Whiskey Outpost

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"In our attempts to establish a base on this planet, several of our patrols were wiped out by hostile creatures. We're setting up a distress call, but we need you to hold Whiskey Outpost in order for our engineers to set up the relay. [...] If they overrun your position, we will be wiped out with no way to call for help. Hold the line or we all die." ― Colonel Hans Naiche

Whiskey Outpost is an alternative map and game mode featured on CM-SS13 server. On this map, instead of playing the USCM in the battalion 'Falling Falcons' of the 4th brigade and the USS Almayer, you'll either play as a USCM from the 3rd Battalion 'Dust Raiders', led by Colonel Hans Naiche (Alternatively spelled as Naich) and Major Ike Saker in Planet LV-624, who are previously in charge of keeping the peace of the Neroid sector or the Xenomorphs whose task is to successfully wipe out the Marine forces in LV-624 by wiping out Whiskey Outpost to intercept the relay signal. It takes place five years before the arrival of the USS Almayer in the Neroid sector, taking place in 2181. The Dust Raiders had established a USCM presence in one of the major locations of the sector, including Whiskey Outpost.

However, the forces in LV-624 were soon under attack by unrecognized alien forces, with several patrols of marine units wiped out before the main invasion in Whiskey Outpost begins. The Dust Raider garrison stationed in LV-624 have no other choice but to send a distress signal to alert the remaining USCM reinforcements to their location. Before the distress signal can be launched, the Marines must hold out for 60 to 90 minutes or longer until engineers set up the relay so that reinforcements from Whiskey Outpost arrive to rescue the marines in LV-624, the Aliens must wipe out the Marine force before they set up the relays and repel the alien invasion force in LV-624. This is a fight for survival, and neither side can afford to give one quarter.

Whiskey Outpost

Whiskey Outpost is an outpost that's heavily fortified and used as a military base in the Neroid Rift Sector. Its situated in a valley which forces any hostiles to assault from the south of the base. The base is equipped with a large array of automated sentry guns and mannable smartgun defensive positions, however, the base is not adequately fortified for an incoming assault due to a lack of funding. The Marine forces will need to spend their time rapidly establishing barricades and similar defenses before the vanguard alien forces arrive.

The Defensive Positions are divided into 3 major areas and 2 minor areas:

Major Areas

  • The west side, Pillbox Burbon, which is guarded by sentry guns and smartguns through a canal-based jungle environment
  • The central side, Pillbox Beer, is where most of the action takes place through an open, heavily guarded environment guarded by several smartguns emplacements and a few automated sentries.
  • The east side, Pillbox Margarita, is guarded with sandbags through a vast open terrain with a crashed dropship acting as cover.

Minor Areas

Both minor areas, Pillbox Wine (west) and Pillbox Wodka (east), are guarded with only sentry guns, metal, and plasteel barricades. The middle area between Pillbox Beer and the former two pillboxes is the Triage pillbox, for emergency medical care.

Whiskey outpost.png

The Outpost itself is at the north of the map, with the unique role of 'Honor Guard' to detect and protect the marine base and command staff against any threats that make it through the defenses. In addition, sentry turrets and smartgun emplacements help secure the base against the bug force. Medical has four autodoc stations as opposed to the standard one, due to the likelihood of fierce fighting and casualties. In addition, Engineering starts with four reactors to power the base defenses, leaving the squad engineers to construct field defenses. In CiC, the only difference is the communications consoles that can only be used for announcements and medal recommendations.

For the Xenomorphs, they start from the south of the map, covered in vine and grass, Here be Dragons.

The Marines

Unlike the Falling Falcons Marines who are stationed at the Almayer, the Dust Raider Marines are stationed at planetside - and will have different job changes. Much of the common roles remains unchanged and some are just renamed, however, there are a few roles that completely changes the role one way or another. Below here, are the major and minor changes between the roles.

Reinforcements from the 7th "Falling Falcons" Battalion will arrive during wave 7, which is the break wave. Each consisting a basic combat squad.

Take note that after the first wave of Xenomorphs arrive, you are not able to latejoin this round as a marine.

Renamed Roles:

Requisitions Officer > Quartermaster


Jobs: Description:

Commander (Ground Commander)

Requires a Whitelisted CO - As the Ground Commander you'll be in charge of designating where your Outpost is going to be built, strategic placements, and giving orders to the Squad Leaders for the defense of the outpost.

