The Colonial Marshal Bureau

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Colonial Marshals
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: The Colonial Marshal, Anchorpoint Station Colonial Marshal Bureau Incident Command Center
Rank: Colonial Marshal (Leader) / CMB Deputy (Deputies and Investigative Synthetic) / Executive (ICC Liaison) / None (Interstellar Human Rights Observer)
Duties: Get your instructions from the CMB Office at Anchorpoint Station, and carry out your orders. Ensure that Colonial assets are safe and in your custody. Do not enforce or override Marine Law on a Marine Ship unless requested, as it's outside of your jurisdiction.
Guides: This one
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
The laws of Earth stretch beyond the Sol. Where others are tempted and fall to corruption, you stay steadfast in your morals.

Corporate Officers chase after paychecks and promotions, but you are motivated to do your sworn duty and care for the population, no matter how far or isolated a colony may be. You've seen a lot during your time in the Neroid Sector, but you're here because you're the best, doing the right thing to make the frontier a better place.

Despite being stretched thin, the stalwart oath of the Marshals has continued to keep communities safe, with the CMB well respected by many. You are the representation of that oath, serve with distinction.

The Colonial Marshals are a UA Federal investigative/law enforcement functionary from Sol which oversees many colonies among the frontier. They are friendly to USCM.


The Colonial Marshals are both investigators and law enforcement when it comes to colonies and space stations across the outer rim. They are few and far between, but do their absolute best to uphold the communities that they are assigned to protect. The vast majority of police and military in these colonies are usually in the pockets of one company or the other, but not the Colonial Marshals. These proud men and women have abided by their stalwart oath since graduating from the academy, and will not look the other way when it comes to an injustice. They place their communities at the forefront and ensure that no corporate malpractice, corruption, or death will take place so long as they breathe.

The Colonial Marshal leads his loyal deputies, and can receive his orders directly from supervisory agents back at the command center at Anchorpoint Station. Should he be incapacitated, there is no direct replacement to the Marshal, and so the leadership would transfer based on seniority within the team assuming all attempts to revive the Marshal have failed.

A standard CMB Investigation Team consists of 1 Marshal with 3 Deputies. One Deputy may be replaced in favor of a CMB Investigative Synthetic. In addition, teams in the Outer Rim commonly have an ICC Liaison attached to them.

Unlike many other Emergency Response Teams, The Colonial Marshals are NOT prepared for combat. They are a patrol team enroute to an investigation when they're re-routed due to the distress signal onboard the main ship. They are packing light and will not fare well in extensive combat, but if reinforcements are required, they may be able to call for a QRF team of Anchorpoint Colonial Marines. These Marines are well armed unlike those of the Falling Falcons, and they are prepared to use any means necessary in order to protect and rescue the Colonial Marshals should they come in distress.


The Colonial Marshals are as old as the Colonial Administration goes. Both organizations serve to protect the life and rights of colonists, especially in a time where corporate policies exert large amounts of political pressure on those working and living in their facilities. Being a law-enforcement functionary, it is the Colonial Marshals' responsibility to ensure that corruption, crime, and injustices do not go unchecked. With little to no representation for your average off-world citizen, having Colonial Marshals police and investigate wrongdoings can make all the difference when it feels like there's no-one to help you in the Outer Veil.

Anchorpoint Station was founded by the Colonial Administration and the Interstellar Commerce Commission (ICC) at the corner of 2178, it is a newly minted Space Station mainly used as a transit and refueling hub. It is composed of four towers, and is governed by the Independent Core Systems Colonies(ICSC). Within Tower Four, there is a strong United Americas (UA) presence including a Colonial Marshal Bureau alongside a Colonial Marines barracks. The station's neutral disposition coupled with its fantastic location makes it a popular spot for staging expeditions or, in the case of the Marshals, investigations as a central hub. The Interstellar Commerce Commission (ICC) also conducts routine trade inspection to ensure that no malpractice occurs in the nearby sectors of space, and they are commonly seen attached to Colonial Marshal teams.

United Americas Affiliation

The CMB Team is allied with the USCM and UA Peacekeepers from the get-go. They are all from the United Americas and their organizations have worked hand in hand many times. Should they be responding to a distress signal, their priority is to assist in facilitating the rescue of any personnel onboard.

Law Enforcement, Investigations & Jurisdiction

Colonial Marshals are UA Law Enforcement Agents / Investigative Functionaries. UA Colonial Law and Earth Law are what come foremost. The CMB should be handling crimes, especially with the ICC, involving smuggling, black market activities, and corporate corruption/cover-ups. They shouldn't be enforcing Marine Law unless the following criteria is met: 1. The CMP/aCO has requested it, 2. The Colonial Marshal believes its in the best interest of the CMB and 3. The CMB Office at Anchorpoint Station(admins) does not intervene to change this decision.

Knowing your jurisdiction and reach is an important part of this team. Non-USCM suspects should be transferred to the CMB, and vice versa. You should only be conducting on-the-spot arrests if you are residing on a colony or otherwise under the direct jurisdiction of the CMB. Anything that is outside of your direct jurisdiction, ie a USCM vessel, should be following the lead and permission of the host faction - and if you are not accompanying/assisting a host-faction's law enforcement officer, you should have complete permission and a warrant before considering any arrest or detainment. The exception to this is if not detaining a particularly dangerous individual would lead to a life or death situation. However, even in such cases, the detained individual should immediately be handed over to the host faction based on jurisdiction at the nearest moment.

