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Admin run events

Admin run events are game modes solely driven by the administration team rather than the game itself. They will vary from event to event and will entail an alternative gameplay style to them.

Human Versus Human (HVH)

The most common custom event would be Human Versus Human. Instead of the usual xenomorphs the marines will be fighting, they will be fighting other human beings! Usually the marines will be attacking a stronghold or sturdy fortress with stiff resistance. The Opposing Force will usually have an advantage with multiple defensive weapons at their side. This could range from M56D machine gun emplacements to mortars to defend their stronghold.


During HvH its the Marines vs any hostile human faction, most of the time it is usually a UPP stronghold surviving on a planet that the Marines have been tasked with snuffing out. Another option is the CLF, or Colonial Liberation Front. While both are different ideologies, they both have the same task, to survive and destroy.

Your Goal

Your goal in HvH is basic, kill the opposing team, same as Xenomorphs but FAR more fast paced.

  • For Marines, you have far more resources to dominate the planet with, sitting back and throwing shells from a distance is a better option.
  • For the Opposing faction, placing barricades and establishing fallback points with heavy firepower is your best bet, rushing out at the marines is suicide. Sit back and construct flanks behind their lines.

May the best team win!


  • Do not wear the Opposing Faction's gear. This means the opposing factions are not permitted in wearing the other faction's armor or uniform. This is to prevent cheesy tactics being used and to make it clear who the enemy is.
  • Do not use MP gear planet side to stop the enemy. This gives an unfair advantage and they can be easily taken down with flashbangs, stun batons, etc.

Xenomorphs versus Xenomorphs

A new fighting event is the creation of a Xeno vs Xeno all out battle. Instead of One Hive fighting the marines, Multiple Hives will fight one another and/or the Marines, it's a massive war on all sides. Who will reign supreme?

Alpha Hive, Beta Hive, Normal Hive, what?

Different from the normal Distress Beacon gamemode, Xenos will each start out with several Queens belonging to separate hives in separate locations. Each Queen starts off with several larva. There can be two hives, three hives, or even 4 hives (However the Administrator running it feels). Each hive will look different from the other; the main differences being colour and names, for example, Alpha Hive would be Red and have the Name Alpha in front of the caste type.

Your Goal

Your goal as a Xenomorph is simple, kill all other Hives and the Marines to reign superior. However there are a few other paths you can take if wanted:

  • You can team up with the other hives and eliminate the Marines.
  • You can form a truce with the other hives to work together until the Marines are dead planetside.
  • You can sit back and wait for the other hives to kill each other then swoop in and take control.
  • Or you can just rambo against all other Hives and create a three way battle.

The choices are endless, it’s your Hive, do as you wish with them; lead them to everlasting life.


Hives work the same as before you can plant weeds, construct objects, etc. The only differences are that you cannot heal on other hives' weeds, and your weeds don’t overlap over one anothers, so you have to destroy other weeds to spread yours.

For example, Beta hives weeds might be blue, whilst yours is normal; you cannot heal on their weeds nor plant or construct over them unless destroyed and your own weeds are planted in lue of theirs.


You may be asking yourself, well can I only slash against the other Xeno’s?

The answer is no. You can use your abilities against any other hive that is not yours, they will deal damage. For example if you’re a Boiler you can gas any other hive that isn’t yours and deal damage. This rule goes for any other caste and their abilities. Additionally the Queens screech can deal stuns to Xenos of separate hives as well.


Players will be able to utilize the money that they get in their bank accounts when the round starts and procured through other means in purchasing items that may include the following: special weapons, skill pamphlets, medical supplies, ID's with access that a regular marine is not usually able to get, pouches, special armour and much more.


  • Usually, the person running the event does not like people to attack the shopkeepers and raid the stores. It is recommended to not do this. It is considered "a dick move"


In this event, a single or multiple disguised operatives are placed upon friendly controlled territory and given antagonistic tasks to carry out, they are usually under rule 0, so they may break some rules to successfully accomplish some of their given objectives. However murdering without cause or instruction will be met with punishment.