Lieutenant Commander

The Lt. Commander's job is simple; Be the commander when there is none, and assist the Commander in the defence of the bunker.

Auxiliary Combat Support

Jobs: Description:

Honor Guard Squad Leader

This role replaces the CMP in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Lead and oversee the Honor Guard in all available tasks, protect the Ground Commander and the bunker above all else.

Honor Guard Specialist

This role replaces the Tank Crewmen in the Whiskey Outpost map.
With the knowledge of heavy equipment to date, Honor Guard Specialists are in charge of guarding the bunker and protecting the Ground Commander whenever in danger. You are the heavy support.

Veteran Honor Guard

This role replaces the Staff Officers in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Your job is to Overwatch the squads, call out contacts, and ensure your forces don't become overrun Lead your men to glory!.

Honor Guard

This role replaces the MP officers in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Protect the bunker and serve the Ground Commander throughout the mission. Ensure order and law is maintained at all times.

Mortar Crewman

This role replaces the Pilot Officers in the Whiskey Outpost map.
You are in charge of operating the M202 mortar system at the specialized mortar pit. Listen up for coordinates from the marines, you are their main firepower.


Jobs: Description:

Dust Raider Squad Leader

As a Squad Leader you are tasked with watching over a group of marines, ensuring that orders are being executed in a precise manner. You are the leader from the front, coordinate alongside Command to ensure a swift defense.
  • Laser Designator binoculars Laser Designator.png have 2 modes. Remote Mortar Fire, (Doesn't require an engineer to be manning the mortar) and Air strikes. Both modes cause high amounts of damage in a large area.

Dust Raider Specialist

Specialists spawn with some of the essential marine equipment. In addition to this, they'll also start off with a Specialist Kit, allowing the Specialist to choose any of the 5 kits available to them. There can only be two Specialists who use the same specialist equipment. With your vast training of heavy weapons you are the backbone support for the marine forces, use your big guns to the advantage.
  • Spec Kit.png Use this spec kit box in your active hand to bring up a selection of spec equipment choices for you to choose from.

Dust Raider Engineer

You are the field Engineer, tasked with the job of ensuring that the marines have adequate barricades to protect them from the Xenomorph threat. Place mines, arm sentries and MG's, build barricades, repair them, do it all! Ensure that the lines don't fall.

Dust Raider Medic

As the Medic you are the frontline medical support; ensure that your fellow brothers in arms receive care for their war wounds. Your task is to make sure that not one man falls. Good luck.

Dust Raider Marine

Marines start off with one of the three basic weapons (M41AMK2, M39, M37A2) along with a medical and flare pouch and their respective ammo belt. Inside their backpack/satchel will be a box containing three random attachments.

You are the basic grunts of the operation. While large in numbers you are the main fighting force at the outpost. Use your strength and courage to hold off against the incoming attack. Rely on one another to ensure survival.


Jobs: Description:

Bunker Crew Master

As the Bunker Crew Master you'll be in charge of the bunker crew. Make sure the bunker is hole free and guide your Bunker Crew!

Bunker Crew

As the Bunker Crew you'll be in charge of reinforcing defenses around the main outpost and getting power up, ensure that the cade lines are held to an acceptable standard. If there is a hole be ready to plug it!


Jobs: Description:

Head Surgeon

As the Head Surgeon you will be running the medical department in the bunker. Make sure to keep the marines happy and healthy, and that your doctors are doing their job

Field Doctor

Staff the medical area of the outpost. Make sure the marines are healthy!


Make chemicals to assist the medical staff.

Miscellaneous Jobs

Jobs: Description:

Synthetic (Outpost Synthetic)

Requires a Whitelisted Synthetic - You are the bases Synthetic, their is a never ending amount of duties to fulfill: build barricades, provide medical support, and ensure supplies are sent. Get working!

The goal of the Dust Raider garrison is to hold out within 60 to 90 minutes in order to establish a signal with the USS Alistoun to alert the remaining Dust Raider marines about the dire situation in the Dust Raider garrison in LV-624. If the Whiskey Outpost garrison survives the onslaught, the remaining Dust Raiders will shortly converge and reinforce the marine garrison in LV-624 and successfully repel the alien invasion force. The Dust Raiders then secure LV-624 and the entire Neroid sector, establishing peace for years to come.


