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CM-SS13 has a variety of slang and acronyms used. This is an uncompleted compilation of slang that can be found used on the server. Acronyms for ranks are not listed here.

All General & Server-related Slangs

Slang Term: Meaning:
EORG End of Round Grief = Griefing at the end of the current round. This is a ban offense!
HVH Human verses Human (See Alternate Gamemodes)
LV Planet LV-624
Ice Shiva's Snowball, Ice Colony
Prison Fiorina Orbital Penitentiary, Prison Station
Trijent Planet Navarone, extra-solar colony Trijent Dam
WO Dust Raider Garrison, Whiskey Outpost (See Alternate Gamemodes)

All Marine Slang & acronyms

Slang Term: Meaning:
AMR Anti Material Rifle (Heavy Sniper)
Alamo Almayer Dropship 1
AO Area of Operation
AP Armor Piercing (Ammo)
AWOL Away Without Official Leave = Desertion
Baldie/Crewie A Marine who's new to the game (new marine had the default bald hairstyle, now the default is crew cut)
BC Barrel Charger
BFA Burst Fire Adapter
BE Battlefield Execution = Executing someone without warning and providing a reason later after the execution.
Newbie/Baldie Rookie = A Marine who's new to the game (Recognized by being Privates instead of PFC)
Cades Barricades.
Cadehugger A marine that only hides behind the safety of a barricade. Rarely going out to confront the enemy on the field and would rather fire from the safety of a barricade.
CAS Close Air Support
CASEVAC Close Air Support and Emergency Evacuation
CE Chief Engineer
CIC Combat Information Center = A place where the Command Staff is.
Civie/Civ Civilian or Colonist (it may be Survivor)
CL Corporate Liaison
CLF Colonial Liberation Front
CMO Chief Medical Officer
CMP Chief Military Police
CO Commanding Officer
CQC Close Quarters Combat
Cryo/Cryosleep A general SS13 term for Hypersleep.
CT Cargo Technician
Danger Close Friendly forces are within close proximity of the CAS or mortar target.
DNR Do not resuscitate = The player of a dead character has disconnected or joined as a xeno/pred
Doc Doctor (it may be Hospital Corpsman)
DS(1&2) Almayer Dropship
EB Extended Barrel
Engi/Engie Combat Technician
ERT Emergency Response Team
E Tool Entrenching Tool/Fancy Shovel
FF Friendly Fire
FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recovery/Recognition
FOB Field Operating Base
Frag (Fragmentation) Grenade
Flamer M240 Incinerator Unit or the M430-T Incinerator Unit
FM Fire Mission
Grunt/Unga Basic Soldier / Marine / Standard
Gyro Gyroscopic Stabilizer
HC High Command (admins)
HEFA High-Explosive Fragmenting-Antipersonel (Grenade)
HPR / LMG Heavy Pulse Rifle or the M41AE2
HQ Headquarters
IB Internal Bleeding/Iron Bears
Infected/Hugged Impregnated soldier/civilian (via facehugger)
Jones The USS Almayer's cat. It is loosely inspired by the cat with the same name in Alien and Aliens.
KIA Killed In Action
KOS Kill On Sight
LOS Line of Sight / Lane of Sight
LOF Line of Fire
LZ(1&2) Landing Zone
Mag Magazine
Maint Maintenance Shaft (Maintenance Hallways on the Almayer)
Mag/Mag Strap/Harness/MH Magnetic Harness
MD Motion Detector
Medevac Medical Evacuation (via dropship)
MIA Missing In Action = Contact lost with the marine
MP Military Police
MR Medical Researcher
MSR Main Supply Road (e.g. Hydro road in LV-624)
MT Maintenance Technician
'Nade Grenade (Usually High Explosive Grenades)
NJP Non-Judicial Punishments
Normandy Almayer Dropship 2
OB Orbital Bombardment
OW Overwatch
OR/OT Operating Room/Operating Theater
Pajamarine/Nakie Any marine who forgets to put on his or her uniform.
PB Point Blank = Shooting someone or something next to your person on

Harm intent.

PMC Private Military Contractors
PO Pilot Officer
QRF Quick Reaction Force
RC Recoil Compensator
Re Researcher
Req Requisitions
RDS Red Dot Sight
QM Quartermaster
ROE Rules of engagement
RTB Return to base
SADAR Shoulder-launched Active-homing Disposable Anti-tank Rocket. Or the former name of the M5 RPG.
SBR Station Bound Radio
Screecher Queen
SD Self-Destruct area at the rear of the ship on the upper level.
Sentry UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun
SL Squad Leader
SG/Smartie Smartgun/Smartgunner
SO Staff Officer
Spec Weapons Specialist
SSD Space Sleep Disorder / Sudden Sleep Disorder = The player is away from the keyboard or closed his client and left the game.
TComms Telecommunications = The place where all radio communications can happen; If the place is destroyed or out of power, communications will cease.
TFORT/TF Table Fort in map LV-624
Unga Both a verb and a noun, to unga is to charge or otherwise do something with minimal thinking or planning. For instance, "Delta is ungaing off again..."

Where as a noun, it's basically the same, just a marine who is focused on killing and isn't really planning anything out. For instance, "Delta is full of ungas." Sometimes it is used as a chant, like "unga dunga". Very powerful word.

