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This page contains the recipes for various drinks and cocktails. If you need information on cooking food check this page. Most drinks have specific sprites when poured into drinking glasses. Additionally, alcohol can be deadly in CM, so if you intend to serve booze, mixing some ethylredoxrazine is a good precaution.

Machinery and Tools

Icon Object Description Locations
Soda Fountain The soda fountain can dispense a variety of drinks. Kitchen
Booze Dispenser This dispenser primarily contains various types of alcohol. Found on some maps on the planet. Can't be moved.
Booze-O-Mat A vendor that has bottles of various drinks. Found on some maps on the planet. Good luck getting marines to bring you one of these.

Basic Drinks

These are the drinks that can be found in vendors, dispensers, acquired via hydroponics or mixed using universal enzyme. The "bottle" column contains the image of the container that the drink is vended in, like a bottle or can. The "glass" column contains the drink's sprite when poured into a drinking glass. The universal enzyme is not consumed in reactions.


Bottle Glass Drink Acquiring Notes
Drinks orangejuicecarton.png
Drinks glassorange.png
Orange Juice
Drinks tomatojuicecarton.png
Drinks glassred.png
Tomato Juice
Drinks limejuicecarton.png
Drinks glassgreen.png
Lime Juice
Drinks carrotjuice.png
Carrot Juice
  • Juice carrots
Drinks berryjuice.png
Berry Juice
  • Juice Berries
Drinks grapejuice.png
Grape Juice
  • Juice grapes
Drinks pberryjuice.png
Poison Berry Juice
  • Juice poison berries
Does 1 TOX damage per cycle.
Drinks glassbrown.png
Watermelon Juice
Drinks lemonjuice.png
Lemon Juice
  • Juice lemons
Drinks bananajuice.png
Banana Juice
  • Juice bananas
Drinks glassbrown.png
  • Juice potatoes
Drinks grenadinesyrupbottle.png
Drinks grenadinesyrup.png
Grenadine Syrup
Food drinks milk.png
Drinks glasswhite.png
  • Kitchen fridges
  • Apply container to live cow
Rapidly removes capsaicin from the drinker's body.
Food drinks soymilk.png
Drinks glasswhite.png
Soy Milk
  • Kitchen fridges
  • Grind soybeans
Drinks creamcarton.png
Drinks glasswhite.png
Drinks souto.gif
Drinks glassbrown.png
  • Souto soft drinks machine
Makes you less drowsy. Comes in the following flavours: classic, cherry, lime, grape, blue raspberry, peach, cranberry
Drinks sodawatercan.png
Drinks glassclear.png
Soda Water Makes you less dizzy and drowsy.
Drinks colacan.png
Drinks glassbrown.png
Space Cola Makes you less drowsy. Called Fruit-Beer in vendors.
Drinks spacemountainwindcan.png
Drinks spacemountainwind.png
Space Mountain Wind Makes you less sleepy and drowsy.
Drinks drgibbcan.png
Drinks drgibb.png
Dr. Gibb Makes you less drowsy.
Drinks spaceupcan.png
Drinks spaceup.png
Drinks coffeecup.png
Drinks glassbrown.png
Coffee Rapidly removes frost oil from the drinker. Makes you less dizzy, sleepy, drowsy and increases your temperature. At 30u, makes you twitch, blink, shiver occasionally. Overdoses at 180 units. OD knocks you out and does heavy TOX and heart damage.
Drinks aspenbeercan.png
Drinks beer.png
Aspen Beer
Drinks teacup.png
Drinks glassbrown.png
Tea Makes you less sleepy, drowsy, dizzy and raises your temperature.
Drinks icedteacan.png
Drinks icedtea.png
Iced Tea
Drinks nothingbottle.png
Drinks nothing.png
  • Absolutely nowhere. (As far as I can tell this is only spawnable by admins)
Absolutely nothing.
Drinks tonicwatercan.png
Drinks glassclear.png
Tonic Water Makes you less dizzy, drowsy and sleepy.
Drinks coffeecup.png
Drinks ice.png
Drinks lemonlimecan.png
Drinks glassbrown.png
Lemon Lime
Drinks cococup.png
Drinks glassbrown.png
Hot Coco
  • The Hot Drinks Machine
  • 5u Water + 1u Coco
Heats you


Bottle Glass Drink Acquiring Notes
Drinks glassbrown.png
  • Dispensers in research and medbay.
The most basic alcohol
Drinks beercan.png
Drinks beer.png
Drinks kahluabottle.png
Drinks kahlua.png
Drinks kahluabottle.png
Drinks whiskey.png
Drinks specialblendwhiskeybottle.png
Drinks glassbrown.png
Special Blend Whiskey
Drinks sakebottle.png
Drinks vodka.png
Drinks vodkabottle.png
Drinks vodka.png
Drinks vodkabottle.png
Drinks vodka.png
Drinks kahluabottle.png
Drinks rum.png
Drinks tequillabottle.png
Drinks tequilla.png
Drinks vermouthbottle.png
Drinks vermouth.png
Drinks winebottle.png
Drinks wine.png
Drinks cognacbottle.png
Drinks cognac.png
Drinks uscmflask.png
Drinks glassbrown.png
  • Mix 2u Ethanol + 1u Sugar + 1u Fuel
  • 1u mixed with 59u water can be found in USCM flasks that you can get in one of the two squad canteens.
Drinks alebottle.png
Drinks ale.png
Drinks absinthebottle.png
Drinks absinthe.png
Drinks pwinebottle.png
Drinks pwine.gif
Poison Wine
Drinks glassclear.png
Drinks melonliquorbottle.png
Drinks melonliquor.png
Melon Liquor
Drinks bluecuracaobottle.png
Drinks bluecuracao.png
Blue Curacao
Drinks mead.png

Mixed Drinks

These are the drinks that you can ONLY acquire by mixing them yourself. Drinks that you can mix using universal enzyme are not included here.


