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* When all hope is lost, remember, the locker is your best friend. Sometimes it can hide you in the most desperate times.  
* When all hope is lost, remember, the locker is your best friend. Sometimes it can hide you in the most desperate times.  
* Always shock doors and be sure to collect Insulated Gloves.  
* Always shock doors and be sure to collect Insulated Gloves.  
=====Fortifying an Area=====
=====Fortifying an Area=====

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Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: Yourself
Rank: N/A
Duties: Survive whenever possible by yourself or with other survivors.
Guides: Xywenx00's Survivor Guide
Unlock Requirements: Starting role.
Detailed Description:
You are a survivor of the attack on a corporate facility. You worked or lived in the colony/station, and managed to avoid the alien attacks... until now.
You are fully aware of the xenomorph threat and are able to use this knowledge as you see fit.
You are NOT aware of the marines or their intentions.

"Hudson! This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training." ―Ripley to Hudson, Aliens

You worked on a corporate facility, but after a routine excavation or diabolical experimentation, strange creatures were awakened and began systematically hunting and capturing the populace. After sending a distress signal, the Administration went dark, you were left alone, afraid, and in the dark. Your job now is to survive until help arrives.

Your Knowledge

As expected to survive against the Xenomorph infestation firsthand, a survivor is allowed to have somewhat additional level of information, these being:

  • You do know what happened to the colony/station and their Xenomorph presence there (You get to make the story here!).
  • You may or may not know that there may be other potential survivors with you.
  • You do not know the Marines are coming to the planet/station, their intentions, their personnel or their equipment, but you do know a distress signal was sent out.

Your Goal

As a Survivor your main goal is to survive against the Xenomorph infestation that has affected the colony/station you are on. This is a difficult task that is next to impossible, but plausible.


As a Survivor your best bet is to group up with others and hunker down in a secluded area with minimal openings, that can be well fortified. You need to gather materials and supplies very quickly. Time is your friend, the longer you take, the lower your odds of survival are.

Some basic points to increase your chances are:

  • Group up with any others in the area, the more people you are with, the more likely you are to survive.
  • You should grab a chemistry dispenser and drag it back to a powered area to grab meds for yourself and others.
  • Getting power up is a very helpful tool for yourself in the long run; it gives you light, charges APC’s, and powers doors.
  • Gather weapons and ammo from any security department on the colony. Carry backpacks to create a stockpile/surplus of ammo.
  • The engineering department is a helpful place for TWO reasons: Power and Materials.
  • When all hope is lost, remember, the locker is your best friend. Sometimes it can hide you in the most desperate times.
  • Always shock doors and be sure to collect Insulated Gloves.


Fortifying an Area

Finally when you decide to hold out and secure an area it should follow two schools of thought: how manageable it is, and how accessible it is.

When you choose an area it should be hidden and sectioned off from the key areas of the map. It should consist of an easy escape route and at least two entrances. It should be minimal and have a few fallback locations.

Your area should be easily securable. Doors should always be shocked and barricades need to be put up at a steady pace. Windows need to be your FIRST priority to secure, walls second. Runner and Lurkers will constantly harass you, be quick with your work. Time is of the essence.

Roleplay Possibilities

As a Survivor, you have many roleplay possibilities, you start with a random role that anyone would find in a map as well as a random roleplay background to start with, but remember to act within the knowledge of whatever archetype you decide to come up with! Some roles are:

  • Standard Colonist
  • Colonial Marshal
  • Security Member
  • Chef
  • Archaeologist
  • Colony Engineer
  • Colony Doctor
  • Colony Chaplain
  • Scientist
  • Salesman
  • Prisoner
  • Gang Leader
  • Trucker
  • Miner
  • Amnesiac
  • Weston-Yamada Colony Liaison
  • Generation 1 synthetic (If whitelisted)

Reminder: While you are fearful or shellshocked from the aftermath of the Xenomorph invasion, you are NOT permitted to be hostile to the USCM and W-Y nor pretend you are friendly and betray them afterward. Unless stated otherwise or part of the Colonial Liberation Front.

Xenomorph Cultists

Xenomorph Cultists is an Administrator chosen pathway for Survivors as a different alternative other than survival.


You are immune to the hive they are assigned too if the Queen toggles restricted slashing for you. Huggers won’t infect you and you can operate resin doors.

As a Cultist your main goal is to assist the Hive to eternal glory. This is to be done through THREE main points:

  • Firstly, Conversion - which is to assimilate another person into your same beliefs. (Only the Cultist Leader can perform this action)
  • Secondly, Sabotage - to disrupt the flow of the marines logistical operations: power, supplies, etc.
  • Lastly, Murder - to kill non believers of the Xenomorph faith, ensure that some standards are met when doing this action. Don’t just murder bone without some justification for such.

These have specific rules. Before you start murdering sabotaging, etc; you need to wear Cultist robes fully (This can be obtained by using ability two). Once the robes are equipped you can start to work. Additionally, you should only murder when you are found out, OR you have been ordered by the Queen or the CULT leader himself.

Cultist Leader

The Cult begins with the leader. Their task is to ensure that orders are being sent, conversions take place, and that the Xenomorphs succeed in their mission.

The Cult Leader is the only one who can Convert and Stun marines/humans with his abilities. Once they have been converted, then they can speak in Hivemind; however, they don't understand the Xenomorphs tongue.

  • Hivemind - this sends a message for the Hive to see, allowing you to effectively communicate or send alerts.

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  • Obtain Equipment - once activated you are given a Cultist Robe (You cannot take off after use) After this you lose your cover and can attack others freely.

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Leader Abilities The Leader has the same ability as normal Cultists, but has TWO Extras:

  • Convert - this allows you to convert another human into the faith.

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  • Physic Stun - stuns people for the purpose of abducting or subduing any nearby threats. (The stun lasts several seconds and has a slight cooldown).

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Your Skillset

Due to how the survivor's skillset is randomized upon their given backstory, they won't have a skillset table like the other jobs, atleast not yet anyway.

You can learn more about the skill system, here.

Additional Information

  • Survivors lack USCM ID cards, meaning all automated systems (such as turrets and mines) will not recognize you as a friendly user. If you managed to get to the Almayer, ask somebody who can give you a proper ID card.
  • You only start with your sidearm to defend yourself against aliens, but it's recommended to get other weapons that are scattered across the map, even if only to buy you time to escape once again.
  • You also start with a crowbar, survival pouch, 20 sheets of metal, and a loaded tool pouch. The crowbar will be useful for getting through the many unpowered airlocks around the colony and the metal sheets is useful for creating essential barricades.
  • Sticking with other survivors can greatly increase your chance of survival.
  • Find a station-bounced radio, one can usually be found in the Engineering areas. This will let you contact other survivors, and maybe be overheard by the marines.
  • The Engineering Guide in general will be useful for securing/powering an area with your tools and metal, should you choose not to try and hide in a locker.
  • Use a screwdriver on your flashlight to turn it into a Rail Flashlight which is brighter than a regular flashlight and attach it to your sidearm, if it supports it.
  • At the start of a round, every second is important and time is not your friend. Move as fast as you can to gather supplies, barricade, or find other survivors while the Xenomorph threat is still all just larva.
  • If you have the synthetic whitelist, you are able to spawn as a generation 1 synthetic as a survivor. You still adhere to the rules regarding whitelists, however, but you do have a more varied skill set among the other survivors.