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Warning! Misuse or spamming of this feature can result in a ban.

Has your UI suddenly become hidden? Are you suddenly unable to see your inventory slots? Press F12 to cycle between HUD modes in order to restore your UI with inventory slots visible.


Macros are custom built keys that align with commands/verbs that are already in the game. They are a very robust feature of SS13, allowing the player to attach any verb to (almost) any key combination. Many of them would seem necessary in this server as you're probably going to need to press a lot of buttons in a short span of time.

Macros That Are Already In

A basic list of the Macros that are built into the server.

Key Function
F1 Opens up the Admin Help menu
F2 Toggles an OOC prompt to talking in Out Of Character chat (if enabled)
F3 Prompts a menu to talk in character
F4 Prompts a menu to describe yourself in character
F12 Cycles between different HUD Modes. This hides and shows the inventory slots of the UI.
Ctrl + Click Quickly grabs an item/object/mob (Make sure to have an empty hand.)
Shift + Click Quickly examines an item/object/mob (Marine Use/Some Alien Castes)
Shift + Middle Click Point to something
Ctrl + Middle Click Lases a tile with the tactical binoculars/range finders
Shift + Click As the Carrier or any acid oriented caste, throw/spit acid. (If you have enabled the shift click function in the alien tab.)
Numpad 8 Targets the Head. Press again to toggle to Eyes / Mouth.
Numpad 5 Targets the chest
Numpad 2 Targets the groin
Numpad 4 Targets the Right Arm. Press again to toggle to Right Hand.
Numpad 1 Targets the Right Leg. Press again to toggle to Right Foot.
Numpad 6 Targets the Left Arm. Press again to toggle to Left Hand.
Numpad 3 Targets the Left Leg. Press again to toggle to Left Foot.
Control + E or Alt + E Unholster/Holster Tertiary Weapon. Example: Pistol Belts/Pouches.
Z Use the boot knife in hand to remove shrapnel from the player as marine.

Managing Macros

Accessing macros via the title bar menu
Macros can be accessed and edited in two ways, from the in-game client by Right-click the top in-game title bar -> Client -> Macros. The other way is editing "macros.dmf" file with a text editor. The macros.dmf is in C:\Users\[YOU]\Documents\BYOND\cfg, open macros.dmf in a text editor (Notepad++ recommended, but Notepad works fine, too)

Creating a Macro

  • The key used must not already be used by the client/server (See Unusable keys)
  • The command must contain dashes (-) in the place of spaces
  • The full verb must be used as the command. E.g. unique-action
  • The command is NOT case-sensitive. E.g. Join-as-Xeno works fine.


General Commands

Key Command Function
Shift + F2 LOOC Speak in LOOC (Local Out of Character chat)
Spacebar Resist Drop and roll to extinguish the fire, break out of handcuffs and/or unbuckle yourself
Shift + G Rest Rest on weed to regenerate health as alien or lay down to avoid FF as marine
Escape Cancel-Camera-View Stop looking up/down ladder and camera
Shift + W/A/S/D Northface/Westface/Eastface/Southface Turn north/west/east/south (essentially dance if excuted in quick succession)
Shift + E Toggle-Darkness Disable darkness (ghost only)
P Join-as-Xeno Open join Xeno window (ghost only)
[ Join-Response-Team Sign up as a candidate for emergency response team (ghost only)
] Toggle-SpecialRole-Candidacy Open the special role candidacy window
I .ping Ping the server to see how high the ping is (and disengage when it's high)
U Re-enter-corpse Re-enter the body, useful when a medic is trying to revive you.
Ctrl+W northfaceperm Lock your facing direction north.
Ctrl+A westfaceperm Lock your facing direction west.
Ctrl+S southfaceperm Lock your facing direction south.
Ctrl+D eastfaceperm Lock your facing direction east.

Marine Commands

Type *help to see the list of emotes.