Supplies in the outpost are generally limited to handheld firearms, medical supplies and engineering equipment, each spread out in different pillboxes as well as the main outpost. From each wave, crates containing random assortments of supplies (such as ammo, attachments, constructables, etc.) are given out in Requisitions inside the bunker. The outpost's Quartermaster or Logistics crew will deliver the supplies out from the main outpost to the pillboxes in the front. They are either dragged through or delivered by the pipe chute.

Close Air Support

Squad Leaders can also order airstrikes in addition to mortar bombardments using their Laser Designators. The laser designator has 2 modes, CAS and Mortar and two targeting modes N-S and E-W standing for North to South and East to West, This will dictate the way the CAS or Mortar will hit.

The Xenomorphs

The Aliens or Xenomorphs see several major changes to their playstyle in order to suit this game mode. These changes are as follows:

  • The Aliens do not get a Queen, Carriers, or any Facehuggers. More Aliens will spawn every single wave. Aliens are expected to throw themselves at the Marine defences and attempt to breach into them.
    • As for this, there are no cooldowns when respawning as an Alien.
  • More powerful Aliens will spawn in later waves.
    • From waves 1 to 2 quick waves of tier ones will spawn.
    • From waves 3 to 11 tier twos start appearing and will become more and more common.
    • At wave 12 Ravagers and Praetorians start appearing.
    • Waves 13 and 14 introduce boilers
    • Waves 15 and on cause more and more aliens to appear, Reinforcing the siege.
  • If there too many aliens, the wave will be "delayed", costing the aliens one wave and making the marines hold the outpost much easier.
  • Aliens do not heal nor rest on weeds outside of healing out of critical damage, they'll immediately bleed out and die.
  • Aliens cannot evolve but can still talk in the hivemind. You play as what you spawned in as.

Overall, Aliens are a lot more expendable in Whiskey Outpost than standard play. You are expected to throw yourself at the Marine defences, though try and exploit weak points in the Human defences. Don't be afraid to die as you'll be dying a lot as an Alien in this game mode.

Alien Strategy

The game can roughly be divided into three parts. The Early Game (scouting phase), the Mid Game (offensive phase) and the End Game (annihilation phase).

In the Early Game the Xeno forces consist only of scouting xenomorphs, large amounts of Runners and some Sentinels and Drones that reached the Human base first. Eventually being joined by light amounts of Lurkers and Spitters. In the Early Game the Aliens should focus on pressuring the outer Human defences and trying to kill as many Humans as they can, the more dead Humans, the more people that will be playing as a Xeno. In this stage of the game the Alien forces are very weak and won't likely overrun the Human defenders.

The Mid Game begins roughly when the "Vanguard" Alien forces arrive, this occurs after the mid-game lull occurs (Marine bombers delay xeno spawns, giving Marines a moment or relief). At this point the Xeno forces consist entirely of Lurkers, Spitters, Defenders, Warriors and Drones with some Sentinel and Runner support. At this point of the game the Aliens become a very dangerous force, unprepared the Aliens can quickly overrun underdefended outposts and many Xenos can easily slip by and harass the central base. Eventually tier 3 Aliens will begin to appear, adding to the threat of the Alien forces. In this stage of the game the Aliens should focus on overrunning the forward defensive lines and opening up the map to Alien movement.

The End Game begins when the full Alien force arrives, and usually occur within the last ten to twenty minutes of the round. At this point most Aliens will spawn in as Tier 2s, and you'll start to see a ridiculous amount of T3s, such as of Crushers, Boilers, Ravagers and Praetorians. At this junction the Xenomorphs are so powerful that they can quickly roll over the remaining Marine defenders in most cases. There is little strategy at this stage, your only goal now is to try and kill the remaining Marines before their reinforcements arrive.

Like in a normal round, the Alien's goal is to annihilate the entire marine force. If this happens, the forces in Whiskey Outpost are wiped out and the distress signal from LV-624 will be intercepted, allowing the aliens to overrun the marine garrison in LV-624. This event would later cause the USS Almayer and the rest of the "Falling Falcons" battalion to arrive in the sector five years later, with their fate in question.

