Alien Techwebs

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Alien Techwebs are unlockable upgrades that improve the overall effectiveness of the aliens on the ground. In order to access them they must be purchased by the Queen. Some techs can be purchased multiple times, allowing for certain techwebs abilities to be used more than once.

How to get Points?

Currently, points will generate passively gaining 1 point every minute. More ways will be added acquiring points in the future.

Alien Techs

Techs: Tier One

The starting techs that allow you to give the aliens an initial boost at the start of the operation.

Techwebs: Description: Unlocks:


Upgrade to Next Tech Tier

Progress to the next tier of techs.

Unlocks the starting set of techs to be purchased.

Costs: 0 Points



The queen gets the ability to place blockades.

Allows the Queen to spawn a temporary 3x3 reinforced resin wall on a resin tile. It has a 8 second casting time and 1 minute life span. After 30 seconds, the reinforced resin wall will become brittle, turning into resin membranes, drastically weakening the blockade. Once the 1 minute life span, the walls will delete themselves along with the resin underneath it.

Must be used in Ovipositor mode.

Purchasing it grants you two uses.

Can be bought more than once.

Costs: 5 Points


Telecommunication Disruption

The Queen's releases a psychic field that temporarily disables telecommunications for a duration of time.

Temporarily disables marine communications on the same Zlevel the Queen is on or 3 minutes.

Can be bought more than once

Costs: 5 Points


Build Distribution

Distribute the ability to build to all xenomorphs

Allows all xenomorphs that aren't larva to build standard resin structures slightly slower than their build castes counter parts..

Costs: 15 Points


Defensive Structures

Unlock defensive structures to use to defend the hive with.

Allows 3 new types of structures to be built by building castes

Reflective Wall: A weak resin wall that deflects all bullets and projectiles back to the sender. Extremely weak to melee.

Limited to 5 per Building Caste.

Resin Spikes: A tile of 3 spikes stick out of the ground. Deals 8 damage to the one of the legs or feet of anyone walking over it.

Limited to 8 per Building Caste.

Acid Pillar: A pillar of acid that sprays acid at anyone within a 11x11 tile range. Can also extinguish Aliens on fire.

Limited to 1 per Building Caste.

Costs: 15 Points

Techs: Tier Two

Techwebs: Description: Unlocks:


Upgrade to Next Tech Tier

Progress to the next tier of techs.

You must have at least purchased two permanent techs of the previous tier to unlock

Unlocks the next set of techs to be purchased.

Costs: 10 Points


Evolution Boost

The hive is put on an evolution frenzy! Increases evolution rate temporarily.

Temporarily increases alien evolution speed.

Lasts 5 minutes.

Can be bought more than once

Costs: 10 Points


Queen Beacon

Rally the hive to a specific location.

Teleports all aliens to a selected location on weeds.

Purchasing it will grant you one Queen Beacon

Can be bought more than once

Must be used in Ovipositor mode.

Costs: 10 Points


Shielding Slash Evolution

Every time a xenomorph slashes a marine enough times, they'll get protection.

All aliens gain an internal shield build up of 160. Every slash generates 20 build up. Once it reaches over 160, the alien gains 160 shield and the internal build up is reset.

Does not stack.

Costs: 25 Points


Offensive structures

Unlock offensive structures to use to attack people with. Upgrades the acid pillar to a stronger variation.

Allows the aliens to construct the following:

Moveable Resin Membranes: A moveable membrane on weeds that can be pushed to act as mobile window. (Max of 7 can be placed per caste)

Moveable Resin Walls: A moveable wall on weeds that can be pushed to act as mobile cover. (Max of 7 can be placed per caste)

Shield Pillar: Grants 25 shield points every 7 seconds as long as you're next to it with a max of 200 Shield Points. (Max of 1 per caste)

Resin Acid Grenade: Secret a resin acid grenade that functions like a normal grenade but spews level 1 acid on a 5x5 tile range. (Max of 1 per caste)

Costs: 25 Points


Fortifying Weeds

Actively causes weeds to reduce the damage taken by Xenomorphs by providing a light layer of armour, reducing all incoming damage by 35% as long as a xenomorph is on weeds.

Upon purchases, the Queen will be able to scale the effectiveness of fortifying weeds from 5% to 50%. Point loss is dependent on how effective the fortifying weeds bonus is.

Can be activated and deactivated.

Costs: 15 Points

Techs: Tier Three

Techwebs: Description: Unlocks:


Upgrade to Next Tech Tier

Progress to the next tier of techs.

You must have at least purchased two permanent techs of the previous tier to unlock

Unlocks the next set of techs to be purchased.

Costs: 15 Points


Artillery Blob

The queen can fire a glob of gas to siege fortified enemies or stall attackers!

Launch a normal Boiler acid blob anywhere you have line of sight on provided the target isn't obscured by anything else.

Works with the Queen Eye ability

Purchasing it will grant you two uses.

Costs: 15 Points


Revival Jelly

The queen dispenses a special type of royal jelly, which can be given to a fallen sister to rejuvenate and revive them. The amount of jelly required depends on the caste tier. Can only be used whilst the Queen is on her ovipositor.

The Queen spawns 1 stack of 6 revival jelly for an Alien to carry and apply to a dead Alien. Revives a non-gibbed alien back to full health. Amount needed is tied to their tier.

To revive one, simply take the Revival Jelly in hand and click on a dead non-gibbed Alien body.

If the dead Alien's original owner is still in the server and in the body, they will retake their Alien.

Otherwise, the Alien is up for the taking by Observers.

Must be on Ovipositor mode to dispense.

You can not revive a Queen or Larva with this.

Costs: 15 Points


Acidic Blood Evolution

Increases the damage of acidic blood, punishing close-ranged combatants.

Drastically increases the damage acid blood causes when it is spewed out against marines fighting in close range.

Increases its damage by 300%.

Costs: 30 Points



Xenomorphs become faster off weeds. Additionally, they heal very slowly as well.

As the description says, Aliens become faster off weeds and can heal slowly without the need to being on weeds.

Aliens become 5% faster off weeds.

Heals 0.3 per second.

Costs: 25 Points