The Colonial Liberation Front

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CLF Leader.png
The Colonial Liberation Front
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: CLF Leader
Rank: N/A
Duties: Repel the USCM.
Guides: This one.
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
With the Neroid sector existing in relative isolation from United America oversight for the last five years, many colonists have considered themselves free from governmental rule.

The year is now 2182.
The arrival of the USCM Battalion, the Falling Falcons, and their flagship, the USS Almayer, have reaffirmed that the United Americas considers Neroid part of their holdings.
It is up to you and your fellow colonists to make them realize their trespasses. This sector is no longer theirs.

To some, the Colonial Liberation Front (Also known as Free Colonist) are the militia to keep the peace, to others they're rebels who oppose the USCM in the Neroid Sector. As a member of the CLF you fight for freedom against the United Americas, who foolishly believe that your homes belong to them.


As a CLF fighter you can expect a more guerrilla style of gameplay.

You start with non-standard weapons of varying usefulness, meaning you may have to make do with a sub-standard weapon to begin with, you also start with less good equipment overall.

Your one advantage is numbers, as the CLF can have up to eight or even more members spawn during an assault whereas most other response teams only spawn four to six members. Use speed and aggressiveness to assault the Colonial Marine forces before they realize what is going on. Consider taking civilian hostages to delay the American counterattack.

Your ultimate objective is to force out the Colonial Marine forces from your sector, depending on the circumstances you may be able to achieve this without killing the Marine forces.


The Colonial Liberation Front or Free Colonist (approx. one-hundred and fifty-thousand fighters, active) were formed due to massive dislike towards the Americas government and the USCM forces, and the perceived lack of the USCM in being able to protect the frontier from pirates and other threats, and for a time the frontier felt a degree of safety and security due to the lack of any USCM presence.

In 2181, the situation changed as the United Americas moved the USCM Battalion, the 'Dust Raiders', and their flagship the USS Alistoun, to the sector.

There was a decent amount of death and hardship, even when the Dust Raiders were in the Neroid Sector, and as such the CLF feel the USCM can't protect them. In this regard some could call them a militia that protects their neighbouring colonies, however they also want to fight for their freedom, so they're a rebel group in that regard. Previously there was an armed insurgency against the Dust Raiders, including a suicide attack by a Cargo Freighter called the USCSS Corrinus that collided with the USS Alistoun killing a handful of Dust Raider marines along with rupturing the cyro-storage section and damaging the engines, most likely by a more radical element according to sources at the time. As a direct result of these events, the Dust Raiders used bombardments and other aggressive methods to try and quell the insurgency and restore order, however this led to a high civilian casualty rate.

Eventually by the end of 2181, the Dust Raiders, with their flagship the USS Alistoun, withdrew from the sector, with many colonists considering themselves free from governmental rule.

One year later, in 2182, the arrival of the USCM Battalion, the 'Falling Falcons', and their flagship, the USS Almayer, have reaffirmed that the United Americas considers Neroid part of their holdings.

It is up to the CLF to make them realize that they are trespassers, that the sector is no longer theirs.

Standing Orders

Repel the USCM Falling Falcons Battalion from Neroid Sector at all costs to protect our independence.

Colonial Liberation Front Roles

Role Description
CLF Standard.png
Colonial Liberation Front Standard
A CLF Militia soldier with varying degrees of equipment. Spawning in with a random selection of weaponry and equipment, what the CLF standard lacks in equipment they make up for in spirit, and numbers. Armed with either knives or assault rifles, what ever they have, they have to use it.
CLF Medic.png
Colonial Liberation Front Medic
Poorly equipped CLF Militia medics compared to their USCM counter parts yet capable enough to do their job. The CLF Medic's job is to keep the enthusiastic CLF members alive that tiny bit longer. Usually armed with a pistol of sorts and if they're lucky, an SMG to dispatch any would be foes from harming your comrades.
CLF Leader.png
Colonial Liberation Front Leader
The CLF Militia team leader is tasked with ensuring their assault force can execute the goals of the CLF. Though the rest of the gang may have a mismatch of equipment, the CLF Militia team leader has the most "standard issued" equipment produced by the CLF. The full set of a colonial militia hauberk and a fancy beret to let your troops know who's in charge. Armed with any sort of fire arm and some C4 to punch holes into anything that stands in your way.

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CLF do not negotiate with marines