Whiskey Outpost Event Mode

The Whiskey Outpost Event Mode can be triggered on any of the currently available maps by an admin+. Once the Event Mode is triggered late-joining will not not be available for that round and there will not be any Human Response Teams as reinforcements, so you'll be stuck observing or deciding to play as an alien if you didn't ready up in time.

Available Jobs

Similar to the Whiskey Outpost Gamemode there is only a select set of allowed marine jobs for this event.

Not readying up as one of the following jobs will force you to be a Squad Marine:

Jobs: Description:

Commander (Ground Commander)

Requires a Whitelisted CO - As the Ground Commander you'll be in charge of designating where your Outpost is going to be built and issuing orders to the Squad Leaders for defense similar to a normal round.

Military Police (Honor Guard)

As a Honor Guard you're in charge of keeping the Ground Commander alive to the end of the mission. Good luck.

Synthetic (Outpost Synthetic)

Requires a Whitelisted Synthetic - Play like a normal round but with the added pressure of defending the designated outpost.

Maintenance Technician (Outpost Engineer)

As the Outpost Engineer you'll be in charge of reinforcing defenses around the main outpost and making sure that there aren't any weaknesses in the defensive line.

Medical Doctor

Tending to the Injured and dead in the designated medbay of the outpost.

Dust Raider Squad Leader

Get your squad to build and man defenses to stop the oncoming xenomorph tide and hopefully hold out until the end.

  • Laser Designator binoculars Laser Designator.png have 2 modes. Remote Mortar Fire, (Doesn't require an engineer to be manning the mortar) and Air strikes. Both modes cause high amounts of damage in a large area.

Dust Raider Specialist

Kill the enemy and protect your fellow squad members.

  • Spec Kit.png Use this spec kit box in your active hand to bring up a selection of spec equipment choices for you to choose from.

Dust Raider Smartgunner

Kill the enemy and protect your fellow squad members.

Dust Raider Engineer

Help build outpost defenses and lay mines. Repair the outpost defenses and synths when needed. Remember to also kill the enemy and protect your fellow squad members.

Dust Raider Medic

Treat any wounded/injured and get them to the medbay for surgery if required.

Dust Raider Marine

Kill the enemy and protect your fellow squad members.

Round Start Setup

A selection of Boxes will be spawned in at round start for the marines to move around and setup their ideal and desired Outpost, complete with a functioning medbay. Follow the Ground Commanders orders on where the Outpost should be made. Note that you can examine the boxes to see what machines/supplies are in them.

Box Piles: Description:
WO Materials Crate.png

Engineering Boxes

A set amount of engineering machines (Floodlights, Recyclers, a Plasma Generator and Powerloader, etc) and engineering supplies (Metal, Plasteel, Sandbags). To setup these engineering machines just drag their box to the desired location of the Outpost/Supply area then crowbar the box open and the machine will be fully setup and useable.
WO Medical Crate.png

Medical Boxes

A set amount of medical machines (Autodocs, Sleepers, Body Scanners, Medivendors, Surgery Table, etc). To setup these medical machines just drag their box to the desired location of the field hospital then crowbar the box open and the machine will be fully setup and useable.
WO Weapon and Turret Crates.png

Turret Boxes

A set amount of Turrets and Ammo (M56D, Sentry and corresponding ammo).
WO Weapon and Turret Crates.png

Weapon Boxes

A set amount of Weapons (M41A, M37A2 Shotgun, M39, Incinerators, Heavy Pulse Rifle, etc) and defense supplies (Mines and the Mortar Kit).
WO Ammo Crate.png

Ammunition Boxes

A set amount of Ammunition (M41A Magazines, M37A2 Shotgun Boxes, M39 Magazines, etc).
Large Crate.png

Food Boxes

A set amount of MREs.

Round Progression

Once the marines have established their outpost the xenomorph waves will start to appear with brief intervals between. Due to the plethora of xenomorphs attacking each wave the marines have been given Special supply beacons WO Supply Beacon.png that once activated allow the user to select what supplies they require and automatically call it in. These will drop in the form of supply kits. Note that supply kits will also randomly spawn after each wave with random supplies.

As a xenomorph keep in mind you will overwhelm the marine force regardless but if they can withstand and defend long enough you will lose, Don't worry about dying as long as you supported the siege.