Planet LV-624

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The Planet of LV-624 is one of the three main maps in the Colonial Marines server. On this map, the colony of Lazarus Landing was mysteriously attacked by strange creatures that have grown over the decades. They've sent a distress signal for help, but they did not arrive and they were soon overcome by those creatures. Soon, three survivors and later, the Colonial Marines will emerge to this colony. And they will begin a fight for extermination.

Lazarus Landing


The colony of Lazarus Landing on LV-624 is notably spread out among the jungle linked by dirt paths which means that travelling in between the domes is a dangerous affair unless you're with your squad or a fellow sister. Due to the climate of LV-624 there is a strange phenomenon where dense fog builds along the lake and it's surroundings making it impossible to navigate through safely by either the marines or the aliens until it has passed.



  • Equip the Marine squads and brief them before they're inbound to the planet.
  • If they are survivors, rescue them whenever possible.
  • Prepare the squads on the planet until the fog disappears.
  • Destroy the Alien Hive at the North.
  • Kill every Alien on this planet and in the Almayer.


  • Capture and impregnate hosts around the colony using the Caves.
  • Scout around for more tallhosts.
  • Once the Marines are spotted and it would be hard to capture them. Prepare the sisters until the fog disappears.
  • Destroy the FOBs which the Marines set up.
  • Kill every Marine on this planet and call down the shuttle.
  • Prepare for another attack on the Ship.
  • Invade the Ship using the Marine's shuttle.
  • Kill every Marine on the Almayer and don't let them activate the Self-Distruct system.



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Surviving the Night (Survivor Strategy)

- Potential snippet about survivors.

Marine Strategy

- Lz One | Lz Two

- Scouting


For Engineers

Those squad engineers tasked with setting up power have three successive objectives to complete:

  1. Start up the hydroelectric generators and configure the SMES.
  2. Repair slashed APCs by using a pair of wirecutters on them and mending all four wires.
  3. Enable the floodlights by flipping the floodlight switch in the SMES room once power is enabled.

Those squad engineers tasked with scouting will want to take note of the following:

  • The secure storage dome south of LZ2 requires at least two uses of C4 to enter, or very lengthy wall deconstruction, but contains rare military grade supplies inside it, such as extended ammo magazines.
  • The internal affairs dome southeast of LZ2 is a common hiding spot for survivors, and can have its blast doors toggled on the inside. If you can't coax the survivors out, you will need to expend a use of C4 to blast your way in.
  • The northwest storage dome, which is under construction, has many girders that can be unwrenched and moved around for use in a FOB.

Alien Strategy

- Building a hive in the caves and gathering hosts

- Tunnels