Key Command Function
C unique-action Pump shotgun, ignite flamethrower or clearing a round in the chamber of a gun.
V use-attachment Toggles either a single attachment or pops open a menu to select from. UGL, masterkey, etc
B Toggle-burst-fire-mode Toggle burst fire (M41A, M39, etc)
J use-rail-attachment Uses the rail attachment on your weapon. (Rail Light, Scopes.)
F Unload-weapon\nActivate-Held-Object\nSwap-Hand Eject the magazine then free up a hand for reloading
N/A Toggle-Stock-Attachment Extends or contracts the stock attachment on a weapon (if possible).
N/A Toggle-Underbarrel-Attachment Activates the under barrel attachment.
N/A Toggle-Auto-Eject Enables/Disables the auto eject magazines function on weapons.
G Pick-up M41A-Pulse-Rifle-MK2 Pick up a M41A that's near you
` Toggle-Gun-Safety Toggle the gun's safety on/off.
Alt + ` Show-Held-Item Show the item in your hand for others to take a look
Alt + Q Say "*medic" Medic emote
Alt + E Say "*scream" Scream emote so you can get help when you are caught out of position
Alt + W Northface\nSay "Contact North!" Turn north and yell Contact North! (add east, south, and west too)
6 Say ";Help!" Yell Help! in squad comms as you got dragged to a dark alley and mauled
Shift + E Issue-Order Open the Issue Order window (SL and SO/XO/CO only)
Alt + 1 Say "Let's go!" Yell Let's go! (useful to urge friendlies relucent to fallback or push)
Alt + 2 Say "Fallback!" Yell Fallback! (useful to urge friendlies to fallback when they overextend)
Alt + 3 Say "Hold!" Yell Hold!
Alt + 4 Say "Stick together!" Yell Stick together!
Alt + 6 Say ";On me!" Yell On me! in comms, useful when you are SL
Alt + 7 Say ";Need backup!" Yell Need backup! in comms
Alt + C Specialist-Activation-One Toggles the first specialist equipment (where applicable)
N/A Specialist-Activation-Two Toggles the second specialist equipment (where applicable)
Alt + A Rotate-Vehicle-Counterclockwise Rotates the Tank Counterclockwise
Alt + D Rotate-Vehicle-Clockwise Rotates the Tank Clockwise
N/A Empty Empties storage items (bags, belts, etc)
N/A Toggle-Normal-Throw Toggles the ability to throw objects
N/A Toggle-High-Toss Toggles the ability to throw objects above people and objects

Alien Commands

Type *help to see the list of emotes. Using an emote without a number will have the game choose randomly for you.

Key Command Function
N/A Xeno-Primary-Action-One Activates the first xeno ability
N/A Xeno-Primary-Action-Two Activates the second xeno ability
N/A Xeno-Primary-Action-Three Activates the third xeno ability
N/A Xeno-Primary-Action-Four Activates the fourth xeno ability
N/A toggle-nightvision Toggles your night vision
N/A Plant Weeds Plants Weeds
N/A Show Minimap Shows the minimap
N/A Toggle Spit Type Switches between spit types
N/A Regurgitate Regurgitates a host
N/A Choose Resin Structure Opens up a choice between different resin structures
N/A Secrete Resin Secretes a selected resin structure
N/A Corrosive Acid Toggles the corrosive acid ability to be able to melt objects
N/A Spray Acid Toggles the acid spray ability
N/A Toggle Agility Toggles the Warrior's agility mode
N/A Lunge Toggles the lunge ability to be used.
N/A Fling Toggles the fling ability to be used.
N/A Punch Toggles the punch ability to be used.
N/A Jab Toggles the jab ability to be used
N/A Burrow Toggles the burrow ability to be used
N/A Tremor Toggles the tremor ability to be used
N/A Headbutt Toggles the headbutt ability to be used
N/A Tail Sweep Toggles the tail sweep ability to be used
N/A Toggle Crest Defense Toggles the crest defense ability
N/A Fortify Fortifies yourself
N/A Pounce Toggles the pounce ability to be used
N/A Xeno Spit Toggles the x ability to be used
N/A Hide Hides yourself
N/A Emit Pheromones Opens a menu for you to select what pheromones you'll use.
N/A Transfer Plasma Toggles the transfer plasma ability to be used
N/A Toggle Long Range Sight Toggles the long range sight ability
N/A Toggle Bombard Type Toggles the bombard type you'll be using
N/A Bombard Toggles the bombard ability to be used
N/A Throw Facehugger Toggles the ability to throw a face hugger.
N/A Retrieve Egg Retrieves an egg from storage
N/A Place resin hole Plants a resin hole where you stand
N/A Lay Egg Spawns an egg into your hand, ready to be planted.
N/A Stomp Toggles the stomp ability to be used
N/A Toggle Charging Toggles the charging ability
N/A Earthquake Toggles the x ability to be used
N/A Resin Walker Toggles the resin walker ability.
N/A Dig Tunnel Toggles the dig tunnel ability to be used
N/A Screech Toggles the screech ability to be used
N/A Gut Guts any marine you've grabbed
N/A Watch Xenomorph Brings up a menu to select a xenomorph to watch
N/A Heal Xenomorph Heals the xenomorph you're watching
N/A Give Plasma Give's plasma to the xenomorph you're watching
N/A Charge Toggles the charge ability to be used
N/A Spin Slash Toggles the spin slash ability to be used
N/A Transfer Health Toggles the transfer health ability to be used
N/A Praetorian-Screech Toggles the Praetorian's screech ability to be used
N/A Praetorian-Dance Toggles the Praetorian's dance ability
N/A Praetorian-Tail-Attack Toggles the Praetorian's tail attack ability to be used
N/A Praetorian-Shift-Tail-Attack Toggles the Praetorian's shift tail attack ability
N/A Praetorian-Switch-Spray-Types Toggles the Praetorian's switch spray types ability to be used
N/A Praetorian-Punch Toggles the Praetorian's Punch ability to be used
N/A Praetorian-Bomb Toggles the Praetorian's Bomb ability to be used
` Hive-Status Open Hive Status window
Space Crawl-Through-Vent Start crawling into vent
Shift + 1 Say "*hiss" Hiss emote
Shift + 2 Say "*growl" Growl emote
Shift + 3 Say "*tail" Tail whip emote
Shift + 4 Say "*roar" Roar emote
Shift + 6 Say ":q Heal" Say Heal in hivemind so the Queen can heal you in time
Shift + 7 Say "*dance" Dance emote
Shift + Z Say "MOVE" Life saving phase when you are body blocked by fellow sisters
Shift + X Say "Capture" Urge fellow sisters to capture/let you capture the host
Shift + C Say "Don't" Urge fellow sisters to not do something, etc
O Evolve Open Evolve window

