Professor Von Bandolier

From CM-SS13
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Big Game Hunter
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: Yourself
Rank: Not defined
Duties: To hunt the biggest game and hang it on to the walls of your luxury cabin
Guides: This one
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
Find the biggest and most dangerous game, whether that is space alien or a man with a gun and eloquently shoot them


By jove, where did I put my hunting manual I wrote the other day? I do believe I was going to publish it tomorrow evening. If only I knew where it is?

Well, pardon my forgetfulness current future self if you're reading this. A very quick run down on what you do.

You find the biggest target in the galaxy and shoot it with your prize winning Two Bore Rifle. If any ruffians dare try to oppose you, your trusted British made Webley MK VI Service revolver will quickly dispatch them.

Game Hunter Roles

Role Description
Game Hunter.png
Professor Von Bandolier
Professor Von Bandoiler is equipped with a two-bore rifle, a Webely service revolver and his fashionable and functional safari jacket.