Note: Some antagonistic tasks could include:
  • Killing a specific person.
  • Breaking a person out of the brig.
  • Stealing secrets or objects from the ship.
  • Sabotaging the operation for another faction


Changelings are the masters of deceit and stealth. They are capable of assuming many forms, and some are capable of assuming even non-organic forms. Changelings don't have actual code, so this is almost entirely admin run. This means that some stuff may take a bit longer to do, but you'll be able to have a lot more creativity in the event. You can find a more detailed Changeling guide Here


  • Rule 0 may be applied to both sides under the discretion of the admin who is hosting the event.
  • RP is still encouraged, with the primary purpose of improving the round in mind. A hint or warning should be applied when a kidnapping or killing is about to occur (this is up to the discretion of the admin hosting the event). As CM does not natively have any disguised antagonists, making accomplishing such objectives much easier compared to other SS13 servers. The hint or warning can be a slip up during a dialogue with the target, an HC/ARES warning, or a fax to the target.


Alternate Game Modes

Alternate game modes are game modes that are in the game that give different scenarios for the marines to play out. This will range from different scenarios the marines/players will have to encounter.

Whiskey Outpost (WO)

This mode is in rotation and may be put on at the discretion of the players when it appears in a map vote for next round.

"In our attempts to establish a base on this planet, several of our patrols were wiped out by hostile creatures. We're setting up a distress call, but we need you to hold Whiskey Outpost in order for our engineers to set up the relay. [...] If they overrun your position, we will be wiped out with no way to call for help. Hold the line or we all die." ― Colonel Hans Naiche

Whiskey Outpost is an alternative map and game mode featured on CM-SS13 server. On this map, instead of playing the USCM in the battalion 'Falling Falcons' of the 4th brigade and the USS Almayer, you'll either play as the USCM from the 3rd Battalion 'Dust Raiders', led by Colonel Hans Naiche (Alternatively spelled as Naich) and Major Ike Saker in Planet LV-624, who are previously in charge of keeping the peace of the Neroid sector or the Xenomorphs whose task is to successfully wipe out the Marine forces in LV-624 by wiping out Whiskey Outpost to intercept the relay signal. It takes place five years before the arrival of the USS Almayer in the Neroid sector, taking place in 2181. The Dust Raiders had established a USCM presence in one of the major locations of the sector, including Whiskey Outpost.

However, the forces in LV-624 were soon under attack by unrecognized alien forces, with several patrols of marine units wiped out before the main invasion in Whiskey Outpost begins. The Dust Raider garrison stationed in LV-624 have no other choice but to send a distress signal to alert the remaining USCM reinforcements to their location. Before the distress signal can be launched, the Marines must hold out for 60 to 90 minutes or longer until engineers set up the relay so that reinforcements from Whiskey Outpost arrive to rescue the marines in LV-624, the Aliens must wipe out the Marine force before they set up the relays and repel the alien invasion force in LV-624. This is a fight for survival, and neither side can afford to give one quarter.

The Outpost

Whiskey Outpost is an outpost that's heavily fortified and used as a military base in the Neroid Sector. Its situated in a valley which forces any hostiles to assault from the south of the base. The base is equipped with a large array of automated sentry guns and mannable smartgun defensive positions, however, the base is not adequately fortified for an incoming assault due to a lack of funding. The Marine forces will need to spend their time rapidly establishing barricades and similar defenses before the vanguard alien forces arrive.

The Defensive Positions are divided into 3 major areas and 2 minor areas:

Major Areas

  • The west side, Pillbox Burbon, which is guarded by sentry guns and smartguns through a canal-based jungle environment
  • The central side, Pillbox Beer, is where most of the action takes place through an open, heavily guarded environment guarded by several smartguns emplacements and a few automated sentries.
  • The east side, Pillbox Tequila, is guarded with sandbags through a vast open terrain with a crashed dropship acting as cover.

Minor Areas

Both minor areas, Pillbox Wine (west) and Pillbox Wodka (east), are guarded with only sentry guns, metal, and plasteel barricades. The middle area between Pillbox Beer and the former two pillboxes is the Triage pillbox, for emergency medical care.

Whiskey outpost.png

The Outpost itself is at the north of the map, with the unique role of 'Honor Guard' to detect and protect the marine base and command staff against any threats that make it through the defenses. In addition, sentry turrets and smartgun emplacements help secure the base against the bug force. Medical has four autodoc stations as opposed to the standard one, due to the likelihood of fierce fighting and casualties. In addition, Engineering starts with four reactors to power the base defenses, leaving the squad engineers to construct field defenses. In CiC, the only difference is the communications consoles that can only be used for announcements and medal recommendations.

For the Xenomorphs, they start from the south of the map, covered in vine and grass, Here be Dragons.

The Marines

Unlike the Falling Falcons Marines who are stationed at the Almayer, the Dust Raider Marines are stationed at planetside - and will have different job changes. Much of the common roles remains unchanged and some are just renamed, however, there are a few roles that completely changes the role one way or another. Below here, are the major and minor changes between the roles.