Glass Drink Recipe Input : Output Notes
Drinks milkshake.png
Milkshake 5:5 Rapidly removes capsaicin from drinker's body
Drinks nukacola.gif
Nuka Cola 7:6 Uranium sheets can no longer be used to create this drink. You will need an admin to spawn it now.
Drinks kiraspecial.gif
Kira Special 3:3
Drinks brownstar.png
Brown Star 3:3
Drinks icedcoffee.png
Iced Coffee 4:4
Drinks soylatte.png
Soy Latte 2:2
Drinks cafelatte.png
Cafe Latte 2:2
Drinks rewriter.png
Rewriter 2:2
Drinks glassbrown.png
Macho Sauce 2:2 Condensed capsaicin can be found in pepper sprays. Or made from normal capsaicin by mixing it with 5u phoron (not used up by the reaction)
Drinks lemonade.png
Lemonade 3:3
Drinks atomicbomb.gif
Atomic Bomb
  • 10u B52
  • 1u Uranium
11:10 Uranium sheets can no longer be used to make this drink. An admin will need to spawn it in. Note that while technically this is not alcoholic, it will still mess you up.
Drinks pangalacticgargleblaster.gif
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster 5:5 As above.
Drinks neurotoxin.gif
Neurotoxin 2:2 Knocks you out. Not the same thing as neurotoxin plasma.
Drinks hippiesdelight.png
Hippie's Delight 2:2
Drinks doctorsdelight.gif
The Doctor's Delight 5:5 Has a 50% chance to heal any of the four basic damage types.
Drinks grapesoda.png
Grape Soda 3:3


Glass Drink Recipe Input : Output Notes
Drinks suidream.png
Sui Dream 4:4
Drinks glassbrown.png
Bilk 2:2
Drinks manlydorf.png
The Manly Dorf
Drinks icedbeer.png
Iced Beer


11:10 OR 6:6
Drinks snowwhite.png
Snow White 2:2
Drinks syndicatebomb.png
Syndicate Bomb 2:2
Drinks acidspit.gif
Acid Spit
  • 5u Wine
  • 1u Sulphuric Acid
Drinks singulo.gif
Singulo 11:10
Drinks amasec.png
Amasec 11:10
Drinks goldschlager.png
Goldschlager 11:10
Drinks martini.png
Vodka Martini 3:3
Drinks screwdriver.png
Screwdriver 3:3
Drinks changelingsting.gif
Changeling Sting 3:5
Drinks bloodymary.png
Bloody Mary 4:4
Drinks longislandicedtea.png
Long Island Iced Tea 4:4
Drinks threemileisland.gif
Three Mile Island 11:10 Uranium can be found in the storage room behind engineering.
Drinks vodkatonic.png
Vodka and Tonic 3:3
Drinks alliescocktail.png
Allies Cocktail 2:2
Drinks antifreeze.png
Anti-freeze 4:4
Drinks sbiten.png
Sbiten 11:10
Drinks blackrussian.png
Black Russian 5:5
Drinks whiterussian.png
White Russian 5:5
Drinks bravebull.png
Brave Bull 3:3
Drinks b52.png
B-52 3:3
Drinks devilskiss.png
Devil's Kiss 3:3
Drinks redmead.png
Red Mead 2:2
Drinks patron.png
Patron 11:10
Drinks tequillasunrise.png
Tequilla Sunrise 3:3
Drinks margarita.png
Margarita 3:3
Drinks gintonic.png
Gin and Tonic 3:3
Drinks martini.png
Classic Martini 3:3
Drinks ginfizz.png
Gin Fizz 4:4
Drinks driestmartini.png
Driest Martini 2:2
Drinks whiskeycola.png
Whiskey Cola 3:3
Drinks irishcream.png
Irish Cream 3:3
Drinks irishcoffee.png
Irish Coffee 2:2
Drinks irishcarbomb.png
Irish Car Bomb 2:2
Drinks whiskeysoda.png
Whiskey Soda 3:3
Drinks aloe.png
Aloe 3:2 Whiskey should be added AFTER the other ingredients, otherwise you'll make irish cream
Drinks andalusia.png
Andalusia 3:3
Drinks erikasurprise.png
Erika Surprise 5:5
Drinks manhattan.png
Manhattan 3:3
Drinks manhattanproject.gif
Manhattan Project 11:10 Uranium can be found in the storage room behind engineering.
Drinks cubalibre.png
Cuba Libre 3:3
Drinks toxinsspecial.gif
Toxins Special 5:5
Drinks bahamamama.png
Bahama Mama 6:6
Drinks demonsblood.gif
Demons Blood 4:4
Drinks booger.png
Booger 4:4
Drinks grog.png
Grog 2:2
Drinks glassbrown.png
Drinks bananahonk.png
Banana Honk 3:3
Drinks silencer.png
Silencer 3:3