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Engineer
Oversee engineering, telecomms, and atmospherics. Manage the MTs at your disposal. Keep the ship in functioning condition. Hard
Ordnance Technician
Develop experimental explosive ordnance for the marines to use. Make sure the Almayer's Fusion reactor and atmospherics are set up and working correctly. Repair any damage done to the Almayer and its dropships. Help the Vehicle Crewman to repair and retrofit the Tank. Maintain the Almayer's Orbital Cannon and provide heavy artillery support. Do janitorial duties. Medium
Maintenance Technician
Make sure the Almayer's Fusion reactor and atmospherics are set up and working correctly. Repair any damage done to the Almayer and its dropships. Help the Vehicle Crewman to repair and retrofit the Tank or APC. Maintain the Almayer's Orbital Cannon and provide heavy artillery support. Do janitorial duties. Easy

Medical / Science

The Medical department is a very critical for the success of the marines, they heal injured marines when their local squad medic can't fix them and perform surgeries for particularly bad cases, the researcher is a special role with the job of developing special equipment to the marines. Different from other roles on the Almayer, the doctors are civilian personnel and not military, meaning they don't have a rank and their authority is only over the medbay.

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Medical Officer
Oversee Medbay, Research, and Chemistry. Manage your medical crew. Advise the Command staff on matters of health and wellness of the marine force. Hard
Treat all patients that come into medbay. Transfer injured marines from the hanger to medbay. Perform surgery if needed. Medium
Aid the doctors and medics in providing aid to the wounded. Produce chemicals Easy
Conduct research on what is sent to you. Create and analyze new chemicals, tools and objects. Medium


The Supply Department is a smaller support department, their main job is to make sure to send more equipment to the marines via supply drop or via dropship, they also distribute attachments on the Almayer.

Job Role Difficulty
Requisitions Officer
Oversee the cargo area of the ship. Supply the marines with attachments. Order in supplies on the cargo ship for the marines or Almayer staff. Medium
Cargo Technician
Assist the Requisitions Officer. Move supplies if needs be. Easy
Mess Sergeant
Prepare food for the marines and shipside crewmembers. Easy


The Synthetic role is unique as the player takes control over a non-human robotic synthetic. Stronger, faster and more powerful than the average human, synthetics, however, are held back by restricting laws and rules that govern their actions.

Job Role Difficulty
Assist the crew of the USS Almayer in any and all applicable tasks. Additionally, they can spawn as working Joe synthetics as survivors.
Note: Currently the job is whitelisted, click here to go to the application form.
Very Hard

Non-USCM Jobs

These roles are not members of the United States Colonial Marines. The Liaison is the only one that takes part of the Almayer while the Survivor is a colony job and the mercenaries are an Emergency Response Team.

Job Role Difficulty
Corporate Liaison
Be the direct line of communication between the Almayer and Weston-Yamada by sending faxes. Make sure the interests of the Weston-Yamada are retained. Hard
Survive the infestation at the colony. Very Hard
Answer the distress call and help the marines... or make their lives worse. Hard
Alien Cultists
Infect marines, serve the hive, praise the Queen! Medium