Dutch's Mercenary Team

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Dutch's Dozens
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: "Dutch"
Rank: Not defined
Duties: Search and destroy the target. Assist friendlies if needed.
Guides: This one
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
Should you encounter "the target", you are to hunt it down at all costs.

The Dutch's Mercenary Team (Also known as the Dutch's Dozen) is a group of mercenaries who are specialized in jungle warfare. Led by the mercenary commando known as "Dutch", most of them have one common goal, to eliminate humanoid-alien figures in the area of operations.


Like the Colonial Liberation Front and the better-equipped Freelancer Mercenaries before them, the Dozens start with non-standard UA weaponry, employing equipment of the United Americas such as the M16A2 assault rifle and the minigun. While the weapons on their own are outdated and cannot take most attachments, their automatic weaponry is equally deadly, meant for hunting their targets. The Dozens will also expect a guerrilla style of gameplay, as unlike most modern forces of this era, the Dozens use special techniques related to survival and can handle themselves on the ground without support. Whether it would take place in a jungle landscape or in urban grounds.

One advantage of the Dutch's Mercenary Team is their speed and aggressiveness, which are primarily used to eliminate their target(s), due to the target's equal amount of speed, aggressiveness and robustness.

Standing Order

Commissioned off the books by the OWLF to track and kill hunters. You must retrieve their equipment as intact as possible for the boys in research and development to analyse. Expect heavy resistance and make sure no one else comes looking for it.

Give them no mercy.

The marines themselves, are not hostiles and the other hostile lifeforms that get in your way, are not the priority though deal with them as you see fit.

Dutch's Dozens Roles

Role Description
Dutch's Dozens Soldier
Equipped with an M16A2 and armor piercing ammunition with specialized EMP grenades to boot. You know your job, you want it dead.
Dozens Minigunner.png
Dutch's Dozens Minigunner
Equipped with a minigun and better training to wield it. Your task is simple, fill it with enough led, and hopefully it will die.
Dutch's Dozens Leader
Equipped with an M16A2 and armor piercing ammunition, specialized EMP grenades and bait. Find the target, kill the target and retrieve their gear.