Reinforcements from the 7th "Falling Falcons" Battalion will arrive during wave 7, which is the break wave. Each consisting a basic combat squad.

Take note that after the first wave of Xenomorphs arrive, you are not able to latejoin this round as a marine.

Renamed Roles:

Chief Medical Officer > Head Surgeon
Medical Doctor > Surgeon
Researcher > Chemist
Executive Officer > Lieutenant Commander
Chief Engineer > Bunker Crew Master
Requisitions Officer > Quartermaster

Jobs: Description:

Commander (Ground Commander)

Requires a Whitelisted CO - As the Ground Commander you'll be in charge of designating where your Outpost is going to be built, strategic placements, and giving orders to the Squad Leaders for the defense of the outpost.

Lieutenant Commander

Follow the orders of the Ground Commander and assist in the defense of the Outpost. You are the second in Command of the operation, ensure that it runs smoothly.
WO PO.png

Mortar Crewman

This role replaces the Pilot Officers in the Whiskey Outpost map.
You are in charge of operating the M202 mortar system at the specialized mortar pit. Listen up for coordinates from the marines, you are their main firepower.

Bunker Crew Master

This role replaces the Chief Engineer in the Whiskey Outpost map.
As the Bunker Crew Master you'll be coordinating the construction of defenses in the outpost. Assign the Bunker Crew to separate areas to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bunker Crew

This role replaces the Maintenance Technician in the Whiskey Outpost map.
As the Bunker Crew you'll be in charge of reinforcing defenses around the main outpost and making sure that there aren't any weaknesses in the defensive line. If their is a hole be ready to patch it ASAP!

Bunker Quarter Master

This role replaces the Requisition Officer in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Co-ordinate supplies being sent out to the marines. Same as an RO you are in charge of the Req department, move those crates!

Bunker Crew Logistics

This role replaces the Cargo Technician in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Assist the Quarter Master in distributing supplies to the operation.

Honor Guard Squad Leader

This role replaces the CMP in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Lead and oversee the Honor Guard in all available tasks, protect the Ground Commander and the bunker above all else.

Honor Guard Specialist

This role replaces the Tank Crewmen in the Whiskey Outpost map.
With the knowledge of heavy equipment to date, Honor Guard Specialists are in charge of guarding the bunker and protecting the Ground Commander whenever in danger. You are the heavy support.

Veteran Honor Guard

This role replaces the Staff Officers in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Your job is to Overwatch the squads, call out contacts, and ensure your forces don't become overrun Lead your men to glory!.

Honor Guard

This role replaces the MP officers in the Whiskey Outpost map.
Protect the bunker and serve the Ground Commander throughout the mission. Ensure order and law is maintained at all times..

Synthetic (Outpost Synthetic)

Requires a Whitelisted Synthetic - You are the bases Synthetic, their is a never ending amount of duties to fulfill: build barricades, provide medical support, and ensure supplies are sent. Get working!

Dust Raider Squad Leader

As a Squad Leader you are tasked with watching over a group of marines, ensuring that orders are being executed in a precise manner. You are the leader from the front, coordinate alongside Command to ensure a swift defense.
  • Laser Designator binoculars Laser Designator.png have 2 modes. Remote Mortar Fire, (Doesn't require an engineer to be manning the mortar) and Air strikes. Both modes cause high amounts of damage in a large area.

Dust Raider Specialist

Specialists spawn with some of the essential marine equipment. In addition to this, they'll also start off with a Specialist Kit, allowing the Specialist to choose any of the 5 kits available to them. There can only be two Specialists who use the same specialist equipment. With your vast training of heavy weapons you are the backbone support for the marine forces, use your big guns to the advantage.
  • Spec Kit.png Use this spec kit box in your active hand to bring up a selection of spec equipment choices for you to choose from.

Dust Raider Engineer

You are the field Engineer, tasked with the job of ensuring that the marines have adequate barricades to protect them from the Xenomorph threat. Place mines, arm sentries and MG's, build barricades, repair them, do it all! Ensure that the lines don't fall.

Dust Raider Medic

As the Medic you are the frontline medical support; ensure that your fellow brothers in arms receive care for their war wounds. Your task is to make sure that not one man falls. Good luck.

Dust Raider Marine

Marines start off with one of the three basic weapons (M41AMK2, M39, M37A2) along with a medical and flare pouch and their respective ammo belt. Inside their backpack/satchel will be a box containing three random attachments.