Colonial Marshal Bureau Roles

CMB Role Description
CMB Marshal.png
The Colonial Marshal (Marshal)
Equipped with a special issue HG M37-17 CMB Shotgun, and a golden badge, The Colonial Marshal stands at the forefront of the team. Leading his loyal deputies, he is a highly experienced CMB veteran who has taken part in hundreds of investigations and has seen almost all there is to see in the Outer Veil. The team and their objectives is his responsibility to uphold, and the Marshal should be an experienced player well versed in Colonial Law, Marine Law and the know-how of anything that may be expected of the team. Including but not limited to: Investigations, Arrests, Faxing, and Combat.

NOTE: This role is locked to those with experience as a Squad Leader, but should in addition be expected to know the basics of lore including Marine Law and Colonial Law.

CMB Deputy.png
CMB Deputy (Deputy)
Equipped with a standard issue Henjin-Garcia Model 37-12 CMB Shotgun or an MP5 Submachine Gun The CMB Deputy follows the lead of the Marshal, assisting him in upholding Colonial Law and Earth Law where relevant. In addition, the Deputy is prepared to assist in any investigation or law enforcement action should it be needed.
CMB Synthetic.png
CMB Investigative Synthetic (Deputy)
Unlike her more modern counterparts, the Investigative Synthetic is somewhat of an older generation. They are slower and cannot do the olympic feats that many of the newer Generation Three Synthetics are capable of, nor are they prepared to. With that being said, the Investigative Synthetic has many perks up her sleeve. She's capable of seeing in the dark, and has reinforced plating to assist with high-risk scenarios in her line of work where she might be expected to protect her fellow deputies. She is also the most prepared of the team to conduct advanced investigation techniques or autopsies. Her backpack contains light munitions to resupply the team, on top of the heavy investigative equipment. While not equipped to perform extensive medical support like your average Medical Synthetic might be, she still is capable of saving the lives of her team if it's required.

NOTE: This role is locked to the Synthetic Whitelist.

Interstellar Commerce Commission Corporate Liaison (Executive)
The Interstellar Commerce Commission Corporate Liaison or ICC CL is a well experienced ICC Agent that has been attached to the CMB team. This Executive works with the Colonial Marshals specifically to observe proper trade practices and investigate any possibilities of smuggling or black market activity. They are also an advisory agent to the Marshals by giving them an eye on the corporate side of things, and should be very experienced in paperwork, faxes and corporate activities.

NOTE: This role is locked to those with experience as a Corporate Liaison.

CMB obs.png
Interstellar Human Rights Observer
Through a lot of hard work, the Observer has managed to make his way onto the frontier to document and record any kind of atrocities that may be occurring in this dark sector of space. It's a bit of a PR stunt, but the Observer might surprise you. Also, in an emergency, the Observer may be able to provide medical aid for the team - they are the most capable of it.

The Cavalry Arrives

As mentioned earlier, Colonial Marshals are not particularly equipped to take on military-level conflicts nor are they supposed to. Inevitably, sometimes the Colonial Marshals run into organized crime backed by larger factions such as the Colonial Liberation Front, during circumstances like these it's key that they call in the Colonial Marines to bring some firepower to the battle.

At Anchorpoint Station, our contingent of Colonial Marines stand ready to assist the Colonial Marshals should they come under distress. Although few in number, they are well equipped unlike the depleted stocks of the USS Almayer. Should they be requested, a Quick-Reaction-Force(QRF) of Anchorpoint Station Colonial Marines will gladly go into combat to save their fellow Marshals. They are prepared to respond to a wide variety of threats and situations.

Anchorpoint Station QRF Team Roles

Anchorpoint Role Description
CMB SL.png
Anchorpoint Station Marine Team Leader (SSgt)
Every cohesive unit requires a leader, and our experienced QRF Team Leader is the one which will accomplish the objectives at hand. Their job is to maintain total responsibility of the mission, primarily facilitating the safety of the Colonial Marshals. The Team Leader should have a full understanding of his team's roles and how to best use them - they should also be competent and able to react to a changing situation at a moments notice. As the fastest reaction force to the distress beacon, the QRF Team is prepared for any situation - especially those which are particularly hostile. However, in rare circumstances, they are asked to assist in riot or less-than-lethal scenarios.

NOTE: This role is locked to those with experience as a Squad Leader.

Anchorpoint Station Marine Technical Specialist (Cpl)
The QRF Team Technical Specialist of the team is as their role implies - they are responsible for all duties involving engineering, long-range communications, electronic restoration, door bypasses, hacking, and anything that may require a technical expertise such as setting up a sentry turret or securing a perimeter. While the squad is in motion, it is their job to monitor the motion tracker and report contacts.
CMB SG.png
Anchorpoint Station Marine Smartgunner (LCpl)
The QRF Team Smartgunner's duty is to be a mobile, effective force multiplier via volume of fire with their M56 Smartgun. Since every round leaving their smartgun is encoded with IFF, they are able to suppress enemies even from a supporting position behind the main line. Ontop of providing the largest amount of fire in the team, the Smartgunner also acts as a secondary motion tracker should the Technical Specialist fail to detect contacts or becomes incapacitated.
CMB HM.png
Anchorpoint Station Hospital Corpsman (LCpl)
The QRF Team's medical support comes from an Anchorpoint Station Hospital Corpsman attached to the team. They're equipped to provide any type of combat treatment or resuscitation that may be required during the team's tenure - whether that be wounded members in their own team, or victims encountered during their mission.
CMB Marine.png
Anchorpoint Station Marine Rifleman (Pfc-Pvt)
The QRF Team's most basic member is the Rifleman. They're equipped with the Anchorpoint Station standard issue M41A MK1 Pulse Rifle, and are prepared to respond to the distress beacon at a moments notice. Having no specific duty allows them to be attached to any member or duty to provide additional security or manpower for the task at hand, depending on what the Team Leader dictates.