Unga Juice A noun. Unga Juice is a custom made chemical concoction of multiple healing chemicals (akin to the Emergency Injector) made by doctors to be either put in flasks or a liquid tank for distribution. Filled with possibly the following. Kelotane, Bicaridine, Tramadol, Tricordiaze and Dermaline. Though there are many variants of Unga Juice, this is just an example of one.
It is said in the ancient scripts that unga juice comes from the god Mo'ya Unga, the father of all ungas. Wise worshippers of this belligerent god are imbued with the knowledge to make it. There are many different recipes, according to his followers, and all of them are right. Some say it was a 1 part each of kelotane, bicaridine, and tramadol. Some say it is tricord, kelo, and bicar. Some say oxy, tricord, bicar. Any combination of chemicals that heal you fast, and let you UNGA.
UPP Union of Progressive Peoples
VC Vehicle crew
V Grip/VG and A Grip/AG Vertical Grip and Angled Grip
WIA Wounded-in-Action
Wiggles Mr. Wiggles, a corgi puppy. Wiggles may be a nod to Ian, a corgi dog in most SS13 servers.
WY/W-Y Weyland Yutani, usually admins. (See Lore Home)
XO Executive Officer

All Medical Slang & acronyms

Slang Term: Meaning:
ABK Advanced Burn Kit
AFAK Advanced First Aid Kit
ATK Advanced Trauma Kit
Bicard/Bicar/Bicari Bicaridine
CCP Casualty Collection Point
Chem Chemistry
Clonex Clonexadone
CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Cryo Cryo cells found in Medbay
Cryox Cryoxadone
Derm / Derma Dermaline
Perma Permanent Death (Defib timer has run out and they can no longer be revived)
Defib Emergency defibrillator
Dex Dexalin
Dex+ Dexalin +
Dylo Dylovene
FAK First Aid Kit
Hyper Hyperzine
IB Internal bleeding
IA Imidazoline
IMS Incision Management System
INA/Inap Inaprovaline
Kelo Kelotane
KeloDerm/KD Kelotane mixed with Dermaline
Medvendor / WeyMed CompanyMed Plus
OD Overdose
OR Operation room
Oxy / Ox Oxycodone
Peri Peridaxon
Sitrep Situation Report
Tram Tramadol
Tricord Tricordrazine

Alien Slang & acronyms

Slang Term: Meaning:
Abom Abomination
Auto Spitter/Metal Spitter UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun
Black Tall MARSOC
Boom Rock M20 Claymore Mine
Boom Stick M40 HEDP/HEFA Grenade
Boom Tube M5 RPG (formerly known as SADAR). Talls wielding these are called Boom Tubers.
Burst A host which gave birth to a larva.
Cadehuggers Marines that frequently only stay and fight behind barricades.
Cap Short for 'capture', as in, 'capping' a host. Could also mean a captured host, a 'cap'.
Dented / Denthead / Small Brain Unintelligent xenomorphs who die for no reason.
Fake Hosts / Fake Talls Synthetics
Fire Spitter M240 Incinerator Unit or the M430-T Incinerator Unit.
Furry Hosts / Small Hosts / Smalls Monkeys / Farwas / Stoks / Neaeras
Fuzzy / Pet A host that cannot be infected, such as a dog, cat, cow, goat, chicken, bat, etc. If allowed to live near the hive, it is a pet.
Glow stick Flare
Goop Resin Salve. The purple goop Healer Drones vomit into their hands and use as ointment to heal wounds.
Gooper Healer Drone.
Greeno Corrupted xenomorphs allied to the talls.
Green Tall UPP
Headhunters / Headtakers / Preds Hunters
Hive Diver A marine, solo or not who are actively fighting their way to the hive far away from the main front.
Hive Talls Talls who unga'd too close to the hive. Rarely, this could mean Alien Cultists. These are not to be capped unless they choose to help the talls.
Hivey Hivelord
Hosts Infectible entities
Long Spitter Sniper
Metal Bird / Bird Almayer Dropships
Metal Bird Talls / Bird Talls Pilot Officer, Dropship Crew Chief.
Metal Hive USS Almayer
Mother / Mom (or similar) Queen
Noodle Larva. Noodles who are dying in the frontlines are combat noodles.
Pyro/Flamer A tall with the Pyrotechnician Loadout equipped.
Queen Mother / QM / Space Empress / Grandmother Admin
Red / Green Dot Laser points from Tactical Binoculars or Rangefinders
Roon / Roony / Rouny Runner. Used by Marines and Aliens.
Scavenger Tall / Scavenger / Scav Intelligence Officer. Always looking for the stuff xenos can't melt. Also called Piñatas for exploding into papers after being pooled.
Skyfire Orbital Bombardment / Close Air Support
Tall Builders Combat Technician Chief Engineer Maintenance Technician
Tall Healer / Healers Hospital Corpsman, Doctor, Nurse, Researcher, Chief Medical Officer.
Tall Hivemind Either referring to the marines with radio transmission backpacks or their telecommunications tower.
Tall Hosts / Talls Humans
Tall Leader Squad Leader.
Tall Queen Commanding Officer
Turtle M34A2 Longstreet Light Tank or M577 Armored Personnel Carrier
Webspitter / Webcrawler / Webber Spider
White Tall Weyland Yutani's PMCs, Responders
Woyer Warrior
Young Tall Queens, / YTQ Executive Officer, Staff Officer, Senior Enlisted Advisor