You are the basic grunts of the operation. While large in numbers you are the main fighting force at the outpost. Use your strength and courage to hold off against the incoming attack. Rely on one another to ensure survival.

The goal of the Dust Raider garrison is to hold out within 60 to 90 minutes in order to establish a signal with the USS Alistoun to alert the remaining Dust Raider marines about the dire situation in the Dust Raider garrison in LV-624. If the Whiskey Outpost garrison survives the onslaught, the remaining Dust Raiders will shortly converge and reinforce the marine garrison in LV-624 and successfully repel the alien invasion force. The Dust Raiders then secure LV-624 and the entire Neroid sector, establishing peace for years to come.


Supplies in the outpost are generally limited to handheld firearms, medical supplies and engineering equipment, each spread out in different pillboxes as well as the main outpost. From each wave, crates containing random assortments of supplies (such as ammo, attachments, constructables, etc.) are given out in Requisitions inside the bunker. The outpost's Quartermaster or Logistics crew will deliver the supplies out from the main outpost to the pillboxes in the front. They are either dragged through or delivered by the pipe chute.

Hunter Games

"You have been dropped off on a company colony overrun with alien Predators who have turned it into a game preserve..." - Gamemode description.

You have been dropped into LV-624 (Or any map) by your predator captors, and are being forced to fight to the last man for their amusement. Be careful though, if the predators get bored, they have some horrifying ways of making you fight.

The Gamemode

Hunter Games is a free for all game mode that can only be run by admins. You are spawned in a random location on the planet and you must try to survive and come out as the last man standing. Rounds usually last for less than an hour, and it is normally run at lowpop. There is no RP in hunter games, and you can name yourself whatever you want (Just keep it non-offensive). The only rules for hunter games are no ERP and don't be a dick. Think of Hunter games as a gladiator pit and every human is to fight to the death with weapons to appease the crowd which in this case are predators.


Weapons are randomly spawned around the map, nearly all of them being melee weapons. At ten minute intervals during the round, ghosts spectating the carnage can vote on a contestant to get a supply drop that will contain additional gear. The majority of the weapons that spawn are melee weapons, but you will occasionally find a firearm, normally through a supply drop. Some weapons include:

  • Katanas (Replica and real)
  • Boot Knives
  • Throwing Knives
  • Harpoons
  • Alien Mines
  • Claymores
  • Machetes
  • Grenades
  • Armor of various shapes and sizes



If the admins feel that there is not enough fighting they will often choose to release hellhounds into the arena. Their goal is to kill anyone not inside of the nexus, forcing all living contestants to the nexus for one final duel. Hellhounds are not allowed to enter the nexus.


Tribes is a submode for Hunter Games. However, your main objective isn't to kill eachother.... it's to survive.

Players are encouraged to form groups together (Which are composed of 10+ players and a leader) and band together creating tribes. They'll be scattered supplies around the map for you to gather such as weapons, building supplies, food and items. Rarer items such as surgerical tools, armor and guns are in shorter supply. However, players do not NEED to join a major tribe and can roleplay as scavengers, bandits, traders or form their own little groups.

You are ENCOURAGED, to form tribes, work together, trade with other players. Major supplies such as LABELLERS will be dropped in major locations to encourage you to form a tribe and work together.

Survivors will WIN once they defeat all major events (see bellow) or kill off all of each-other (not encouraged).


Players will be able to find GOLD COINS and DIAMOND COINS located around the map, these coins can ONLY be traded to the TRIBES for a random gear/items.Tribes can exchange these Gold Coins Diamond Coins via AHELPING (leader only can trade in the coins) for random useful gear that the gods choose to give. Exchanging by Diamond Coins will give better gear.


  • Predators (Whitelist only)
  • Hellhounds
  • Aliens
  • Hostile Humans
  • Random Events

All of these will be filled by deadchat at interval waves at the admins discretion.


  • No Covert Ops, this means no wearing another Tribe's Uniform, pretending to be friendly and then shooting them or stealing supplies.
  • No Meme Names will be allowed, this is still a Roleplay Event.
  • No Auto-Injector/Chem Insta-Killing. One will be easily found out and banned for this (ODing people with any chemicals)
  • NO Flashers/Insta-Stun Weapons (Ie. Stun Prods and Stun Batons)
  • Do not AHelp asking for special attention or send AHelps that don't require assistance. (The Admins get flooded with ahelps)

A Note;

Most of the Alternate Game Modes are not run, and admin events occur at the discretion of the administrative team, participation may be hard to achieve.