The Iron Bears

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Iron Bears
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: USSR
Rank: Not defined
Duties: Seize the Almayer
Guides: No external guides
Unlock Requirements: Not available.
Detailed Description:
You must take over the USS Almayer at all costs!
Make sure to contact the USSR and eliminate any resistance!

The Iron Bears are removed from the ERT roster.

The Iron Bears is a Soviet special forces group, although they're likely surpassed by conscripted UPP soldiers. The Iron Bears primary task is to capture USCM technology whenever possible, and the opportunity to capture a fully armed USCM Warship is something they could not resist.


The Iron Bears are unique in that they work against the interests of the USCM. They will gladly kill both Alien and American alike.

Their sole objective is to storm the Combat Information Center and lock it down, once accomplished they will have to make sure to contact the USSR and attempt to clear out the USCM forces, and whatever else, that are still active on the ship.

The USCM do not know initially that the Iron Bears are hostile, however undoubtedly someone from USCM command will attempt to warn the ship of the Iron Bears true intentions.

Standing Orders

Hello comrade. Today we have an important mission for you. We have received a distress call from one of the USCM’s warships.This ship contains vital technology that will boost our strength against the US. We need this ship intact.

The ship's crew do not know of this but be on your guard, I don't think they will want any of us so stay sharp.

You and your team will board the ship and secure the Combat Information Center at all costs and activate the ship lockdown system. Send a message hailing our warship so we can send additional troops to secure the ship.

The ship is our main priority, we'll deal with whatever they were fighting later.

Iron Bear Roles

Role Description
Iron Bear Mercenary (IB Standard)
Equipped with a standard issue Russian firearms (The MAR-40 battle rifle, PPSh-17b SMG, SVD Sniper Rifle, etc. In addition to their sidearm), C4, armor and vodka. Can only speak and understand Russian.
Iron Bear Sergeant
Equipped with a Mataba revolver, more vodka and a unique bear pelt. They are the commander of the squad. The Commander is able to speak English in addition to Russian.