Unusable keys

  • F1 to F12
  • 5 (Toggle-Move-Intent, default keybind to 5 in hotkey mode and Ctrl-5 in normal mode. )
  • Alt + F, I, H, and T
  • Keys listed below.

Hotkey List:

This section means that these key commands can be only be used with hotkey mode toggled on.

What it does: Hotkey:
Forward W
Left A
Backwards S
Right D
Drops the item in your active hand. Q
Quick equips the item in your active hand.
More Detail:
Quickly equipping any held item will send it to any worn (not held) container capable of containing it, in order of most to least specialized, prioritizing belts and holsters over pouches. Backpacks are last on the list. Note that weapons will only ever quick-equip to places only requiring one click to take them out again. Additionally it will Holster/Unholster a weapon and place it in your active hand.
Toggles Throw so when you next click on a tile, you'll throw the item in your active hand there. R
Bring up the Say" Chatbox T
Swap Hands X
Activate Held Object (Toggle weapon wielding with both hands) Z/Y
Help Intent 1
Disarm Intent 2
Grab Intent 3
Harm Intent 4
Toggle Move Intent (Run/Walk) 5

Any Mode:

This section means that these key commands can be used even with hotkey mode toggled off.

What it does: Hotkey:
Face North Ctrl + W
Face East Ctrl + D
Face South Ctrl + S
Face West Ctrl + A
Drops the item in your active hand. Ctrl + Q
Toggles Throw so when you next click on a tile, you'll throw the item in your active hand there. Ctrl + R
Swap Hands Ctrl + X
Activate Held Object Ctrl + Z or Ctrl +Y
Help Intent Ctrl + 1
Disarm Intent Ctrl + 2
Grab Intent Ctrl + 3
Harm Intent Ctrl + 4
Toggle Move Intent (Run/Walk) Ctrl + 5
Pull Delete
Cycle Intents Right Insert
Drop item in your active hand. Home
Swap Hands Page Up
Activate Held Object Page Down
Throw item in your active hand. End
Adminhelp Chatbox Popup F1
OOC Chatbox Popup F2
Say" Chatbox Popup F3
Me" Chatbox Popup F4
Toggle Hud On/Off F12
Quick Pull Ctrl + Click
Quick Examine Shift + Click
Point To Shift + Middle Click
Tactical Binoculars: Designate Laser Target Ctrl + Middle Click
Swap Hands (Only if you don't have certain items in your active hand, or have shift click functions enabled as an alien) Middle Click
Alien abilities (Only If you have shift click functions enabled as an alien.) Shift + Click

(Edit this template)

If you want to get rid of or replace certain hotkeys:

Before you go ahead and make changes to your skin.dmf make a backup in case you accidentally break something and don't know hoe to fix it.

You can now alter the hotkeys to no longer work or to swap them around by going to C:\Users*USER*\Documents\BYOND\Skins\exadv1\spacestation13 and opening the skin.dmf file. You should from there see two lists, one for macros and one for hotkeys. If yo udelete the keys you no longer want to use as their normal hotkey function, you can remake them as a macro.

If you are wanting to change the movement keys to something else, make sure you tick the repeat tickbox so that your movement inputs will be repeated. This is how the normal movement keys are done. An example being the command for moving north is .north and the key is W with the repeated tickbox ticked.

If the server has an update to the UI, buttons etc, your skin.dmf changes will be wiped, so make sure you have a backup of the file you originally changed so you can copy and paste it into the updated skin.dmf.

Advanced Usage

The \n character combination can be used to input a "newline" between macros, allowing several verbs to be called from a single macro. Some examples above utilize \n as well.

  • Space: Resist\nCrawl-Through-Vent
  • Alt + W: Northface\nSay "Contact North!"
  • `: Hive-Status\nToggle-Gun-Safety

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