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Evolves From: Sentinel
Evolves To: Boiler, Praetorian
Role: Protect your fellow Aliens with a corrosive acid spit, allowing you to damage hosts from a distance and deny areas or lanes of fire to them. Use your strong acid to quickly melt into places.
Guides: The Guardian Caste Guide

General Information

The Spitter is the next evolution of the humble Sentinel. Where it was mostly stuck on a supportive role, harassing hosts and stalling them and giving occasional support to other castes during combat, the Spitter can afford to go on the offensive, where its slower speed is counteracted by better health and a larger plasma pool, along with a stronger Corrosive Acid that will make short work of most fortifications.

The Spitter is defined by its new powerful acid based abilities. The ability to deal consistent damage at range defines the caste and leads it to becoming a foe to even the most careful Marines. At any time, the Spitter can also opt use its corrosive acid spray for slowing down oncoming foes, and allowing you to combo your other abilities for an even deadlier result.

Playing as a Spitter

While the Sentinel was limited to harassment at best, with the rare option of ambushing and killing a lone Marine, the Spitter can skirmish as well as the average Lurker. Its corrosive spit is a regular, reliable damage output that will generally cool down any Marine trying to engage in a gunfight. While you will still be in a bad position if under sustained fire, you have more of a reason to be at the front lines, as damaging the Marines will usually allow fights to go in the Hive's favor.

Hit and run tactics that the Sentinel employed shine for you. Since you are able to damage Marines from afar, you can easily weaken a Marine chasing you to the point where they are forced to disengage, least they simply die. In case this fails, you might still be able to make it out where a Sentinel would not have had due to your bigger health pool. However, do mind you are slower, so it's usually a smart idea to stick near fellow sisters in case you bite more than you can chew while flanking.

Your corrosive acid is another critical part of your presence in the Hive. While other castes may have acid like yours, and the Boiler's acid tops it all off, you will often be the caste best suited to apply some in dangerous situations. While you will approach a bit slower, you are less likely to go down to stray fire, lessening the risk of you dying while melting gear or defenses. Of course, if you have spare time, your acid can generally help shape buildings to fit the Hive.


Abilities: Description:
Xeno Rest.png
Used to rest and get up. Aliens heal faster when resting on weeds.
To devour, grab a host with Ctrl + Click or Grab intent (3 in hotkey mode) then click yourself, standstill. To stop the host from getting up and running away, you can switch to an empty hand (X in hotkey mode) and keep tackling them using Disarm intent (2 in hotkey mode) when you are devouring them. Xenos with devoured humans inside them can not vent crawl but Xenos with devoured monkeys can. Hosts with boot knives can injure the Xenomorph they are inside if they are conscious. (Edit this template)
Corrosive acid.png
Corrosive Acid
Vomit a glob of acid on item to dissolve it. Multiple items can be clicked at once as long as you are standing still. The cost of plasma is increased compared to other castes due to how the spitter has stronger corrosive acid.

Costs 100 plasma.

Xeno Spit.png
Acid Spit
Use middle mouse button to spit globs of acid. Your acid spit has an accurate range of 6 tiles, but can hit out to 7 with a lower probability, dealing 20 damage to any marines hit.

Costs 50 Plasma, cooldown: 2.5 seconds.

Charged Spit.png
Charged Spit
When activated, Charged Spit increases your movement speed by 80% and your armor by 5. Upon spitting, it will do 10 extra damage - 30 in total - but has a reduced range of only 5 tiles. Additionally, it will spatter the target with acid, requiring them to roll it off of themselves and doing 25 additional damage over two seconds.

Costs 50 Plasma, cooldown: 12 seconds.

Spray Acid.png
Spray Acid
Sprays acid along the ground in a line, covering tiles with it and spattering barricades. This ability deals 20 damage solely to the legs and feet - halved for each instance of spray they are hit with. It is additionally capable of extinguishing your fellow sisters if they are on fire, or fire that is lingering on the ground.

If this ability hits a marine affected by the Charged Spit spatter, it will do an additional 25 damage, and cause them to take 50 additional damage over a period of 4 seconds - in addition, the spatter will take two rolls to remove rather than just one.

Costs 50 plasma, cooldown: 8 seconds.

Tail Stab64x64.png
Tail Stab
Activating tail stab will begin a windup of one second, and upon conclusion, will enable you to launch a two tile attack that deals 1.2 times your maximum melee damage. It requires a direct click on the targets sprite, however, if it is missed, it only incurs a standard slash delay. Additionally, it will always hit the targeted limb. A Spitters tail stab will also inject 2 units of monomolecular acid, dealing consistent toxin damage and large amounts of pain to the target.

Unless otherwise stated, this is shared by all strains.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Ability Rotation

Your ability rotation is fairly simple:

  1. Use your acid spit as a general harassing ability to poke at marines and attempt to destroy their splints, or generally cause them pain to slow them down.
  2. Activate your charged spit and, using the additional armor and movement speed buff, move in towards then - firing it at them to pressure them to disengage or take a large amount of damage.
  3. Use spray acid to finish them off after you land your charged spit - dealing a large amount of burst damage and forcing them to leave the area or potentially die due to having to resist it with two rolls rather than only one. Additionally, you can use your spray acid to save burning sisters or clear patches of land for you to push across.

Attainable Strains



Spitter Tactics

  • Spitters are less fit for ambushing and hit and run due to their slower speed. However, they can still do wonders if paired with another caste that can help distract or take the pressure off them while they run from an engagement with multiple Marines - forcing them to back off or take severe burn damage.
  • Acid spit can slowly damage barricades, turrets and even walls. As such, it can be used to slowly solve defensive deadlocks where an extremely entrenched perimeter proves too hard to even approach physically to melt with corrosive acid.
  • While you are not as mobile as a Lurker, you stand a reasonable chance in a melee, especially if the Marines cannot focus fire on you. Just watch out for explosives, as they can easily be used to stop you from using your Charged Spits abilities.

Spitter Evolution

Spitters can Evolve into the following caste:

  • The Boiler is perhaps the greatest ranged caste the Hive can muster, shedding its ability to fight on the front lines with spit in exchange of bombarding the battlefield with large acid and neurotoxin globs, turning it into the Alien's artillery. If a Marine defensive position ever gives you trouble, a Boiler is sure to help, although it will be less useful if both sides are moving forwards or back rapidly. In a pinch, it is still capable of defending itself with its acid reserves, although it usually will require good support as they are physically weak and slow for a large caste.
  • The Praetorian is a more all-rounder evolution, It has extreme versatility with its role, It can either become similar to a Spitter, With a ranged playstyle or become a frontline caste, All depending on the strain. It has more health and a greater stature and melee attack coupled with surprising nimbleness. Once you have evolved into a praetorian, you can de-evolve into a warrior if the hive requires one.

Spitter Stats

Tier 16
Tier 15
Tier 14
Tier 13
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Tier 10
Tier 9
Tier 8
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Health Lower Melee Upper Melee Plasma Plasma Regeneration Armor Explosive Resistance Speed Evasion

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